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Rising Japanese scientist fabricated heralded stem cell research, lab says

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posted on Apr, 3 2014 @ 10:36 AM


reply to post by alkasian

She did this to herself, their own group are the ones backing away from her, sometimes people just mess things baddy by themselves
edit on 2-4-2014 by Indigent because: (no reason given)

What about the highly reputable publisher publishing more unverified information, what about her scientific TEAM and the science community for 3 years?
They seem happy to burn her as an" individual" in a totally corrupt science industry.
They all mess up and messed up "BADDY" too.
One science scape goat offered up (and note its a woman not her male senior supervisor ).

So it is okay to celebrate the woman when she is "discovering" amazing reactions, but now it is just the menz throwing her under the bus when things go south?

You sound like that old nag on NPR Diane who started a little rant about the corporate men at GM throwing the new female CEO under the bus . . . Maybe, they put a female face on the issue because it creates sympathy. Females do not receive as harsh of punishments from the courts.

Wow . . .


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