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Humans in Cages at DULCE something needs to be done!

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posted on Apr, 4 2014 @ 08:46 PM
The whole thing creeps me out, simply because of a very strange dream I had just before the us presidential elections in 08, before I ever heard of the people in cages at dulce.

It was an underground basement-like area, almost looked like a cement warehouse area with short ceilings and large cement pillars, like a parking garage. The floors had black and white ckecked tile floors. On the side of the room I was on, there were steel freestanding cages also painted white, about 6 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide. There were nurses in there in the old white dress uniforms with the hats, chubby middle-aged blonde women, kind of surly.

I was in a cage and next to me was a person in a cage who wouldn't stop screaming, so they literally sewed his mouth shut. We all had to wear white straight jackets. They let us out and led us 5 feet away to an area that had three long rows of metal folding chairs facing a projector screen. On the screen was a video loop, no sound, of a very haggard biker woman riding through the desert with an eagle on her shoulder. I looked around at the few other people next to me in seats and they were completely medicated drooling almost, just staring at the screen. Then I woke up.

Freaked me out, I figured it was subconscious symbolism of the elections, but I dreamt a version of it again a couple of years ago, just before I read about the supposed dulce cages. Scared me!

posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 12:22 AM


Are you aware of the thousands of people in cages at the underground DULCE base?

Nope. I had no idea that people were speculating on that.

Could this be the place passengers of FLT 370 are headed?

Doubt it. It's either at the bottom of the ocean or it's in Pakistan.
Those thoughts make the most sense.
Boeing Source Says Missing PLane in Pakistan

It's either at the bottom of the ocean

I have to disagree with that. Even if its at the bottom of the ocean we would have seen some signs of it.

or it's in Pakistan.

Then the media will say its in Iran or Russia.

posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by Terims

That news came out over 20 years ago. Only just hit late night t.v. Recently.

posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 01:33 AM

reply to post by Violater1

No, they made me live on site in a trailer monday morning to friday night.
Which was ok by me. Due to drunken driving in that city I was afraid to walk the streets during the day and the sidewalks at night. Lol, seriously it was that bad.

I spent my weekends in ABQ, Gallup was so small it creeped me out. Not that ABQ was any better but it had much more to do on the weekends, like the flea market at the racetrack and clubs downtown. Yea, I was still bored I'm a city girl. . . Manhattan Rules!

eeeuuuwww..the trailer! That must have been a bummer. And I know what you mean about the drunks. Gallup holds my record number of stab wounds on a patient...7. 3 in the chest, one in the R arm and 3 in the back. The guy lived too. Did you ever eat at Vergies on Route 66?
One of my patients that worked at a gas station, told me of seeing a 15 ft round silver saucer that had landed behind the station. This was just North of Gallup on old route 666. Pretty weird. In Albuquerque, at the Taco Cabana on N. Coors Ave, is where I talked to retired NM State Trooper Gabe Valdez. He was the main investigator of the Dulce Cattle mutilations.

posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by Violater1

The trailer wasn't that bad, it was actually a mobile home if you want to get specific. Didn't matter anyway we worked and slept around the clock catching sleep whenever we could. They were very particular of shutting anything down, all construction projects are like this, but I always felt a extra sense of urgency over there.
I lived in Uptown by Trader Joes in ABQ. during the weekend, that was cool. Elephant Bar, Marcellos and Samurai's Hibachi the clubs downtown. Even old town was nice with that garden area next to the aquarium. I kept to my click for the most part, I made friends through friends. The only cops I met were actually on the tv show 'cops' long time veterans, nice people.

posted on Aug, 22 2015 @ 02:39 AM
The project is simple.
The alien is a smoke screen.
Its just to brainwash children into being future soldiers or spies.

Guys who need to be brainwashed to launch nuclear weapons perfectly with out emotion or hesitation.
Terrorists for false flag operations.
Spies for important future missions.
Lone wolf terrorists.
Elite future units.
That kind of thing.

For more details watch...

posted on Aug, 22 2015 @ 02:40 AM
The project summary is simple. Thousands of people and children are used in illegal human science experimentation. Some are used as genie pigs and some of the children are shuffled over into child training programs for future placement in military, civilian, criminal, and intelligence organizations. A majority of the people are gained through adoption agencies from the third world and transported to black operation sites in the USA. These sites act as a sorting pool with children then being transferred to smaller and more specialized sites for specific use. The organization that handles the kidnapping of the children are run by criminals who do it for self interest usually being monetary profit. Government criminal accomplices give paper work that is forged, doctored, and filled with lies. This allows a small number of people within the government to claim at some point these groups are legitimate government intelligence agents working for a legal government program. This helps protect the human traffickers and increases their efficiency. A simple example might be that a criminal CIA operative could forge paper work claiming that a orphan child in a third world country could be the orphan of parents who were former terrorists or persons of interest to the government. This way the criminals within the CIA could recruit legitimate and unknown child care professionals to help in the adoption process. From there paper work could then again be altered to explain away child abuse. Brainwashing, torture, starvation, and poor living conditions become translated on government papers to behavior modification, diet control, and minimal living conditions. Then the paper work will be again sealed with government clearance needed to review it. This allows legitimate government employees to unknowingly approve and protect illegal programs. This provides an umbrella of protection for the original criminals that kidnap, transport, and sell the children into illegal military or science programs. During the 1950s science testing was done on brainwashing to create Manchurian candidates. Programs such as Nazi Germanys Hitler Youth were also studied. ICBM technology was also being developed. All of these programs were the most top secret thing of the 1950s. They eventually merged into the idea to create super soldiers and spies to control and safe guard nuclear weapons who would be completely loyal to their government. The first generations in the 1950s were indeed legitimate American orphans who took park in extreme versions of cub scouts developed by the research the government was conducting at the time. Eventually this program expanded in an uncontrolled way and evolved into science testing, child torture, and trafficking. Many of the children involved in the human trafficking get put into some modern version of the program. This allows criminals within the government connected to the program to use legitimate and unknown government agencies to cover it up by claiming it is linked to national security and American command and control of nuclear weapons. This ultimately the best way to keep things secret because unknown regular government employees are simply told something needs to be kept top secret and are confronted with accusations from regular people that sound extreme and unbelievable. This creates for the mentality of "just doing my job" in terms of covering things up. In the 1980s the program became more advanced and larger due to this government corruption. The large size of the program and government corruption lead to dissatisfaction, contempt, and outrage among the program workers themselves creating for the first leaks of the project. Original survivors from the 1950s and current program workers in the 1980s combined forces in attempt to reveal the program. It was deduced that if the program was revealed to the public it would create nationwide outrage and unrest. The psyche of the American people would be wounded and they would demand a ultra conservative police state to protect liberties and children. This would allow private interest groups to conduct witch hunts of political enemies and create a fascist society. This group gave way the leaks on the internet about this program. They use double agents who leak small pieces of info mixed with large amount of lies and disinformation such as alien conspiracies. Their mind set is that by mixing the truth with unbelievable lies it protects the program from being exposed. However, that is a cover for simply leaking some of the info to the public.

posted on Aug, 22 2015 @ 02:52 AM

originally posted by: Spanther
The project summary is simple. Thousands of people and children are used in illegal human science experimentation. Some are used as genie pigs and some of the children are shuffled over into child training programs for future placement in military, civilian, criminal, and intelligence organizations

Remember, each child is given a fairy, a invisible pink Unicorn and a Snark to keep them company.

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