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"Because I Said So!"

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posted on Apr, 1 2014 @ 07:15 PM

So many times lately I have seen this. And quite often from newer members to boot. Not all, but it seems to be trending IMO.

A topic is started that is seen as controversial and/or conspiratorial. The author lists a quote or two, a link and a personal "IMO" piece. Only to be met with:

"Stop fear mongering" "It isn't so" "It'll never happen" "It never happened" "You're an idiot for believing this" "Why post such nonsense" "You are wrong" (All taken from threads BTW)

Ok, I get it. You can't win them all but if a poster has at least put up video, sources, a well laid out theory etc, shouldn't a reply at least have the same if in disagreement even if only out of respect? A snippet of factual evidence or support of the opposite stance?

And many times the reply is stated as if it's fact, no argument, no discussion needed. One line or two and that's it. As if the conversation/debate is over because "I say this and I'm correct because I said so...move along".

If the response was along the lines of "This is what I think" or at the end a simple "IMO" it would be seen as at least open to discussion. But too many times lately it's not that way at all.

I have seen some veterans come back with a simple response to these posters such as "It's really amazing that you know this as FACT seeing as you leave no doubt as to your statement. Please provide sources so we can all be enlightened by your brilliance" I have to admit that I use this approach often,,,

So in closing,

1. If you're a troll you're not very accomplished because we see you. Change it up a little because quite frankly it's not even frustrating anymore, just boring. And you'll probably lose your job soon if you don't get better at it.

2. If you are truly entering the fray and ready for discussion/debate that's fantastic! But remember to back it up a little because otherwise there's no substance and you will be seen as (see # 1)

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Why? ... Because I said so.


edit on 30-3-2014 by jude11 because: (no reason given)

I've said this in other threads but I'll say it here again: This is the by-product of an influx of redditors joining and not understanding the way this forum functions, well, the way it used to function.

I can remember back when I first signed up, one line posts would get reprimanded almost immediately, ad-hominem attacks were strictly forbidden and lack of citation or evidence to back claims of "I said so" were self-regulated by other users.

Now we have to wade through the myriad drivel of posts to find one or two gems that actually add to the discussion and frankly I'm sick of it. This forum has faded, no longer does "Deny Ignorance" hold any weight in any serious discussion here.

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