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False Feminism?

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posted on Apr, 2 2014 @ 07:50 AM


Up until the early 1900's women were 'risking their life' in peace times every time

they simply gave birth! and over their fertility period of say 25 years? they were

pregnant a lot!!!

The men or males are still heavily involved in what are called the Death Occupations where they can be more statistically killed or maimed for life and their physical countinence marred..their value in the marketplace against other women or competition marred or scarred for life...even though these jobs pay higher for the RISKS taken??? doing the same work...taking the same RISKS???

And there are lots more... if only I had the time to search them ...


As to the contraception issue..I have no problem with women having access to contraception. I do have issue with being made to pay for it on the public dole....for votes.
I think that it should be between a woman and her doctor and insurance company. Not the government...pimping out/merchandizing the women for votes.

This is why I pointed out that comparisons between countries could not be

successfully made due to legal and political differences .... Here in the UK

all medical facilities are free from the 'cradle to the grave' .... so no

'brownie points' or 'pimping for votes'
here lol.

posted on Apr, 2 2014 @ 08:14 AM

False Feminism

The feminist movement is about women having equal rights, okay, and of course, so they should. We should all be equal and feel loved and respected for being so.

However, I wonder - and I don’t begrudge women at all for wanting such equality - why do women want to be equal with men who are obviously so wrong, misguided, and way out there in their ego domination and mind control.

Are women really happy to accept being equal with men in their wrongness, so being just as wrong as men are?

And so wouldn’t a more true feminism be one in which women look to healing their wrongness altogether, not even bothering to compete with men in theirs. To head off down a completely different track, looking to liberate all the feelings they are suppressing and have to keep repressed all so as to be equal with men in their feeling suppression.

So is the so-called feminist movement, just another part of the overall ploy to keep both men and women living untrue to themselves - untrue to their feelings?

Being a man, I was heavily deluded with my own self-importance and feeling denial. I needed a women to point this out to me, a woman who was intent on living true to herself ending all her feeling denial. And a woman whom I would say is working to truly liberate herself.

What do you feel about feminism? Is it heading in the right direction?
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It's not about being like a man, it's being equal in power and being given the ability and chance to effect changes in all facets of societal life from a feministic perspective.

"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." Rebecca West
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posted on Apr, 2 2014 @ 12:36 PM
reply to post by eletheia

Up until the early 1900's women were 'risking their life' in peace times every time

they simply gave birth! and over their fertility period of say 25 years? they were

pregnant a lot!!!

Stop...stop..please stop eletheia,

Some of us can see and think our way through this kind of time warp politics which is a standard staple today of both the feminists and the race guilt programming and defaults to play through unquestioned and if this is still happening today.

I live here on the east coast of the USA where the grave markers go back to the late 1600s or so. You can often see graves of women who passed very close to their newly born children.
While not totally unheard of today in western nations is still occasionally happening. I know one woman who perished in childbirth.

But your point is moot today with advances in medicine and pre natal care etc. REmember...too...I have dated two nurses who have clued me into more facets of the profession than I ever cared to know.

You ...just as yesterday ..the males and men still occupy most of the death professions. Nothing changed there.
While medicine has changed for both the male and female...the males still occupy most of the death professions.

In short ..most women even today are not looking for that much matter how much it pays.

They mostly choose occupations which can reflect certain personality traits or Options.

As InTheLight posting below your previous post knows..I am a shipbuilder by trade..a machinist with a specialty as a Nuclear Refueler. I put fuel rods into nuclear reactors.

I am currently working with a team to remove the used and radiated fuel rods from a nuclear reactor. Women as a whole are not killing each other or hurrying to enter this occupation or trade and most certainly not as a 30 or 40 year career. No matter how much it pays.
Once again.. there are RISKs and great inconveniences involved. I have been working a 6pm to 6am shift since the middle of last October.

There are women ..more and more as the years go by ..but they quickly take side occupations where they are not as directly involved in the work. And most of them do not stay long..they find ways to get out or move laterally..into other jobs.

