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I Have A Dream!!! However Controversial!!!

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posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 08:37 PM

reply to post by sparky31

My intention wasn't to debate either if I'm honest pal...
I was making the comparison to show where I stand on society seemingly happy with the fact we treat suspected terrorists this way...
But not well known registered sex offenders, who at least here in the UK end up released in short time, given a new I.D & address!!!
& to point out that conceivably we could gain Intel from these scum just as we do with suspected terrorists!!!

The idea behind this comparison was not to say forget terrorism, just why not treat both crimes with the same "by any means necessary" for intel!!!

To be honest my intention wasn't even to debate the original post, it was to share my dream & leave the Thread solely for others to discuss, but I didn't want to appear rude & ignorant to responses either!!!

Lastly I didn't intended to offend those who have suffered from either crime... Apologies if I did!!!

Peace Sparky!!!
we have the problem in uk with terrorists,pedos,murderers,infact any criminal.

its the one thing America has got right in my opinion,lock them up for life and mean life,not this joke of a criminal system over here.

everyday you see it,slap on the wrists when anywhere else they would be lucky their feet would touch the outside of a jail again.

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by schuyler

You're on pretty safe ground taking the high road here and standing on a pedestal.

The high road???
A pedestal???

No one is going to disagree with you and you can feel good about yourself. Easy peasy.

Feel good about myself???
I didn't create this thread, nor have I ever posted a single comment to feel good about myself!!!
I did it so in 10/100/1000 years people will know what I felt on certain subjects!!!
Not that I expect to go down in history, but our opinions & thoughts are now there for the universe to see, that is why I do it!!!

I will reply to the rest tomorrow, 3% battery & it's 2:40am I need some sleep!!!

Rest assured I will address everything you have said though!!!

Peace Schuyler!!!

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by CharlieSpeirs

Please ignore those who try to debate, invalidate, or otherwise try to undermine your OP...

It is your rant...

I thought that was what the purpose of the rant section entailed...

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by CharlieSpeirs

You've decided to pick on a few words of a fairly lengthy post. I am saying that it is an easy position to take. EVERYONE hates a child molester. NOBODY is going to disagree with the basic idea here. In that respect you are expositing a position that will not be assailed. Easy Stars & flags. But I think it is easy to see that yours is also a very emotional position. That's not unusual either; you're not the least bit alone. You advocate more extreme punishment for these people than is normally given by our justice system, seemingly unaware that what you advocate is already the case in many places. In Washington, for example, sex offenders can be incarcerated for life, even if they have served their sentences, if they are deemed a "threat to society." There's a special prison for them on McNeil Island, the Washington-state equivalent of Guantanamo. So, you see, you already got what you asked for, but you don't seem to be aware of it.

But what your post DOES show very clearly is the "Witch Hunt" atmosphere that is prevalent (not rare) in our culture's zeal to "get" sex offenders. If you are going to reply to my "every point" as you say, then please do read and assimilate the link I provided about the Wenatchee case and please offer solutions on how you would prevent such things from happening in the future. That case is but one example of sweeping innocents along in the zeal to get sex offenders. It is travesty of justice. How would you fix it?

My other points deal with what I call "marginal" cases where our culture condemns, for example, an 18 on 17 year old union because of a technicality that the younger person is a few weeks away from being officially 18. Do you think a case like that deserves the wrath you propose? Well, it's being done today on a regular basis. How would you prevent that? Or do you think this is as bad as a sicko and a two year old?

Your reaction to my post, and that of others as well, illustrates my point well. Y'all have the torches lit and the mob in full swing ready to lynch whomever you convict. You don't really care all that much about evidence; an accusation is sufficient. You people are scary. You seem incapable of seeing nuance, of understanding intellectually what the issues are here. You're just out for blood.

So go ahead and pontificate about how you wish fire and brimstone on the heads of pedophiles. I maintain that is easy to do, absurdly so. Try defining your terms and that's a lot harder. You don't really seem willing to do that. Swinging your torches in the night air is taking all your energy.

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by schuyler

Then let's address these problems!!!

1. Personally I'd say anybody below the age of 16/17 should not be harmed or even allowed to consent!!?
Of course this is a personal opinion, others may say 18!!!

Also, this has nothing to do with culture...
This is the most severe crime humanly possible, so don't ask me to debate cultural difference because I will never agree!!!

I don't need to be flexible at all... You read the OP, & you know who I was targeting!!!
If you got he impression I was talking about an 18 yr old lad, that's up to you to define...
I clearly said "well known registered sex offenders, especially Paedophiles"... By this it seemed clear I was talking about evil people...
Not some donut who couldn't wait a couple of weeks for his Missus to be of legal age!!!

2. I addressed this in my previous post, but I do not appreciate you claiming this is a problem we need to address because it was all based on assumption!!!

3. I never said a thing about accusing people!!!
I said clearly "well known registered sex offenders"!!!
Secondly if I was to argue the other side of the coin, what about all the innocent people in Guantanamo Bay who have only been suspected???
If it's that important to stop terror, that people's Rights disappear it should be equally so to protect innocent victims of sexual abuse!!!
These suspected terrorists are guilty until proven innocent, so you think about that!!!

4. Yes I agree with this, false accusation is not what I'm trying to push...
Again... "Well known, registered sex offenders"!!!

5. Yes I know this is all too common, it's an easy way to make people turn against somebody who is actually fighting the good fight!!!
I'm not pushing this to happen either!!!

6. Again in not going to debate culture or history...
I think this subject is all to easily dismissed with such bull...

If there is only one argument for a One World Government... It's to treat all sex offenders with the harshest treatment, & protect every child with the same law!!!
Where someone may be put to death in America for such an offense...
Here in the UK they get very short jail terms, segregated from those who would harm them, collectively bundled together to mingle which is sickening considering prison is a place to network... & then released with a new address & identification!!!
Which bypass' the fact they're registered because now they have a new name, and they've just be released after congregating & socialising with their own kind... discussing what exactly??? Not the god damned weather or the latest sports news!!!

Peace Schuyler!!!

edit on 30-3-2014 by CharlieSpeirs because: Auto-Correct!!!

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by schuyler

The Mods are welcome to remove the stars & flags...

This is a rant... I'm not looking for brownie points for any of my posts!!! No matter what subject or thread!!!

You don't really care all that much about evidence; an accusation is sufficient. You people are scary.

Please quote the post in which I said "an accusation is sufficient"!!!
If not then go away & stop trying to piss people off purposefully by telling us what we supposedly meant!!!

I'll say it again...
"Well Known Registered Sex Offenders"...
As in well known to Authorities to have done this before...
As in registered so it is public knowledge that they've been convicted with evidence previously on however many occasions!!!

You assume quite a lot about me... & I've never encountered you here before...
So where to you get this preconceived idea of me from???

Try defining your terms and that's a lot harder. You don't really seem willing to do that.

Try asking with a little more courtesy & a lot less assumption & I'll be happy to define my ideology!!!

This was a dream-rant...
It was far from the finished article... Just a basic premise!!!

Peace Schuyler!!!
edit on 30-3-2014 by CharlieSpeirs because: Auto-Correct!!!

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