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We're Losing Our Military Edge Over China. Here's How to Get It Back.

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posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 04:43 PM

reply to post by greencmp

"There is no substitute for a militant freedom. The only alternative is submission and slavery." -Calvin Coolidge

"Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty." – George Washington

Yes, just waste billions more on "defense." To what end though? All pointless.

Touche my friend, that is true but, Washington was talking about standing armies (presumably mostly with respect to their operation within the territorial boundaries of the nation at times of peace but, that could be debated) and you are both right on that count.

However, I am responding to the idea that America should retreat in the global fight for freedom and cede the world to totalitarianism.

Which, incidentally, is what Coolidge meant too.
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posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 05:36 PM

reply to post by watchitburn

Why do we need military dominance over the whole globe? Do you think we're in danger of being invaded or something? - See more at:

I have being asking the same question for 15 years now why does America need a military dominance over the whole globe? for what purpose?

Lessons of history. When we did not regional wars were common place and World Wars kept popping up. Now we have been living in the most peaceful time in human history.

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 05:48 PM

Why should America be the one to pick up the check?

Why not make Australia, New Zealand and Japan pick up the slack in pacific defense its there back yard too!

Im pretty sure Japan and Australia could field a carrier group and a few 5th gen fighter squadrons.
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Only the US has the resources to field a single carrier battle group.

Too big, too expensive to maintain etc....

That is why nobody else in the world has a viable challenge.

Nimitz will be one of the last great war ships, unmanned drones and mach 7 missiles are the future of warfare.

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 06:45 PM


Also Iceland have no standing army, they have no need to spread death to other nations.
They simply want to protect their lands from nations that do want to murder others *cough* US *cough*.
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Iceland is part of NATO and has the firm legal privilege of calling upon the most powerful and capable military organization on the planet. They get it because they are strategically important geographically, and everybody likes Iceland, except crooked bankers.

In other words, they're getting off easy. Not exactly the same as being alone next to a surly bear or slowly waking dragon.
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posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 06:50 PM

China is developing advanced capabilities to deny the US access to the Pacific. The days of just sending a carrier to scare a potential adversary are slowly going the way of the mighty vessels we called battleships in yesteryear. Its time Washington take a new approach to military power. America can retain its advantage militarily, here is how:

If China can outrun us, then we deserve to be done. We spend more than the rest of the planet combined. Not only do i not want one more penny added to it, I am looking for a 70% reduction in expense.

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 06:57 PM


It's a promise to pay.

I was in business for more than 30 years...I understand very well what a fiat currency is...but thank you for the clarification nontheless. It still doesn't invalidate my statement that debt is not wealth...nor is a promise to pay...if you can't pay it. Confidence has already been lost in the US dollar....a trend that will only grow as your economy limps along.

Wealth is the ability to create desirable goods and useful services from capital and people you own.

Money is just accounting.

China's wealth is increasing greatly because they have many factories and people who know how to run them. The USA used to have these but capitalists transferred them to increase their personal wealth at the expense of national wealth.

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 07:00 PM

reply to post by watchitburn

Why do we need military dominance over the whole globe? Do you think we're in danger of being invaded or something? - See more at:

I have being asking the same question for 15 years now why does America need a military dominance over the whole globe? for what purpose?

The first global dominator entirely unaffected by the values of the Enlightenment since 1600's Habsburg Empire may turn out very very #ty.

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 07:09 PM


reply to post by travis911

My God! Its amazing how a few people (governments).can completly
condition "its people" we should be, as a race, standing up to these
people and saying "no more!"

These "people" have not moved on from what we have been like for
hundreds of years. They are like children in a play ground wanting
the best toy and fighting over it!

Its a shame that i will not see, in my life time, a time when we are not
brainwashed to be patriotic for your country. It should be patriotic for
your planet.

As long as people have this primitive way of thinking, we will always be on the brink of ww3.

You haven't come full circle in your thoughts and thinking unfortunately

Yes the world you speak of would be nice we're just know where near it yet

But perhaps you you don't realise to make it a reality, the Second World War need to end and be resolved... And a one world government need to be implemented because divided it just won't work and our history shows this, that is a undeniable fact

For now you're just going to have to pick a side which suits you and your family the best

It's not about wanting war or being brainwashed by a government, it's about wanting the best future for our children and that for me as your probably noticed isn't human rights abusing communist rule, western civilisation is far more advanced and further along in its development

The problem is, governments don't give a crap about our future. Do you think they really care? Do you think they lose sleep over some soldier killed in action?

The more people who open their eyes, the more chance we have of changing this world before its too late, if its not too late already.

People might say " we have had wars for centuries, but we are still here" Yes, we are still here. But the difference is, we now have weapons that can destoy this planet a hundred times over.

Our technology is getting better and better, but we still have the primitive attidudes about tribal warfare. ANd when you get people discussing it, saying stuff to big up their country, it just makes me sick.

These few idiots that run this planet can decide if millions of people die, and it could be something as simple as a boat, or plane flying in another countries airspace. It just defies belief.