Once you throw in certain RISKS and other inconveniences ...the marketplace changes drastically in occupations.


Why men earn more...

You equality...I think men should be living the lives that women take for granted...with women making up the difference in Equality..even in RISK Taking. Dont you think so??

As to the UK medical is happening here in American now too..and will continue politically with the same results. Declining care and death of people.
Not enough care or time to go around.

I knew some time ago that this would happen here. Someone want to turn us in the USA into Englishmen and are working very hard to feminize the males or at least neuter them into default settings.

All these programs are intended to garner the female vote or turn the males feminine
so that they can be controlled as easily as the women and females..and on the public purse.

I have spoken to many Brits and Aussie males and find them to be quite feminine in their thinking and values. I do not think this is accidental.

I have also spoken to Brits and Aussies who do not like the direction of what is happening in their nations and are disgusted with it. They are a declining bunch with the direction public education is taking.

Nonetheless...someone here in the states and with predictability constantly tries near election time to use guilt programming and default settings/victimization to get women on the bandwagon for votes.

A textbook example of such predictability was Wisconsin Represenative Gwen Moore and her "War on Women" in order to default through in the last election. Once the election was hardly heard from Gwen Moore again.

This is how the womens vote was bought in the last election.

This picture among many women here in America is changing as they discover that the political process ..once the election was not the product advertised.

By the way...the nonsense in this video is that most violence in this country as well as in the UK is against men ..not against women. No one screams foul in this while they try to push programs of which Rep. Gwen Moore is pushing.
This makes it clear to me that the program is one of men being made expendable and disposable for the purposes of the body politic..mostly votes.

Once you see this for what it is realize what a scam it is taking place.

I never watch Chris Matthews because he is a feminine drama queen.
Same thing with Sean Hannity.


Was wondering from the first post on this thread when you would show up..and now you are here. Welcome!!

It's not about being like a man, it's being equal in power and being given the ability and chance to effect changes in all facets of societal life from a feministic perspective.

Equal means equal RISK..not just feminine options passing for or under the guise of default through.

Otherwise you are not equal...and have no intentions of so doing..but claiming equality.

I know this simply because of the mantra...that males should be doing more of relieving the women of their work and burdens. The women are not trying out to relieve the men of more of their traditional work...including RISK Taking. This is a very one way arrangement as I illustrated by the guy at work pulling a 12 hour shift in order run touchdowns for his woman who does not work.

It took her almost a month to realize he was not getting much sleep while helping her with the household addition to ..working his 12 hour shift.
I educated him into the concept of running touchdowns for the female and making himself disposable and expendable while she does not change her schedule.

I likened it to a career in laying his head on the railroad track and hoping he does not get run over by the train..while no one notices what is happening. They are all in the fast food lane..including him for not knowing this is happening.

They tend to want the men to become more sensitive and caring but not the other way around. That has been cleared up for me for some time now.

Women tend to not want a sensitive man..but one who is sensitive to them. A huge difference.

Welcome to the thread.

Gotta get some things done here. No woman to "Flashdance " me through these labors.


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posted on Apr, 2 2014 @ 03:29 PM
Posted by OT:

Equal means equal RISK..not just feminine options passing for or under the guise of default through.

Otherwise you are not equal...and have no intentions of so doing..but claiming equality.

I know this simply because of the mantra...that males should be doing more of relieving the women of their work and burdens. The women are not trying out to relieve the men of more of their traditional work...including RISK Taking. This is a very one way arrangement as I illustrated by the guy at work pulling a 12 hour shift in order run touchdowns for his woman who does not work.


Tell that to the women in the military, and the women working F/T jobs and then doing a second job at home (usually supporting children alone = 18 hour shift 5-6 days a week - every year).

Equality in all things, means all things, and I didn't mean anything else.

If a man chooses (free choice) to be with a woman who chooses (free will or being enabled) not to work, then chooses to work 12 hours shifts (isn't that the norm in many male dominated positions anyway?) then it is simply free will at play, and has nothing whatever to do with risk taking.

