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Mysterious places and legends from Romania

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posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by ThePublicEnemyNo1

Get back on topic, lol. Romanias got crazy stuff to talk about. Most of eastern europe does. Its not all evil either, but thats the sexier part when youre telling stories i suppose.

posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 08:37 PM


This is the topic:
Mysterious places and legends from Romania

Please discuss the topic, and not each other.
Also, please note:
The END of Hate Speech, subtle or otherwise, on ATS

posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 10:22 PM
Interesting stuff Exodus, thanks for giving me some stuff to researc later. Posting this mainly to bookmark it lol. Quick question: what's the most recent case involving any of these or other places/creatures that you know of? Gonna peek around online myself for the answer, but you never know what is kept as the word of mouth lol.

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 07:16 AM
reply to post by LucidWarrior

I think this is the most recent case of a "strigoi" that I know of(but of course,this is not the latest,because not all that happens gets to news stations).It is about a muslim woman who stole jewelries from a priest in Vatican,run to Romania(because her family lives here) and in the next day she died.
Her relatives said that she was a really bad person while she was alive,she even stole from her family.
After she died,relatives and neighbors started to see her during the night walking around the house where she lived.
She even tried to attack someone...and they described her as looking very strange,with black eyes,white skin,and walking like she was in pain.
So her relatives unearthed her,and she was turned face down in the they drove a stake through her heart.
In the video they talk only about the black eyes and looking strange,and of course about the stake driven through her heart...but on different news sites they described her appearance a little more.

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posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 01:31 PM
New stories

7. Romanian Sphinx
(the Sphinx is in the first picture,and the rest of the pictures show strange rock formations nearby)

The Romanian Sphinx is located in the Bucegi mountains,at the altitude of 2216 meters.
With a height of 8 meters and 12 meters width,this is one of the most visited natural rock formation from Romania,and it became famous for a lot of legends about it's mystical powers.
The megalith has its clearest outline on 21 November,at the time the sun goes down.
In 1999,near the Sphinx,a private research institute from Bucharest found a rock ramp(inclination,I don't know wich is the correct term) of aprox. 1 square kilometer,where a strange magnetic anomaly is manifesting.It is nicknamed Heaven's Mouth,because when you go there,suddenly you feel better,you are not tired anymore,headaches disappear and a lot more benefic effects occur on the human body.
Legends tell about wizards and witches gathering around the Sphinx in specific times of the year,because it gave them power.
There are even theories connecting the Sphinx to aliens visiting Earth and using something from this location as an energy source.
Specialists also found in the Bucegi mountains proofs of one of the oldest european civilization.
You can watch this documentary(or google for more information):

8. Babele

Babele(old ladies) is located at 10 minute walk from the Sphinx.
Legend says that every spring,a big storm will appear and when a lightning touches them,they come to life,and they gather around the Silence Table in the Garden of the Sphinx,who watches them,while his Sentinel sends it's Watchman.
Baba Mare(the big old lady) sits on a chair and commands the others.They are planning how to collect enough power from humans so they can be immortal,and they need to repeat this process every year,for eternity.While they are making plans,The Great Watchman(he is working for Sphinx's Sentinel) gives them advices,but they can't do anything until The Sphinx's Sentinel allows them to continue.The Sphinx's Sentinel's job is to keep the dark forces to a minimum activity,so they can't start a war with the forces of good.That's why his Watchman gives them advices."Babele" are not bad creatures,but The Sphinx's Sentinel always makes sure that they are not changing sides.
Then,the women hardly start to speak,because until that moment they had their tongues tied by magic.

(the picture is from an old romanian book)
The Big Old Lady was the daughter of Decebal,the last king of Dacia.
She was extremely beautiful,blonde with blue eyes,and she was courted by a lot of kings.But she always refused them,because she didn't want a man from another land.And an old Oracle had a prediction for her.That the Roman Empire will attack,and the roman emperor will want her to be his wife.So she run with her servants into the mountains,seek shelter to a sheperd and he helped her.
But when the roman army came for her,she got help from a witch,who made a spell so she could enter the Citadel of Old Gods of Dacia,and warned her that if she didn't get there in time she will be turned into a mystical creature,along with her servants,cursed to eternal life,looking like strange stones until a lightning touches her once a year,when she comes to life,but every time will look older,and older,if she doesn't gather enough power to be young.
Of course,there is a lot more about "Babele",but I can't put it all in a comment.

