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The Chinese Invasion Plan of the USA ( A theory )

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posted on Mar, 26 2014 @ 07:01 AM

By your logic then every Indian / Mexican / Albanian / Turkish / Thai / French restaurant is also harbouring sooper seekrit foreign commandos. Oh noes! Think of the culinary carnage!

can you imagine they all form an alliance against the US?

because they clearly don't have any regard for US values or human life whatsoever.

just check what they're doing to the chicken.

posted on Mar, 26 2014 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by LizardSlicks

I have the impression lots of arm-chair naysaying critics of the OP haven't lived a day in China.

I lived there for years. I love the culture and the people dearly. Very dearly.

I talked to well connected folks . . . some military types.

I've already noted that I don't think the bulk of the restaurant types would fight on behalf of the invading Chinese. Some . . . perhaps a greater percentage than I think . . . could easily be sleeper agents. The Chinese are well able to arrange such. It suits their mentality and their strategies and capabilities.

I've noted the Dimitru Duduman dreams and visions of China and Russia attacking. MANY folks around the world have had similar dreams and visions.

I've often noted the FACT that Carter, Clinton traitors gave the Chinese bases on both ends of the Panama Canal and were only blocked by the Congress in giving them the former Long Beach Naval base as their base in California. Eventually, IIRC, they STILL ended up leasing the base so they achieved their net goal anyway.

They own COSCO--the People's Liberation Army of China owns COSCO--the largest container shipping company. If folks think that the Chinese couldn't or wouldn't use such ships and even such containers in an invasion strategy, they aren't thinking or are terminally stupid.

Actually, from the Chinese perspective, because of the evidence that a Chinese Naval adventurer landed on the California coast long ago, they'd think of it as merely taking back land already claimed by them.

The Chinese see this as the Chinese century, if not the Chinese millenium. They have felt squashed and held back by the British and Americans for far too long. They see America as descending and China as rising to take her PROPER PLACE as the "MIDDLE KINGOM," the center of all that is.

Certainly the globalists have set up Russia and China to attack and destroy the USA after O B.zo destroys as much as he can get away with as trained and assigned to do.

However, I am skeptical that the Chinese will remain as much under the globalists rigid control as the satanic oligarchy expects.

Certainly China has the mentality that they own us more or less already.

And, they are highly inclined to take possession regardless of the legal particulars involved with the title deed.

While I'm skeptical that the OP will be a major factor in China's attack, it could well be a significant one and could play a larger role than I think.

I believe it is a 100% certainty that China and Russia will attack--and in the not very distant future.

NO doubt about it.

The Chinese also plan to take over Australia. I've been told that from more than one well connected source.

The folks here who are wailing about xenophobia etc. have obviously never lived in China or never had their eyes open, ears open and brains turned on, if they did.

I don't think there are a MORE parochial, ethnocentric, proud people than the Chinese. The Japanese may be right up there with them but they are not MORE so.

The Chinese have called us barbarians [their word for foreigners] for centuries--usually with quite authentic feelings behind it, on the part of many.


posted on Mar, 26 2014 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by BO XIAN

Oh you know chinese people? You picked up that they're proud and clever and hold grudges? And someones DREAMS and "visions" are what you're choosing to use to support the claim that China is undoubtedly going to attack? Did they have a real crystal ball? A "vision" is like when you concentrate super hard on a daydream, yah??f

Guess what? I have tons of family living in the states from China, from Malaysia, and from Singapore. I can tell you with full certainty that there is nothing secret or nefarious going on, concerning chinese immigrants in the states. People get out of China because they want to live in America. They want to make money for their family and live a good life. They are not trying to occupy space and get in with the community so that they can sneak their bogus oppressive government in through the window and ruin the quality of life that they left china to gain in the first place.

It has nothing to do with inserting sleeper agents all across the states, hiding in the kitchens of gross chinese buffets. They might laugh about you eating that food that they themselves wouldn't touch, but they are not waiting on the day that they get the gong to go ahead from the motherland, as neat as that sounds. Pray on it if you're afraid.

So what about my armchair naysaying now? If you'd rather believe in someones dreams and "visions" of a generic attack/invasion, be my guest. It will just make it that much easier for us to tak..............uh have a nice day come back to see us!!! Your fortune? Something in your life will change! BUT WHAAT DOES THAAT MEAN.....COMING FROM THEEM?! I don't know cowboy. I just don't know anymore. Hold on to your hat though, if the chinese get ahold of it they will bootleg it and then nobody will pay for the real version anymore.

posted on Mar, 26 2014 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by LizardSlicks

I believe that the vast majority of food establishment owners and workers in the USA of Chinese heritage are as you describe.

Given the givens, I wouldn't say that the OP is 100% off base.

Who knows what the percentage of sleeper agents might be.

If anyone thinks it's 0.0000000000%, I think that's as foolish as thinking it's 100%.

posted on Mar, 26 2014 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by Craninalbliss

Heres a FACT for you, China doesnt have the logistical capability to invade the USA on a large, or even small scale, nor could they sustain said invasion. Maybe in a few decades, yeah, but as of now, China is FK all as an international military force. Theyre purely regional.

posted on Mar, 27 2014 @ 12:04 AM
It's persistently amazing to me . . .