Thanks for the welcome, and I hope you are doing well.


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posted on Apr, 2 2014 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

It is more often out of necessity, than choice that women have to tailor their hours
and employment to fit in with the important business of nurturing and bringing
up the next generation .... So no doubt that plays a BIG part in any work/
employment/hours she is able to do?

There have been many documentaries on TV showing the life and work of the forces
in Iraq and Afghanistan. And there are many women on the front lines too ........
And many women have been commended and awarded for their bravery in action.

You didn't comment on any of the links I provided regarding the heroism of Women in
So I'll just do a brief summary :-

The heroism of female underground operators such as
# Nancy Wake
# Marie Helene Llefancheau
# Corrie ten Boom
Has been well documented in both books and movies, and in many ways the women
were more exposed and the average life of a liaison woman did not exceed a
few months, their lot was the most severe, their sacrifices the greatest
and their contribution the least rewarded!!!

Female hero's of the Polish underground, Elzbieta Zawacka, Maria Wittek,
(who became the first woman General in the Polish Army) and Irena Sendler, caught
by the Gestapo, was tortured and sentenced to death ....She was awarded the
highest award by Israel and Poland.

Fighting women played an important roll in the Soviet Army, nicknamed the Night
obviously doing the night shift
) They flew old bombers,
discarded by Male Pilots and completed close to 200 night bombing missions
behind German front lines ...........

Then there was ''Fu Hau' who commanded an army of 12, 000!
'Liu Jinding' at 17 years old led an army!
'Queen Boudica' led her troops against the Romans!
'Jeanne d'Arc' battled British invaders!
'Lady Cunningham' led a troop!
'Countess Emilia Plater' commanded an infantry unit and was promoted

Denied the possibility to fight in wars for freedom many women served as men
these included 'Deborah Sampson', when later in life she was awarded a Military
pension (it was at a much reduced rate than male veterans received)

'Nadezhda Durova' dressed as a man served and fought, achieving the
rank of CAPTAIN and was awarded the St. George Cross from the Tsar......

And there's more, much more .... but i'll leave it for you to browse yourself

posted on Apr, 2 2014 @ 08:05 PM


I know many men who turn over their paychecks to their women for spending on the household. Some of these women work and some do not. Nonetheless the women in this nation primarily determine how the monies are spent..on both big ticket as well as small ticket items...across the board. The men keep back some monies and the women determine how the bulk of it is spent. I am not just talking about food here...but everything.,

As to RISK...StarlineNine..I will cover that later in this post.

Yes, I am aware this happens. But my experience in these modern times, when both partners work outside the home - usually, both contribute equal amount of funds to the household. Are there men who give over their paychecks to their partners for use at the partner's discretion? Yes. There are those who do. I think for the most part however, this is done with trust. No doubt, this works for those couples. And the household no doubt, stays afloat with the one partner controlling the money, so to speak. Does it not?

death occupations

doing the same work...taking the same RISKS???

Same pay for the same work...the same RISK.

Yes, I will concede this point. It is a fact that it has been men for the most part who have risked life and limb. In both war, and in hazardous employment. Never to negate a woman's service to her country, nor her ability to do the exact same job as a man, and we have all seen this.

It is also a fact, orangetom, that women still get paid approx. only .70 cents on the dollar for doing the exact same job as a man. I find that unfair. Same job, same risk. As you mentioned.
We are not speaking of death occupations exclusively, but in every single way across the board in America. If she can get out there and work it like a man, she needs to be paid exactly like a man.

It makes no sense at all why she would earn less, especially when the statistics for single women head of households--raising children alone without child support or government assistance--is quite high in the United States. She needs to be making that extra 30%. She needs every dollar that a man does. As it is quite a fact that single parent households; the head being a woman, are at staggering percentages.

Oh...while I am at it...StarlineNine...I ordered that book you posted

"Womans Inhumanity To Woman"

Waiting for it to arrive. It sounded interesting and informative. Thanks for recommending it.