9. Varcolaci(or varcolacii)

Also known as werewolves in other parts of the world,varcolacii are part humans,part wolves.
From romanian history,we know that romanians are part dacians(from old Dacia),part tracs(Tracia or Thrace) and part romans(from the Roman Empire...this is where our country's name comes from...Romania).
The wolf was a well respected animal in old Dacia,you can find old paintings all around the country in old castles,forts and caves,and he was mentioned and used in many rituals.
One of the legends say that when the Roman Empire conquered Dacia(after a very long siege in the old capital,Sarmisegetuza->,the Old Gods were mad,and they let some of the varcolaci to attack the romans,but not before instructing them to shred the victims into pieces,so they won't turn into varcolaci.
Hundreds of romans and also dacians were massacred in the woods before the Gods realized that the werewolves are too dangerous,even for the local people,because they can't be controlled to attack only the romans after they turn.
So they called them back...but like the normal wolves,there are also lonely werewolves,without a pack...and every once in a while they attack innocent people.
When the Old Dacian Gods saw that the wolf was also important for the romans,they let them live here and mix with the dacians.
Varcolacii can be killed with silver swords or silver bullets(but only if you hit the heart).
To protect their houses from varcolaci,people used to put garlic all around windows and doors,and also light a candle and keep it burning all night.Just like strigoi(vampires),werewolves can't enter a house protected by garlic,but without it,unlike vampires,they can break the doors or windows and enter the house to kill an entire family.
They do not need invitation or a special night to enter a house like the vampires.
Only if they are impure(turned by a bite),they need the full moon so they can turn.
Also,their bite can kill a strigoi(vampire) very easy...
We have a lot of holidays dedicated or related to wolves: Sânpetru (29 june), Circovii Marinei (15-17 july), Martirul Lupu (22 august), Teclele (24 september), Berbecarii (26-28 september), Osie (17 october), Lucinul (18 october), Sâmedru (26 october), Ziua Lupului (13 november), Filipii de Toamnã (14-21 november), Filipul cel şchiop (21 november), Sf. Andrei (30 november), Sâmpetru de Iarnã (16 january), Tãnase de Ciumã (18 january), Filipii de Iarnã (25-31 january), Stretenie (2 february), Martinii de Iarnã (1-3 february).
Dacians name comes from Dàos,a powerful mythical God who could turn into a wolf,and his children were half men,half wolves.
They can turn into varcolaci at will,and they can control their violent impulses.
Their bites can turn others into varcolaci.
But the ones turned by their bites,are not pure,so they can't turn at will and they can't control themselves...they can do that only if they become very old and experienced.
The werewolves listen to Dàos and he can control them,but only when he is around them.
There are also a lot of recent stories about people being killed by valcolaci,but it's enough for now.

Enjoy the reading

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posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 12:13 PM
It seems like Romania has some of the most interesting places in the world. Along with the site you speak of there is also the Hoia-Baicu forrest and Bucegi mountains.

Also check out this site that I found

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 02:34 PM

It seems like Romania has some of the most interesting places in the world. Along with the site you speak of there is also the Hoia-Baicu forrest and Bucegi mountains.

Also check out this site that I found

Yes,I know...on page 2 of this thread I talked about Hoia-Baciu forest

(click here )
Also,Babele and the Sphinx are located in the Bucegi mountains,wich are part of the Carpathians.

Thank you for that site(forum).
On the first page from your link there is some interesting information...
I heard rumors before,but never investigated...maybe I will give it a go these see if I find more than is shared on that forum...
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posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 06:01 AM
Thanks for sharing ! Interesting thread. Haven't managed to read it all,I've read it to the ielele part.I live in Bulgaria and heard stories about these creatures from my great-grandfather(we call them samodivi here).He woke up every morning at 2-3 am and took a walk to the other village by the forest.Once when he was walking he heard something like a wedding party in the forest.It was far from him but he managed to see some beautiful girls playing along.Of course,he knew the stories about them and kept going.
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posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 10:51 AM
a reply to: exodus27

Cool thread, very interesting read. Thanks OP.

Going and learning about "places" is under-rated these days. There are so many places out there yet people tend to stick to the basics.

posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 12:17 PM
a reply to: exodus27

WTF is up with this thread, so much off topic removal even from the OP?

WTF mods!

posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 12:23 PM

off-topic post removed to prevent thread-drift


posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 04:54 PM

originally posted by: On7a7higher7plane
a reply to: exodus27

All these removed posts are frustrating.

There was a guy who was attacking me and saying a lot of ugly stuff about romanians.

posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 05:51 PM
Fascinating post. really interesting.

i grew up in norway and there are many stories of vampires there. i was fascinated by vampires as a kid.

part of what u said reminded me a bit of the dylatov pass mystery in russia. have u heard of it?

also i now live in australia, and the aborigines here have strange legends about a being who lives in lakes and sumtimes drags people eat them i presume. they call it the jargon, and they fear it. they will not enter certain lakes if the water surface is disturbed, or stay in these areas over night becuz of this being. they said sumthing about it being a shapeshifter.