So many Westerners seem to think that the Chinese

are MUCH poorer students of

THE ART OF WAR than the Westerners are.


I don't *THINK* China will attack this year. Maybe not next year.

However, the oligarchy COULD bring things crashing down around all our ears overnight.

posted on Mar, 27 2014 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by BO XIAN

My family that first came over to the states came from money, my great grandfather owned a shipping company or owned part of a shipping company, serious enough though that he "was a millionaire", quite some time ago. He was very flashy (wore sharkskin suits and expensive watches, spent large sums of money taking people out and buying them gifts/ "lending" family and friends money, gambling...) and had lots of children ranging decades apart. He died basically broke though....

My grandfather who was the first generation to come live in the states made a good living in the film industry doing technical camera work/gambling the stock market/ buying properties which he taught my father and some cousins; my father worked as an optical cameraman in hollywood until the craft was phased out by digital and they gave him a management position in the studio.

No one in my family has anything to do with restaurants, they were actually in perfect positions and given my families background would be perfect candidates to be "sleeper agents" or spies or whatever if this was actually a reality. When my rich great grandfather lost all his money due to a lifetime of ballin' like it wasn't no thang, he was reduced to working in a factory, which he did until he died. He would have been someone privy to these "connections" you mentioned (no one is wealthy in china without being monitored/ known of by the government I'm sure) and given the desperation of the situation he found himself faced with probably would have been willing to do something to restore some of the lifestyle he was used to living. He was dead before I was born and I haven't heard much about his personality other than passing references to his lifestyle, so I can't really say for sure, maybe he was even offered an entire region for himself if he set up shop with a handful of his sons and daughters in the states with super secretive intentions but just had the iron integrity of Honest Abe and turned China down.

I tend to believe though for all practical reality based purposes that any plans China have for taking over the world are entirely seperate from the immigrants who left China to become Americans. Even in the chinatowns the people are all happy to be in America. No one over here wants China to come ruin this.

posted on Mar, 27 2014 @ 12:48 PM
Amusing argument you two are having because your both right mostly.

99% of Chinese that come to America are here to be Americans and fleeing China. BUT from the Chinese govt pov they might as well be sleeper cells.

Let me explain.

The Pilgrims were fleeing Britain and others Europe at large too... they even eventually revolted against them and founded a new nation. None of that changed a damn thing about the fact the natives were ethnically displaced, money flooded back to Europe and America became a "Western Nation"

Certainly virtually none of the settlers in the new world were working for the old governments, most hated them...

China is a civilization not a country

Asia is Eastern not western, it doesn't matter if they invade Taiwan tomorrow and North America picks up 12 Million Taiwanese that wish death upon China, Eastern civilization, Chinese Civilization still stakes it's claim in the new world, it doesn't matter if China looses a war to us, China wont be changed by it's size and nature and they know this it will still be China when over and in a way... so will America.

posted on Mar, 27 2014 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by criticalhit

I think we we're more sharing experiences and viewpoints rather than arguing, I might have seemed a little hyper at first but I didn't mean to come across as hostile or defensive....anyways, just for an example of one families integration from the east to the west, my current generation of relatives (and myself) are all only half chinese....So the first generation that were born here in the states all married and had kids with non-asians. This doesn't seem to be too rare of a phenomenom either. So it took one generation for us to be "civilizationally" useless to China, if I'm understanding what you're saying. I tried to see what you were saying in comparing the pilgrams and europe and colonizing a north america that would no longer have any place for the natives with chinese immigrants trickling into the states mostly legally and in numbers monitored/controlled to an extent by the goverment, but couldn't make the differences flexible enough to make sense to me how I believe you intended.

As far as China the mysterious global superpower your guess is as good as mine as to what he's thinking I don't concern myself with matters so far beyond my reach. My life is pretty good all things considered and I don't feel as threatened as some people on this site do living in the US. I just don't feel like we're constantly on the verge of collapse or that any day now we are going to be toppled by any country or combination of countries, like I see a lot of people claim and talk wildly about. There is too much to lose for China and for the US to start poking each other in the chest. For now, they rely upon each other more or less. Any speculation deeper into the future involves too many variables to sensibly predict how a war might begin. It won't have anything to do with the immigrants living here now though, which is why I initially started responding to this thread.
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posted on Mar, 27 2014 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by Craninalbliss

Yeah, ask them where did this meat come from and why are there no pigeons around.

On a serious note: The Chinese won't have to invade us commando style since they are already buying up parts of America at a good pace. I believe that they own some of the large entertainment facilities like movie theaters and such. They were also buying up a good chunk of land in Idaho a little while back to build a 50 square mile "Little China" Sovereign City. Within this city, they were looking to have their own International Airport... Imagine being able to fly direct into America, I'm guessing Chinese citizens wouldn't need passports if they stayed within the confines of their city walls..... but think of how convenient it would be to fly in as many troops and supplies as needed if this were to be built.