Very glad you are picking up that title. It is a very engrossing and informative read, with 30 years of research to back it up. Glad to hear it interested you.

posted on Apr, 4 2014 @ 02:50 PM
reply to post by StarlightNine

Orangetom, I would also suggest you read these books by Susan Faludi, that is, if you are interested in learning the truth.

Women themselves don't single out the women's movement as the source of their misery. To the contrary, in national surveys 75 to 95 percent of women credit the feminist campaign with improving their lives, and a similar proportion say that the women's movement should keep pushing for change. Less than 8 percent think the women's movement might have actually made their lot worse. (Read it all Orangetom!)

“One of the things I have found in reporting on this book is that men do not feel listened to, ... That's part of their anger towards feminism, they feel like everybody else's agenda is more important than theirs.”
Susan Faludi

Here's a tidbit of information as to how past feminism and second- and third-wave feminism has reached oppressed women around the world. Note that some call the third-wave feminists the false feminists, that would be today's young women and men. As to the woman who filed the gender discrimination lawsuit below, I would call her a new effective generation of feminist gaining equality by courage and action.

2013: The first woman to bring a gender discrimination lawsuit in China, a 23 year old who goes by the pseudonym of Cao Ju, won a small settlement of 30,000 yuan and an official apology from the Juren Academy.
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posted on Apr, 4 2014 @ 03:19 PM
starlight nine,

I have to make this very quick as time is running out and I must shove off to another
12 hour shift.

That book arrived and wow!!

I've only had time to glance through the introduction. Wow!!

Stuff in the very introduction which I had never considered and it is obviously below the radar level of most males.

Very glad you are picking up that title. It is a very engrossing and informative read, with 30 years of research to back it up. Glad to hear it interested you.

So far by the intro are on the money here ..thanks for introducing me to the title.


I must make haste and will reply to yours and more of StarLightNines post when more time is available

But until then..this is very interesting and showed up on the Web overnight.
This pattern is exactly what I have observed from Muslim group here in America when they are interviewed ..the circle the wagons and try to get rid of the competition while claiming tolerance and inclusiveness. Muslim groups are not the only ones ...doing this ..there are others...who want tolerance of everyone else but give none unless they can control the whole a photo op.

This is what turns me off ..big time against these groups and hints strongly that they are not the product much of politics today.

Gotta go...


posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by StarlightNine


Ahhhh...thank you for a breath of fresh air. Here.. concerning the death occupations.

Yes, I will concede this point.

I have brought up this point with InTheLight several times in other postings and threads but no comment is forthcoming from her as if this is not nor ever has taken place. This to me is False Feminism very much like the tolerance I posted about in the thread in my previous post. Very much like textbook of politics today...if they dont like it or dont approve does not exist and we have a compliant willing media to smooth it over for us as if it never took place.

StarLineNine..I do know women who do or even attempt to do the same job as a man and give them great credit for this. They do hang in there. And these women I know get the same pay for the same rank or rates as do the men. This company for which I work does this very thing.

What I do not approve of it either in men or women if attempting to default through as if they deserve it automatically because they are women or self promoting. I do not approve of this self promotion in either men or women. And we have one fellow in our crew who tries exactly this..kind of self promotion when we know he cannot do the work. No one approves of him. He is his own worst enemy. He will not last long..we will weed him out.

Little Jane (not her real name)...I do not know how she did it but she pulled 160 foot pounds on a torque wrench. I am at my wits end to figure out where she got 160 foot pounds of force to pull but she did it. I heard the torque wrench click when she reached 160 foot pounds of torque. She does not have but barely 100 pounds of weight but she did it.

Now I admire Jane (Not her real name) for this ..but she got married..and left our employment and persued her dreams...she went for the "option" as I knew she would once married.

