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social control in modern revolution warfare...

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posted on May, 25 2003 @ 06:00 AM
Hi !

I'm driving a study about psychotronics weapons use in taking social control of a country or a society...
What do you think about it ? Do you think ,with the actual state of art, that a Anti-NWO organisation can take social control of a country with psychoéléctronic weapons ?

How ? (Drugs?, Microwaves?, EMP?)

Also, imagine that your country is still under social control, can a rebel goup hijack this control to his own objectives ?

posted on May, 25 2003 @ 07:27 AM
Nans, here in the 'blessed' United States of America we have a motto, "Your either with us, or your with the terrorists!".

That ideal rings hard across this nation. It rings in the ears of men and women who think about one thing, their fate. They think about there fate. People are basically content in the all out 'war on terrorism'. A war that doesn't really exist and doesn't have much chance of gaining any defeats aganist terrorism.

Nonetheless that is just one situation. Now, consider that we have an ideal of pre-emptive strike upon enemy agents who are up and down full on American nationals, as American baseball. Now these so-called enemy agents are citizens of America. Considering that this doctrine, or ideal, (a draconian one at that), that is the ideal of "With us or without us." is proudly used in this country one would start to see the effects of this policy among it's own people.

This is no EMP, but it is very good propaganda. The control of the mind is within, not without. Everything that is consumed by the mind, body, and soul will be met with the consumption of the person within that mind, body, and soul.

Therefore the interaction among the external with the internal based within the body, mind and soul will be subversive to one anothers' causes. Which of course can lead to all types of effects from those perspective causes. So my question to you, is this:

What is the easiest way to get past all that internal conflict within the one the external forces are trying to manipulate???

That is one vortex of the mind that is hard to steer. For there will always be some sort of cause and effect as long as we are simulating that which has essence.

So how does one defeat the will and intent within the essence of the perspective targets???

How does one do this without losing control of the assests that are held within those perspective targets???

For it is my opinion, that the cause and effect will be too indifferent among the masses to assure proper quotas to the perspective cause. Wouldn't you agree???


posted on May, 25 2003 @ 11:55 PM
This is no EMP, but it is very good propaganda. The control of the mind is within, not without. Everything that is consumed by the mind, body, and soul will be met with the consumption of the person within that mind, body, and soul. Posted by Abraham Virtue

You are partially correct. True, the world as we see it is a large mental game, one that has been crafted and engineered by the Cabal for the past 300+ years. The Cabal are excellent psychologists, and known how to manipulate public opinion in whatever direction they wish to go. They have certainly perfected the game of hiding the truth in plain view, and no one comes near it, because over the past 300+ years, it has been ingrained into society as an integral part, one that is never examined or questioned.

This is how the Cabal has created the world we live in, engineered in such a fashion as to benefit them as you and I pay the bills for them.

However, the new electronic technology is emerging that will give the Cabal its long sought wet dream realized. The Cabals one largest fear is that the truth would be publicly revealed, and it would then face a popular uprising against it. (Which is why the Cabal has historically sought such tight control and influence over all media sources).

This new technology will allow the Cabal complete control over the human brain, and thought patterns. This technology stretches as far back as the 1930s and is now today being perfected into a remotely broadcast widespread tool that can severly affect the mental capacity of people over a very wide geographic area.

See this thread for a complete discussion on this technology so far...

Much has been posted on ATS regarding Rex84 and the giant concentration/prison camps across the US. The one main problem that people have pointed out is how would the government convince its military to act willingly against its own people, without massive revolt within the ranks? Thanks to this new technology, not only would it be possible to remotely program the US military to take such actions without question, it is possible to program the US population as a whole to willingly walk into such detention centers without protest.

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