See this link to Idaho land purchasing

Anyhow, the more we continue to purchase goods (not necessarily "good" though) from them the more of us they will own when it's time to settle the debt. Buy American where possible and let your politicians know how you feel about our trade policies with all external nations.

Oh, watch your back after you enquire at the restaurants

posted on Mar, 27 2014 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by LizardSlicks

I understand where your coming from with that perspective, at a glance, it would seem Asian Americans integrate (like everyone one else) so thoroughly it would seem the Chinese and even Ethnic heritage is lost...

But it's Interesting, the typical American has no connection with Britain, the vast majority of us are Euro mix, mainly with the hated Irish lol ( let me tell you 100 + years ago the Irish/English divide was just as ripe as Japan/China ) none of us are much more than whatever percent British... behavior, culture everything is different...

yet, the Wasps runs the govt, lol, Nato exists as an alliance, Britain still holds a central global position thanks to us being here mostly... Here I am a Jew, I think the numbers are like 85% of us inter marry in America to other groups yet... all support Israel practically, funny how it works that way...

China doesn't intend to take "America" it just plans to see it become an Eastern nation, all of North America in fact.

The Middle Kingdom correct... you don't have a middle Kingdom if the people to the East lean the other way, your not the Middle with everything coming to you, your off on the side.

If the heritage of a large percent of Americans points to Asia, and the Economy points to Asia, America will switch positions and point to Asia as well

Currently and for a while we have been the Middle Kingdom, here between 2 oceans, Europe and Asia point to us.

To assume the actual position which Has a literal meaning, The Center the place trade and wealth comes to and from the surrounding kingdoms... for that to happen, America must point to China and Europe will have to do so as well...

China just... as said over and over by the Govt clearly and with all transparency wants to be at the center, the Middle Kingdom. You don't actually have to "invade" anyone for that to happen an Asian centered populace will do the pointing for you, cultural dominance will do that without it...

Is that happening, yup... The American Intellectual/computer/tech youth all look to Japan for Anime and entertainment, among the IQ sect Asian women are the thing, in language schools everywhere are shifting from French/Spanish to Mandarin, Japanese, Korean. Spiritually? The move is Hindu/Buddhism/Taoism... away from all the strife of monotheism, even the move to Atheism is in a way Eastern, Restaurants are mentioned... we ALL go for Chinese and Sushi lol, almost no one doesn't. It's Huge.

America has in so many ways the past 20 years shifted East... and this is BEFORE a war in the region that floods immigrants, BEFORE China started buying land and debt, BEFORE Asians became the no 1 immigrants on this continent... Only NOW do the people come.

Like the Natives before us, we have moved to a philosophy of ecology and population check etc etc... China has no such issues, nor does India, when a wave of immigration begins from a culture that out numbers you 5-1 (and that's just China) Greater Asia has 10 x the population of the USA AND your people admire (not the govt or politics) but aspects of the culture and like the Maya before you your culture has degrade by values and behavior to a degree it doesn't function well... the inevitable happens

This Continent WILL shift to the East by demographic and alliance in the next 100 years or less. China is the Center of the east, the middle kingdom

posted on Mar, 27 2014 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by LizardSlicks

i MUCH enjoy reading your experience based perspectives.

As most of us who have spent significant time in China learned . . . if we were humble and perceptive enough . . .

NO ONE understands China very thoroughly.

Mao reportedly said to Julie Nixon Eisenhower that even he had only been able to change the area around Beijing and that only somewhat for a time.

It's a massive and very complex country and culture. The winds of change and tradition are also complex in their components and dynamics.

However, authoritarianism can change a lot of things at least temporarily . . . fairly quickly . . . when it is willing to pay the price . . . often to disastrous results . . . as "the Great Leap Forward" demonstrated.

I had a student in Taiwan that I played Chinese chess with. He loved HITLER! . . . There were a surprising number of Chinese who greatly respect POWER! FORCE! AUTHORITY! almost to the max.

I think many people do not give due weight to the degree of ruthlessness on the part of the leaders and in the culture. Of course with O the thug . . . we have no room to talk on that score.

The overriding deal is . . . there IS a globalist oligarchy moving ALL the puzzle pieces toward an OVERT

ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. The Chinese will have to comply and will . . . for a time . . . whether it's 3.5 years or 7 years or whatever. I am HOPEFUL, however, that they will rebel against the world ruler as soon as they can get away with it.

I do believe Duduman's vision is accurate . . . that after a few years of more or less back and forth stalemate with the Chinese advancing only toward the Rocky Mountain states but not joining up with the Russians in the East . . . that the Christians in the Chinese army will turn and fight against their comrades on the side of the patriotic Americans. Could be interesting.

I certainly agree that most Chinese I know would be loathe to see China come and mess up America as the Commies have China.

Trouble is, we have the globalists messing over America to her destruction quite thoroughly and rapidly enough all on their own without external help. Sigh.

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