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MSNBC loses another 1/4 of its viewers... is the Mainstream Media in decline?

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posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 02:53 AM
i still don't get why people confuse news with anything else.

sure there might be discrepancies in some details of all the outlets but "news" is "news"

same as local HK news stations and newspapers.

what is different are the talking heads that opine and analyze said news.

the choices are which direction, one likes to spin.

i'm a fox watcher and a member here. so there ya go.

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 05:40 AM

reply to post by madmac5150

One of my thoughts, is the loss in viewership may equal the number of people who have transferred their time, that used to be spent watching the parrot networks, over to social media. They are now spending that time getting their news bite input from tweeting, facebook and such, on computers and hand held devices.

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Video killed the radio show !

Internet killed the mass deception we all got from our TV news stations but that far from the end of the story.

I was one of the first to bang on about internet freedom where anyone could say anything and if people liked what they were saying then it would spread like wild fire but slowly but surly the internet is becoming even worse than what we had before because all it takes is a few of the big players to join forces and then everyone gets to read just one side of an argument, one point of view.

The bias selective results that is now returned from Google when searching for information on a topic is past a joke and any site that does not have Google Analytic embed within the pages is hidden on page 99 and if the site allows people to comment without having to register then that's a big NO NO too.

Google only allows controlled sources to make it into the top ten pages of any results no matter how closely the search term matched the information on the site and it's so bad that Google uses the same 1000-3000 sites to satisfy 90% plus of all results that ever get anywhere near the front pages.

Google owns Youtube and we all know how they remove videos that don't tow the party line for the slightest excuse but I have seen enough code that suggests to me that Yahoo and Google are all but the same company too so throw in the likes of Twitter who hide a hell of a lot of negative tweets for fee paying customers or commercial friends and you are left with a internet that is controlled by just a few big names.

The only competition to this consortium is Microsoft and Bing and I am not even sure if that's not all just for show but I do know that all the big names are american and we now know that the NSA/CIA was up to it's ears in financing these corporations and even if someone was to produce a video sharing site that was five times better than Youtube that it would never get off the ground because the top ten, all american players work as a team to block out any competition.

Sure Google will index the odd page like this if it all gets mixed in with everything else and show the odd blog (if hosted by a controlled source) or it would be too obvious , rats does eat food if they smell poison but Google and it's friends are now hiding ten times more than they are showing.

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