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Whats going on with NASA these days?

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posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 09:33 PM
Hey ATS I wasn't sure where to put this one but it seems political and so I put it here in US political madness.

OK so it seems to me that NASA has changed its stance on some things like for instance global warming. They used to explain away and go about there business explaining how the universe works etc sun cycles flip every eleven years etc etc.

So recently they have started coming out with this global warming is man made type stuff, just like the UN announced the other day that global warming was definitely related to humans. Well you get the picture. Anyways I want you to remember how a couple years ago the Obama administration for one was more interested in gutting the NASA program and they sent the space shuttle off on a joy ride while leaving the city of Houston with a replica.

So then they come out with all this bull crap and yes its total bull crap if you ask me. So what happened exactly with NASA and why are they coming up with all this bull crap?

I think maybe that Agenda 21 is on its way... But Hey just want to hear what you all think.

posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 09:43 PM
sorry clicked wrong thread somehow.

agreed though

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posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 09:52 PM
Never mind I think I found the answer to my question just now after performing a simple google search.

The U.S. will pay Russia $70.7 million for a single shuttle ride aboard the country’s Soyuz rocket Tuesday night, even as President Barack Obama fights for sanctions and penalties against Russia for its recent invasion of the Ukraine.

With politicians wrangling over the most diplomatic way to respond to Russia’s aggression, NASA said the space pay-off to the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) wouldn’t be affected by politics.

“We do not expect the current Russia-Ukraine situation to have an impact on our longstanding civil space cooperation with Russia, which goes back decades, including our partnership on the International Space Station (ISS) program,” Trent Perrotto, a spokesman for the space agency, told

“We are confident that our two space agencies will continue to work closely as they have throughout various ups and downs of the broader U.S.-Russia relationship.”

'If NASA had received the President’s requested funding, we would not have been forced to sign a new contract for Soyuz flights.'
- NASA administrator Charles Bolden

NASA astronaut Steve Swanson will join Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev aboard a Soyuz rocket set to blast off from a launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 5:17 p.m. EDT Tuesday night (early Wednesday morning in Russia).

Because the U.S. doesn’t presently have its own way to get astronauts into space, it relies upon Russian rockets to do so. Last April, NASA signed a new agreement with Russia governing six flights through 2017, at a cost of $70.7 million per seat. At the time, NASA administrator Charles Bolden blamed Congress for failing to fund a replacement ride.

I think I see whats going on now.

redistribution of wealth, wow.

posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 09:52 PM
Like the IRS, NSA, DOJ, EPA and other agencies they have been used as a tool to promote the agendas of the regime in the white house.

While they don't have the powers some of the other agencies have they have the ability to influence gullible people. They were given a new directive some time ago by Obama, they were tasked with a Muslim outreach objective. Think about that, NASA=Muslim outreach?

Could that be more obvious?

If NASA can promote fear through man-made climate change it will make it easier for this administration to push through more destructive agendas that will only serve to further damage an already fragile economy. New executive orders, more EPA restrictions and regulations, new taxes, mandated new spending on ridiculous alterative energy projects which will offer multi billion dollar contracts to friends of the administration etc.

In short, they are Obama's ... At least for as long as he is president.

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posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 10:04 PM
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Heres what I have been thinking for a long time.

The greater part of the US Federal government is in cahoots with Russia especially the Obama administration.

But just to name a few, under the Obama administration the US military performed military war games together in Russia training them on Russian hardware, in contrast the Russian Spetznas also trained in Denver and Ft Carson on American hardware. One of the highest ranking officers under the Bush Administration when he announced the Department of Homeland Security was former KGB. DHS has roughly the same translation as KGB and also Schutzstaffel. Finally the Federal Protective Service which is actually the umbrella that runs over the DHS is owned by Russia.

The signs couldn't be any clearer could they?

posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 10:43 PM
reply to post by txinfidel

Russian Soyuz Spacecraft Malfunctions With NASA Astronaut Onboard.
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posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by FalseBeliever

Yeah I just saw that on the news.

The timing of this thread, something about it creeps me out even though I wrote it. Its like something that has been staring at me in the face for a long time and I just took notice.

But in all fairness I took notice along time ago and while I can't explain it all away it still sets me on edge. Ive been trying to warn people about this stuff for years but it always seemed to fall on deaf ears, even still.

America has been sold sown the river and we (americans) are financing it.

posted on Mar, 26 2014 @ 04:13 PM

So then they come out with all this bull crap and yes its total bull crap if you ask me. So what happened exactly with NASA and why are they coming up with all this bull crap - See more at:

Because the church of climatology runs this country, and doesn't matter what government agency.

From the IRS, to the DOJ to DHS, to ATF, to NASA.

They just parrot whatever the white house says.

You would think a bunch of 'scientists' would actually be a bunch of scientists.

Now they are just pundits who tow the administrations 'party line'.

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