She actually worked with us down on the reactor head installing fuel. I miss Jane and her bubbly cheerful personality. But she got paid the same as the rest of us when working standard time or overtime. She was also a qualified crane rigger and crane operator. Dangerous and highly qualified jobs. You have the safety and well being of many people around you when you do this kind of work. Very serious business.

Here is Dr. Warren Farrells explaination of the so called Wage Gap or Glass Ceiling in wages between Men and Women.

This is a view and understanding censored from most people by the body politic and most of the media as well as public education while promoting the standard "Victimization" political mindset. I can see this clearly in this administration as well as others before them.

By the way..I get no comments on much of this stuff from InTheLight while pushing the standard political/social rhetoric. These views and understandings are never mentioned in Feminist articles for what they your statement here..

It is also a fact, orangetom, that women still get paid approx. only .70 cents on the dollar for doing the exact same job as a man. I find that unfair. Same job, same risk. As you mentioned.

None of the points Dr Farrell bring out are mentioned while screaming about the wage gap.

It makes no sense at all why she would earn less, especially when the statistics for single women head of households--raising children alone without child support or government assistance--is quite high in the United States. She needs to be making that extra 30%. She needs every dollar that a man does. As it is quite a fact that single parent households; the head being a woman, are at staggering percentages.

It is quite high in most western nations StarLineNine. Is this the fault or accountabilithy of men?? And by this that women should automatically be defaulted through. Many of these women are drawing support from men...they get the benifits fo a male without the male. In otherwords..they get "The Optioin." They often even get government assistance. How much of this kind of safety net is afforded to men with children??? In Equality?? ?Think this through carefully. Particularly the government safety net.

This is to me a business being taken advantage of by the body politic for the women's vote. To get more out of the public purse. This became obvious by the contraception business at the last election. That Saundra Fluke business. A pay off for votes.

This is why I often state that the most disposable and expendable sex out her is the male..not the female. It is backwards from the product being advertised. The war is against the male..across the board..and it is being done in an Occult and concealed manner in which most people do not see or understand. And it is carefully designed to be just this way.

This is clear to me by the tenor of the book you mentioned...and the indirect aggression approach though just as aggressive because it is often not seen or known by those it affects...just as done by the body politic..Occult..concealed..hidden from the view of most affected by it. "I shall ever conceal and never reveal" as is stated in the dogma of many Occult religions still in existance.
Politics is a very feminine occupation..and ideal for the womens movement to attach itself. They are a perfect fit. To bad most of the public is oblivious to this understanding.

I have not had time to read much in that book..."Womens Inhumanity to Women." But what I have read is an eye opener in avenues for which I had not considered. I believe I am going to have to go through it several times to get the full significance of it at the levels which would not ordinarily be visible to me.
Interestingly enough the woman I am seeing has expressed an interest in it. She will have to wait until I am finished...or get her own copy.

It is into the Spring time now and my schedule is full between 12 hour shifts and taking care of my parents business.

But nonetheless..thanks for your views and once again for the title to that book. It is going to be some heavy reading when I can fit in the time.

Gotta make haste now,


posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 03:16 PM
Hey OT, I just thought you might like to see some of the women that accept risk in their lives, since your sphere of experience seems extremely limited, or your women-hating-women agenda does not allow.

That's in addition to the medical professionals that put themselves at risk of contracting deadly diseases, and law enforcement, and military...I don't need to look far to find women stepping forward.

"A "heroic" female police officer confronted the war veteran who opened fire at the Fort Hood military base in Texas killing four and wounding 16 in an attempt to stop the shooting spree."[e ditby]edit on 7-4-2014 by InTheLight because: (no reason given)

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by InTheLight

LOL LOL LOL...InTheLight...I think the concept goes way over your head while pushing the standard political rhetoric.

However..once again I must make haste.

Try this one out....for perspective. Since these women in these articles you post are doing is a natural given...a default that all the women all over the nation are doing this too and then conducting themselves as men have traditionally done...doing more guy stuff with their monies and time. Or are they doing more girl stuff??

As I you know women who take out insurance policies such that their men and children are taken care of if they die first???

