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CT State Trooper Testimony Suggests 2nd SH Shooter

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posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by zazen

Longer version is available also.

The attorney for the Associated Press is obviously disturbed by the State's Attorney for Newtown tactics and avoidance.

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 05:45 PM

reply to post by zazen

Longer version is available also.

The attorney for the Associated Press is obviously disturbed by the State's Attorney for Newtown tactics and avoidance.

As am I. If there were no arrests made relative to the shooting, why wouldn't he just say as much? How about a simple "No. There were no arrests."? Evasive to the max...with a spoon.

posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by zazen

Yeah, the longer version should be linked here.
Highly recommended viewing for the serious researchers, as well as anybody wishing to see the chief obstructionist (with regards to all matters Sandy Hook) in action.

This is the full 3-hour Freedom of Information Commission Hearing.
Jack Gillum and the Associated Press vs. Newtown Police Department

For the really in-depth researchers I'd also highly recommend the following (from August 2013):

Freedom of Information Commission Hearing AbleChild v. the State of Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Here you'll get the nitty-gritty on how CT's mind-numbingly corrupt legislature and ‘leadership’ changed the laws so that Adam Lanza's medical records would never see the light of day.
Also aids in understanding why you will never see a lawsuit relating to this incident.
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posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 04:02 AM
I just wanted to post a follow up to this enigmatic finding from the report:


In the newly released book, Newtown: An American Tragedy by NY Daily News journalist, Matthew Lysiak, I ran across this on page 19:

The couple lived there for several years until 1988, when their first son, Ryan, was born on April 10.

Link to book description

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by 3mperorConstantinE

Weirder and weirder, my friend. Many of these findings of yours are thread-worthy all on their own. Thank you for your excellent contributions.

posted on Mar, 30 2014 @ 09:35 AM

reply to post by 3mperorConstantinE

Weirder and weirder, my friend. Many of these findings of yours are thread-worthy all on their own. Thank you for your excellent contributions.

quoted for agreement.

too bad they'd get chucked into L-O-L faster than you can say "ask me anything"

posted on Mar, 31 2014 @ 03:20 PM

reply to post by ParasuvO

What has happened has happened ...their is no conspire here ... just a nut job... look around the world there are more terrible things that happen.

Just think... do any of you have kids? Ido!

how would you feel if you got a call your 6 year old is DEAD!????

I have been a Vol. Firefighter for 40 years ...on stand by for Sandyhook and than made the scene...I can not tell you the scene their ....I have tears in my eyes just writing this..and I have scene a lot of death... I worked a week at 9/11.

I mean no disrespect but I do have some questions of you - How old are you? You state that you have been a vol firefighter for 40 years and I see your username bears 1954 so im guessing 59/60? Given that, I find you education in language somewhat inconsistent with what I would expect from a person educated at the time you would have been where more emphasis was placed on language/grammar etc

There is no conspire (conspiracy) here
I have scene (seen) a lot of death

you simply flame people for asking questions with no real defense to support you- Also quite convenient you working at both 911 and SH.

to the poster of the date of birth query (3mperor Constantine i think) Nice find.. Star my friend

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posted on May, 11 2014 @ 02:18 PM
i've already screencapped every response by the OP to ensure, in the likely event that his thread is removed i will have some sort of documentation on his research to look back on. It happens way too often a thread gets closed full of valuable information that is lost

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: ThinkYouSpeak

actually...the best way to preserve a thread, is to go page by page, and right-click, save page as

just save the pages, it ensures all formatting, images, and links are preserved, as presented.

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 04:27 PM
a reply to: Daedalus

that works too but i already had fraps open :p
back on topic, im really enjoying the links to the FOI Commission hearing of the AP vs Newtown PD i would like to thank the poster of those links for contributing to the thread (im only 58 minutes into the 3 hour hearing) currently asking for records of all emergency calls made from the residence and the school for a period of 2002-present *school and 98-present *yoganda street

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 04:28 PM

originally posted by: 3mperorConstantinE
I've seen several comments expressing confusion as to the identities of the other people said to have been temporarily detained on the scene that day.
So, to help clarify what we've been ever so graciously allowed to know, here's some info:

In addition to the pages of the report presented in situ, below (), I will point out that the school custodian, Rick Thorne, was by his own account handcuffed briefly, due to him being the first male which police encountered upon arriving inside the school, and the fact that he did not have a school identification card on him.

Please continue reading the next 3 pages for the ‘official’ explanations in re: a 2nd shooter.

() Book I
I'd like to point out that the ‘two reporters’ who were detained in the woods, while their identities are redacted in the report, where they came from, however … was not.
They and their IDs were from … (take a guess) => New York

(§)Potentially related, but still unknown at this point—is who was the owner of the car with NY Plates in Sandy Hook Elementary School parking lot? This car was one of the cars which had been struck by bullet(s) at some point during the incident.