It is just like children at school.

We spend trillions on weapons to kill eachother, while there are people starving, people who need help. Heck, imagine if we pumped that money into technologies that will benefit mankind? Were could we be right now, as a race.

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 06:24 AM

reply to post by crazyewok

i agree one hundred percent that other countries should pickup some slack, and do their part. but any country that was bent on world domination such as japan, germany, italy and got defeated. should only be allowed to have enough military strength no matter if you want to call it a police force or a defense force to put up a adequate defense until the aide of other countries that agreed to help them get there, for at least a hundred years.

that way the feelings that may have been fostered by disgruntled off spring, grandchildren or any others has a chance to fade. remember hitler was still pissed at the Kaiser and blamed him for losing WWI,and for a lot of the problems germany faced after the war. and you see what he did.

Maybe do it another way.

The USN and USAF should maybe raise a carrier fleet or too and few squadrons of 5th Gen fighters plus support air fleet. BUT have it paid for and built by Japan and staffed by Japanese service men. The fleet and Airbases would only be used in the Pacific theater and be official under US military command with heavy input from japan.

Have your cake and eat it so to speak/

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 06:34 AM


Only the US has the resources to field a single carrier battle group.

Erm no UK about to field two..

Too big, too expensive to maintain etc....

No Australia and Japan would not be able to field 10 Nimitz size super carriers
But they sure could if they wanted to I bet field a at least one carrier group if they tried. Australia and Japan are not third world crap holes.

That is why nobody else in the world has a viable challenge.

Arrogance gets superpowers killed fast.

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 07:11 AM
The war isn't against each other.

The senders don't travel to wars personally.
They send others, human beings sent or should I say sacrificed for rhe senders cause.
Dressing it up as wars against terror and suppressive regimes........yet many fail to see who the real terrorista are who are terrorising their very own people.
Not by military warfare but social and phycological warfare.

Using the wiked system of things to do so, ruining communities and families financially.
Pinning them all down and isolating them all in the process in a way that to many they are still blind to the fact.

Division and those that orchestrate divisions use quite a few methods of leverage to do so.
Colour, class, sex, religion, employment status ..... its all there in plain sight.

I can simply point out what I see. Some of you don't like me pointing out what I see because it threatens yoyr current way of life.

To you elites......
Prove me wrong. If you genuinely have the interests of people, all human beings and in fact all life in general at heart or the ultimate goal you have in sight prove it to me.
Prove it.
If you are stuck and are genuinely stuck at finding the solution to all the problems just ask. I can only describe it as a message.

Energy giants.....remember why it is we have it, remember the idea and why it came to mind. For the benefit of us all. ALL. To declare your profits at the end of a tax year and handsome bonuses and filthy salaries the way you do knowing hoe you have obtained that money.........erm I am not one to judge that's up to God but hey, putting people into a position of heat or eat, pensioners and even ask for them to pay for winter energy is a bit of a piss take. Limited mobility makes like a little worse considering its harder to keep warm?? really should change yoyr ways, because when he returns how you going to explain why this is so given the fact that there's an altogether different means that will cut you, the middlemen out of the equation completely and lay ruin to your corporations.

Here's an example of what I have that will change things.
By me simply sharing the following I could help boost a particular area.
I cant do this myself but need your help. You help me and in return I could help businesses in a way that will ease the financual weight.
please share the following.

Engineering companies and businesses in particular this is for you.
Who knows it may change the world. I would rather we all moved forward rather than me alone.
Engineering companies those that in particular have lathes. Attach a dynamo to your machines. You have no idea how much you are about to save.
Not only that, to those larger companies there's a people outside your doors who are eager for a new cheaper energy provider. Planted now share.
Say it's from me though

If you that sit at the top of these charitable organisations truly have what you declare at heart why is it that you have such handsome wages paid for by those who are actually donating their money because they are assuming the entire amount is been spent on what benefits those who the charity declares to support.
Aid is determined in monetary value instead of weights and measures. I # you not you need to sort it out for the benefit of those who are clinging to their lives. Let them fall because of the want of profits and money and you willregret it.
The middle men will be taken out of the equation. Bush said one regarding Haiyi earthquake appeal, "don't send food or blankets, just send your cash" other words

Dont send food or blankets just send cash so we can introduce the middleman, the middlemen who will not only profit from nothing but also the misery, suffering and hardship they create in order to get it.
The middlemen who either profit from been the

one that provides the food for those aid countries. Who are those that provide the seed, grain and wheat and water to those suffering famines or disasters.
Yeah there's plenty mentioned on ATS.
Insurance companies, banks, those of particular stock markets.

You see ultimately you may have thought I was off topic.
Now do you see when I say the war is NOT with each other. We are not enemies of each other.

War is a means to generate profit in many ways.

US school shootings and unnecesary loss of life. If you had the interests of the people at heart and not money you would remove them from society.
You wont because by leaving it the way it is keeps the cash flowing through sales and manufacturing.

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