Is this in the feminist dogma and religious beliefs of Equality. Do they even talk about this much equality or just about how to shakedown more of the system to get it to work for them and take out more of the RISK out of default..on the public purse????

What commodity in the marketplace is protected for a man or male if his woman dies first??? Does todays Feminist woman believe in that much equality??

The problem is InTheLight..that todays feminist wants to define the nation for the women as well as the men. You can see this...if you look past the political rhetoric at what is attempting to pass for Equality.
The men and males are mostly oblivious to this taking place.

You do not seem want to address this concept in your posts..but only quote articles, and videos per se..but no explaination of your own.

I submit to you that some women are catching on today that the politics... is not the product advertised......and that many sense something is not correct about the system attempting to be foisted off on them and the children.
There is beginning to be a backlash against this stuff.

Still working on that book recommended to me by StarLightNine. Very very very avenues of which I had never considered. But it also explains alot about the movement and also about the politics which caters to it.

Gotta make haste now...once again,

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posted on Apr, 12 2014 @ 08:23 PM

It occurrs to me when reading this to why Trust is such a big Item to so many women. Before grasping the depth of this book by Phyllis Chesler I had no reason to look at trust through this perspective.

What many a woman has termed to me in discussions is how "Catty" so many women can be in the heirarchy of women. The status board or ranking of women by women.

What I found so interesting is the back stabbing, rumor spreading, charcter attacks or assasinations by other women ...from childhood years through adulthood.
I know from many apartment managers how catty other women can be in looking for jobs or promotions against other women...even conspiratioral in carrying it out.

Deep down many women do not trust other women by experience..though they may not tell this to a man. They would like trust with a trust has often backfired with them in the social pecking order of women. This is why trust with a man is so important to so many women.
I have never quite thought of it from that perspective..though I have heard it from many a woman over the years.

I'm not even sure Warren Farrell covers this line of thought in his books and videos. He certainly should.

One of the most interesting experiences I've ever had was of watching a group of five women standing in a lobby at a party watching couples arriving at the party. Talk abouta a Kodak moment. I quickly noticed that these five women were not watching the men with whom the women entered..but the other women themselves.

What I was privileged to see was a type of feral barnyard pecking order or ranking taking place through the looks in the eyes of these five women. In one quick scan...these women were sizing up the other women...look of approval or disapproval.

It was the best seat in the house. And I was able to see it raw..uncensored..unfiltered.
It was a waking moment as to how feral some women can be. I knew that two of these women had degreess..higher education but it matters not in this type of situation. Their education served them not to rise above this type of primitive social pecking order which is as olde as humans themselves.

Now Phyllis Chesler clearly gives the deeper reasons for this type of pecking order and I am in agreement with her...competition and social status.

What I recall was the haste or quickness at which they carried this out if no one was to see what they were doing.

Nonetheless it was a rare Kodak moment. I have always thougth that this would be a classic scenerio for Psychology classes in human behavior studies.

For both you , StarLineNine and also InTheLight...

I have found the news interesting of late as it has to do with precisely what both you are describing in wage disparity among women. Here....

Here from CNN...this is textbook of the emotional position attempting to get over on people in order to stop real thinking on the subject.

The reason I say this is that if women make less than men for the same work...
Someone out here should be firing all the men and replacing them with women.
Since women can so obviously do the same work ...the same conditions, for less pay. For business knows how to get cheap labor..right???

This means that in the should be firing all the men and women both and hiring illegals....if they can do the work cheaper...correct???
Or conversely..moving the business outside of the nation where the labor rates are much cheaper for the same work..yes???

Think it fits. But you have to be able to think it through past all the cheap emotional rhetoric people out by the emotional puppet strings.

It all looks good on paper..but it falls flat once you know all the important factors to think and consider.

But it is good for getting people on the emotional puppet strings as election time nears.
And this is precisely what is happening here...more "Victimization" as the next mid term elections come nigh.

