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How about a new mecca for humanity, but specifically for and by the peoples of the ME.

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posted on Mar, 28 2014 @ 10:32 PM
SO I was thinking,

Instead using force or "winning the hearts of the people" so they LIKE us or something, we dont we try something else. All we are doing now is enhancing or validating the power or influence of extremists in the ME.

Why not create a neutral area where a separate "UN" type organization can operate with the express purpose of mitigating between ME nations and tribes, or groups. I dont mean a governmental organization, No I mean a "reserve" of sorts. A place made for common PEOPLE to meet, do business and visit. A place whose leadership is composed of everyday people from all over the ME like police officers, educators, doctors, nurses ect. It would be wise to include a certain percentage of leadership chosen from a random sampling of people from all over the ME for certain positions or specific decisions. This "reserve" area and its community would still need government. I just think that politicians would be counterproductive to the very purpose of this endeavor. So no politicians or military leadership allowed in any formal function. They can participate out of uniform or persona but they cant negotiate or dictate anything about the operations or direction of the venture.

After that, just make it like a market. A small nation sized universal area. A world mall. Its revenue to be spent on schools and scholarships. Those who pass through this system would then be encouraged to stay and form their lives around a "global-esq" community from all over the ME towards the end of calling it home and making it and their people flourish. Like a Hong Kong of sorts, but not depraved and disrespectful. A vatican type, Las Vegas. A mecca of knowledge and profit.

Let me explain.

I propose that Lebanon be rebuilt as the Switzerland of the ME for example. (Or anywhere really.)

That instead of building a tourist capital of Logos, power elite, billion dollar price tags, yada yada, that the ME instead focus its future on protecting, enriching, educating and establishing, their people. Saudis you listening?

Radical Islam, in reality is just really smart people using force to wipe their ass collectively with humanity. We are all the ass towel of insane people in governance over us, everywhere.

We can all relate in some form or another, and so like here, the collective peoples of the ME need to just begin to talk to each other and deal directly with each other. Borders must be opened. That should be the wests focus internationally. The expression of curiosities and interests must be allowed to form in the connections between peoples over time. A neutral place where these bonds can be made would facilitate the process. Marriages, friendships, social interconnectedness...You would be surprised what people will do around people like themselves.

Wouldnt it be great if radical Islam had to come to someone elses table to NEGOTIATE its power instead of drawing its influence from validation by violence and its victories, or dogma of sacred texts.

It is difficult to imagine any scenario where human interaction if allowed to flourish which didnt lead to some form of non-zero-sumness. If neither the stick or the carrot work, change the animal.

We need to be dealing directly with the people of the ME, and they with people like themselves. We should be flying in cargo ships brimming with communications and infrastructure materials. You know what, let western SMALL BUSINESS exploit that and as many other merchant activities they can assume between the East and the West. There is no reason why any leadership should deny its people a chance to make a coin towards their dinner table. The "crumbs" from even a humble table still when collected make a bite of bread. What I mean is that allot is being wasted by the rampaging nature of big business focused towards the ME and the people could use it.

If the people are not hungry and not in pain, prosperity for all follows. We need to stop making it more of a survival situation for the majority of the people of the ME. Forget everything else. Just make THEM happy.

Give them a place where they can go to to be human. A mecca of humanity for a peoples losing their own.

Religion and violence always NEED to placate to people and their whims. They are constantly adapted to stay relevant. They only become powerful tools of control when the people themselves invoke them.

Fear and instinct only go so far. Apparently we are not exploiting the greatest asset there. The people themselves.

Defy leadership, forget the power. Use something else and address a different point. Send PEOPLE to deal with PEOPLE. They are everywhere both here and there you know.

The leadership on both sides, whether willingly or not, are the ones making a big deal out of it all. Everyone else is just trying to stay alive and repress fear.

If the peoples of the ME had a common home or core identity to draw their hearts fill from, they would in turn change power over them from the hands of problem solvers of violent or spiritual matters to those of educators, police officers, local leaders, technicians, engineers, ect. and colleges from the world community, and more importantly from people just like them from all over the ME.

Just a thought.

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posted on Mar, 28 2014 @ 11:05 PM

...Like a Hong Kong of sorts, but not depraved and disrespectful. A vatican type, Las Vegas. A mecca of knowledge and profit.

Doesn't Dubai play this role already?

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 02:37 AM
You forget that the middle east is oil rich and therefore a target for meddling by nations with a lust for said oil.

There's enough money there already, its just flowing into the wrong hands thanks to dodgy backroom deals by our governments here in the west. If a nation stands up and gives the bird to the USA in particular, they just go in and crush the government and send the people into a living hell.

What the middle east needs is the right to self determination without interference from other parts of the world. And this includes the west ceasing to support the antagonistic zionist state of Israel and its policy of Nazi style aggression toward Palestine.
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posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 03:17 AM
The main problem is that many of these people do not wish to compromise in any way, shape, or form. Sort of like how Israel was invaded immediately after it was established, because the Islamic nations could not tolerate anyone with differing beliefs. These types of people want no separaton of church and state, although that is a fundamental necessity for free government. Any neutrals would be attacked by "extremist" organizations. I put the word in quotes because I believe that there are many who secretly support such groups in their minds, even though they do not join in the insurgency.

The ENTIRE reason that this whole ME fiasco exists at all is RELIGION. Actually, religion is not the problem...It is intolerance. I equate intolerance with ignorance myself, at least when it comes to the beliefs of others. No one should be able to infringe upon the personal rights of anyone else, yet this type of thing is the core of the belief among a hefty percentage of the population of some of these countries.

So while levelheaded and logical people would look at the problem and attempt to compromise, there are just too many who are backward and who do not wish to compromise. And that is the whole problem, as I said. So logic goes out the window.

posted on Apr, 3 2014 @ 06:11 AM
Radical islam and International Zhionism are two sides of one coin.
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