If I may add to the list of persons detained there was also Christopher Manfredonia, a parent and high school coach who was the first person detained while running around outside the school trying to find a way in. He was stopped near the playground area.

The other person caught in the woods was first described as someone who got a message then came to the school out of curiosity, this story was revised to the "out of town tactical officer. The release of the final report mentions neither the curiosity seeker or tactical officer but instead a a man from NY (of all places!) who was working in Newtown who followed the sirens to see what was happening.

There is a theme of unknown people from NY arriving on scene with constantly changing identities and reasons for being there. I find this somewhat troubling given the NY car in the parking lot with a blood trail running up to the drivers door.

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 04:43 PM
It's a little too conveniant that this subject receives an alert on his phone, about school lockdown/incident way before (will have to dig deeper to confirm if possible any exact time) the automated calling done by the school itself was made to alert parents. How does that happen? what kind of groundbreaking insider app was this fellow using? i don't think 911 shares any information with a third party especially one that would give u alerts so you can "go investigate". cmon, the last thing I personally would want to do is go inspect an alledged mass murder site on my own with chances of being shot or arrested..

if anyone here has worked as a 911 dispatch can u clarify if the calls or any information is shared with a non first responder group? (police, fire, emt)

posted on Jun, 15 2015 @ 05:02 PM
How is this forgotten?

Its mind boggling to think, when faced with everything that has come to light since all of this unfolded, that nothing is being done regardless. Its unthinkable how people can not be rioting in the streets, demanding something of an answer about all of this, and Im not just talking about this thread, empreror constantine's thread, about the official story, and/or police reports is quite amazing, picking it to shreads.

I dont live in the states, but this affected me so deeply, I cant seem to shake it off. I need something to come of this, if not this then what? What has to happen to get people to take action and say enough is enough.. ?

I dont have anything valueble to add to the discussion, im just having a hard time people not talking about this anymore on this site, escpecially how this was all handled to begin with by the owners and admins, that in itself is a conspiracy.. but thats for another day.

minirant over/


posted on Jan, 9 2016 @ 07:22 PM

originally posted by: nighthawk1954
Sorry but Blah Blah Blah ..I had friends that were first responders their...some of the still can't work for what they had seen ... two of my friends lost their kids and another lost his wife....Dude their was one shooter... I know all the inside stuff....

You know all the inside stuff? Way to lose whatever credibility you may have had before posting that statement.

posted on Jan, 11 2016 @ 11:48 AM
a reply to: zazen

First of all I agree that there was more than one shooter for several reasons which I will gladly explain along with some other thoughts on the subject that may or may not have been discussed.

The fact that not just 1 but several witness statements saying they saw a shooter wearing a mask. Perfectly explainable if you want nobody to be able to describe you and to escape using Adam as a patsy.

I suppose it is possible to get off that many shots in that short of a period of time by 1 person and inflict the amount of carnage described. I would conclude it was unlikely for several reasons. It has been rarely discussed what it can do to a person's psyche to not only inflict this amount of harm on your fellow man but children themselves. I suppose a professional can explain it is possible for a person to be in such an insane rage but I find it doubtful someone like Adam became that desensitized just from being in a dark room in his house and playing numerous shooter games.

Another thing that is a complete mystery to this day.....all those weapons and all that ammo and only 1 weapon used? He surely could have continued shooting others in the building.....why did he stop? They would have us believe he committed suicide but if that was his intent he could have inflicted many more casualties before killing himself no?
To me the scenario lends a more credible version to include being executed by either the police or another shooter while still leaving time for other shooter/shooters to escape. Funny how nobody talks anymore about the radio transmission of "end the life of Adam".

Someone mentioned how dare us discuss this tragedy and offend the family's involved. I would be in the face of police to explain every damm last detail for all eternity if it were my child yet we have the exact opposite...DEAD SILENCE. No parent, family member, or news outlet on the planet, will go near this topic....WHY??? This is a HUGE HUGE red flag to me.....there are news shows all the time discussing topics such as this and with the plethora of unexplained anomalies surrounding this shooting nobody dares touch it for any reason? I find that very very odd.....

I read a theory recently posted by ASK that suggested the possibility of actors covering for family members who may have been in the WPP. That is very interesting and would explain some things for sure if true.

I believe enough time has passed to openly discuss this topic at length and possibly find some answers to the many mysteries surrounding this shooting, but I doubt we are ever going to get very far into the real truth. It can't hurt to try though....

I firmly believe no matter what happened that the govt used this event to try to implement further gun control. I also firmly believe we are slowly being desensitized to this type of event for some unknown reason.

BTW I saw the post with the statistics showing the number of mass shootings for some recent presidents and I found the massive number since Obama has been office very very disturbing. It's almost like they are intentional towards some sort of gun control....

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