There are many strange stories here about the blue mountains and the min min lights in the desert. Also stories of a bunyip creature that is also feared, and debil debils tht can appear human but are not....

also there are a reply to: exodus27

posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 06:05 PM
a reply to: exodus27

Cool. Maybe I'll have to take a trip to sounds interesting....

posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 10:10 AM

originally posted by: rapunzel222
Fascinating post. really interesting.

i grew up in norway and there are many stories of vampires there. i was fascinated by vampires as a kid.

part of what u said reminded me a bit of the dylatov pass mystery in russia. have u heard of it?

also i now live in australia, and the aborigines here have strange legends about a being who lives in lakes and sumtimes drags people eat them i presume. they call it the jargon, and they fear it. they will not enter certain lakes if the water surface is disturbed, or stay in these areas over night becuz of this being. they said sumthing about it being a shapeshifter.

There are many strange stories here about the blue mountains and the min min lights in the desert. Also stories of a bunyip creature that is also feared, and debil debils tht can appear human but are not....

also there are a reply to: exodus27

No,i haven't heard of dylatov pass until now.
There are similar stories all around the world about dangerous creatures...makes you wonder...maybe there is some truth to those stories...of course most of them are exaggerated...but maybe...some of them are not.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 02:00 AM
yeah, you never know i guess.

a good vampire movie from australia is called 'primal' altho its pretty scary...

a reply to: exodus27

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: exodus27

Do not listen to haters OP......... I love this thread and it actually inspired me to do some research about the area and the people. I would love to visit one day.

Hopefully the Mods will start post banning so this thread can keep going without haters.
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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 02:58 AM
Hey guys. A little info, 2 part post, on the Temple of Wishes at Sinca Veche:

A place that has always been triggering controversies, "The Temple of Wishes" to be found at Şinca Veche attracts more and more spiritual researchers, historians, archeologists, speologists, radiesthesists, as well as a great deal of curious-minded people wanting their wishes came true - if we are to listen to the legends being circulated there. ESP phenomena that kept on happening here, all along a great period of time, bear witness to some special energetic charge.

History and Mysteries

The village of Şinca Veche is situated in the ancient Land of Făgăraş, some kilometers away from Perşani, in between the cities of Braşov and Făgăraş. Here we can trace back the origins of Gheorghe Şincai, the great Romanian historian and phylologist, those of Nicolae Bălan, Reverend Metropolitan Father of Transylvania, and those of Ion Vulcan, the one that published the very first poems written by Eminescu (the Romanian national poet).

Almost 2 kilometers away from this place that lies hidden amidst some hills covered with forests, you may find, in an area rich in archeological remnants - most of them left unburied - there is a place laden with mysteries, called The Temple of Wishes. Also known under the names of "The Temple of Wishes", "The Cave at Şinca Veche", "The Rock Monastery", "The ET Temple", this place lies hidden among some forest blessed with abundant vegetation that can be accounted for some powerful positive energies.

The way leading to the tmple is marked by a recently-built cross that adjusts your fields with this place vibration. A narrow slopy path stops short of a quite fragile rock, that has been forged out of Perşani grits, where anonymous hands carved five halls with two altars and a vertical passage displaying the form of a conical segment from where one can see the starry firmament of heavens.

From time immemorial the temple has been considered to be suited for prayer. Legend would have it that whatever you wish for with faith and an open heart, when you are standing under the conical tower communicating with the skies, that wish is fulfilled. You must first make a first stop at the great altar and - eyes directed upwards - to ask to be pardoned for your life's trespasses, then to pass on to the next room, where there is the small altar, where - with an equal spirit - you would pray with a lit up candle. There we have one of this place mysteries: the altar wall has the imprints of the Saviour's image as well as two unique symbols - a six-pointed star, the hexagramme, aka David's Star or Salmon's Seal and the Yin-Yang Circle. These are two symbols known to all mysteries school of esoteric initiation. So what was the aim to be communicated to earthlings? That they are the recipients of Yin energies and Yang energies alike, that these two must harmoniously unite through love and that only through a union of contraries mankind would become what is required of it from above? Why do we have here intertwined inscriptions belonging to such different cultures? Is that image a portrayal of the first local "fortune-teller", that of the Temple's Priest, the representation of an ET commander or that of our Saviour Jesus Christ? "No one could solve the mystery. Not even specialists who came here could explain the link existing between the icon and the two symbols" - old Chifer said, one of the local guides who is convinced that this is an icon of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

An Extraterrestrial Temple

Clairvoyants who visited the place confirmed what the specialists said, namely that the Temple at Şinca Veche was created by some ancient and advanced civilization that lived on planet Earth about 6000-7000 years ago. The fact that the building material is neither wood nor stone show that its author knew the properties of grit rock. The fine sand to be found in the inner parts of this shrine contains quartz and siliceous crystals that could be used to communicate not so much with ET civilizations, but with the Divinity or with beings from other dimensions. All around the Temple, in the grotto and the walls of the altar places pieces of quartz crystals could be found, but they were carelessly taken away as souvenirs and keepsakes by treasure-hunters. There were many people wondering why is it that the hillside at Şinca Veche had been chosen? Maybe due to its pyramid shape, this particular form creating a plateau where pyramid-like forms may be captured to emit energies. The hill that lies near the grotto, known by local people under the name of the Hill of the Wishes or the Pleşu Hill, i.e. the barren hill, is a place where nothing can be sown, no matter how hard all farming specialists tried to plant any culture. The soil presents itself as if still active and irradiating in the wake of some ET ship landing. Likewise some kilometers away from the way leading to the temple one can find some sort of amphitheatre that had been covered by grass and bushes - an area whose radius is about 20 meters and somewhat hightened compared with the surrounding scenery. We can find here some sort of terraces as those to be found within a castle or a fortress. Could these be the ruins of some Dacian settlement, as some historians would have it, that maintain that the temple itself could be, in fact, a Dacian sanctuary?

Controversies related to this settlement do not stop here. The construction could be resembled with a Christian Orthodox church, the conical tower being quite like a belfry. In the area we can also find four wooden monasteries built around 1750-1760. "Archeologists did not finish their work, but as some details would show it, this settlement was built about 1700 by some Christian Orthodox brotherhood. At the same time four other wooden monasteries were built. It is quite difficult to believe that the cave monastery could have been built later than 1700. In an age where monasteries in Transylvania were being destroyed one after the other by Austrian-Hungarian authorities, it was quite improbable that five Christian Orthodox shrines could have been built" - Silvestru Popoviciu, a priest from Şinca Veche, would say.

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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 03:02 AM
Part 2:

Miraculous Phenomena

Local people living in Şinca Veche are convinced that the Temple dates back some thousands of years and that it has miraculous powers. The elders of the village say that even the grass growing around the Wishes Temple could work miracles. Cattle grazing here are bearing calves that are healthier and their milk is better than in other parts. An old woman would tell that "a little girl who was born dumb could speak for the first time when near the temple", letting her father know that his cattle, that were lost in the woods, had been found. "Here they are, father! - said she".

Strange phenomena had been frequently taking place within this area. Here is a report made and included in the pages of a local newspaper "Monitorul de Braşov". It is a report telling us of a camera that would go on and off recording at its own will. When the recorded material was seen, images could be found there that any of the people that had been present could not see. The recording displayed some spheres of light and even a silouhette shrouded in a dark-coloured mantle and - in the background - a hand made of translucent light.

A tourist from Timişoara, Tamara M., would tell that during her prayers she could see light spheres and light beings. Photos made by those coming to visit the place show bright globes, halos and light images that are not in the visible range and cannot be seen with the naked eye while taking the photo. Others that took photos or made films in the inner parts of the cave found that those images would disappear altogether, as if never recorded. The mayor of the village, Radu Munteanu, once recalled: "My brother took photos of the place and the images came out with some whitish spots resembling light balls..."

There are many reports that testify for some enigmatic chorus that can be heard singing celestial, wonderful music.

Miraculous healing is taking place around this area. Victor Pascu, a caretaker at the place, also has some incredible reporting: "I delved at the inner space, carried the earth out and then surrounded the place with sustaining pillars. I was suffering from an ulcer by then. When the restoration works were finished my stomach aches that had been tormenting me for years simply disappeared and I was miraculously healed of the disease. God helped me and - that is why - I remained here, as I was whole again to be able to get on with my life".

Radiesthesy/Dowsing specialists who made measurements say that the whole place has some impressive magnetism, displaying quite powerful energies that were never to be found somewhere else. This perfectly isolated constructions that lie hidden from mortal view do favour a state of introspection and meditation one can only find with shrines and religious places.

A Pilgramage to the "Temple Of Wishes"

Attracted by the mystery of the place here come people from all over the country and from all over the world: Americans, Japanese, Italians, Romanians from the Land of Făgăraş or form other regions of this country - sick and old people, mothers with children, young ones seeking refuge and solace or just in search of exotic sensations are coming here, at this miracle-working shrine. It was seen that wishes are more likely to come true on three days over the year: on St. George's Day, the beginning days of Lent and Transfiguration Day.

The fact that a great deal of priests and higher clergy, after having visiting the site, bore witness to its spiritual value made it that his Most Reverend Antonie Plămădeală, Metropolitan Father of Transylvania consecrated himself the place.

Beyond any controversies and speculations, the Temple at Şinca Veche is an ideal place where one can recollect onesel. It is a place blessed with unequaled mystery and purity.

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