The key to the success of this political whoredom technique is to stack the deck in news and information coverage so that only one conclusion is possible..emotionally. Emotionally ..once you grab people by their emotions..only one outcome is possible. But you must be able to rig the news and information outlets and public school thinking to get away with get the womens vote. You must whore them must whore everyone out in this system.

In otherwords..only deal out a deck of cards which does not have all the cards in it. Not a full deck.

Warren Farrell covers this in many of his videos and books...about they should be firing all the men and replacing them with women if women can work cheaper than men. Men should be totally unemployed.

But we have both men and women unemployed in droves today. With government trying to force the free market to it's will. This is another textbook example of government attempting to stack the deck for political reasons..not for good business reasons. In otherwords stack the deck for votes.

I think more and more people are beginning to see this for what it Selling bartering and trading the very soul of a nation for political lucre.

Even much of the media is not anymore going along with this and beginning to speak out. It is about time.

People are getting very tired of more "Victimization politics' ... "guilt politics" which seems to be the mainstay of this administration and its political party.

It looked very good and satisfying in the early days of this administration..but it quickly got thin when it became obvious that they could not deliver and the product was not as advertised. But they keep trying. The problem is that their method or modus operandi is now become transparent and along with them the modus operandi of the various "Victim Groups" that they support for votes and more shakdown of the system.

I'll repeat this again in logic and avenues for which Chicken Noodle News/CNN and others will not go..even to my knowledge Fox News does not state this as well...

If the women are working and doing everything the men are doing and doing it for less...businesses would be laying off or firing all the men and replacing them with women...who will work for less.

I dont need a college degree to figure this out. Simple reason and logic will do it. We use so little of it in lieu of emotional baggage/drama supplanting truth, reason, and logic.

Hope this helps both of you and the other readers out here who come across this thread.

The major disparity going on out here is not in is in thinking. A television and movie education in emotions attempting to supplant solid logic and reason...real thinking. Even Sarah Palin seems to have taken a big bite out of this one. And she is one of the women I would think should know better..but plays to the crowd for votes.

Thanks to all for their posts.
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posted on Apr, 13 2014 @ 12:36 AM
reply to post by orangetom1999

No comment warranted.

posted on Apr, 13 2014 @ 10:53 PM
For the readers out here who want to hear informations never covered even by the famous Fox News on this is Dr Warren Farrells video on "Why Men Earn More."

This is a very telling video even from the female perspective about why women do the things that they do and the impact on the male...spiritually and psychologically.

This video covers informations few ..particularly the feminists of yesteryears or today want to be known and also informations which most males out here should know but will never be taught government, by public schools nor other males and particularly by the body politic such that people capable of thinking for themselves can see that Leadership in this country has on no clothes so to speak and particularly on this issue.

Here is the video...enjoy and learn.

I just rewatched it again and both learned and reinforced certain aspects I already knew. Warren asks the question here in this video..if women made less than men for the same work..why would anyone ever want to hire a male?? This is the key to seeing past all this political Bravo Serria.

Enjoy the video and think and learn.


posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 09:44 AM
The times, they are changing, but very slowly.

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 11:14 AM
Here, unlike others, a reply is warranted. This video still does not answer the question posed by Dr. Warren Farrell. Why would anyone hire a man if women were doing the same work for less?? It totally avoids this question in lieu of the standard "Victimization" position.

Dr. Farrell covers the reason why women tend towards certain work in this video and others. Also the 25 reasons certain work are chosen and others not chosen by women and men.

Watch and listen carefully what Dr. Farrell states in this video from 20:00 through 22:45 about the differences I women working and men working.

Then contrast this with what the President does not say in the video provided by InTheLight. Who fleshes out more details and who fleshes out more "Emotional Victimization " and "Feelings??"

From 25:24 through 28:00 Dr. Farrell asks the question why would anyone hire a man if women can do the same job for less moneys??

Dr. Farrell goes on to flesh out more details on why women choose certain occupations and why well as the hours they choose to work.

None of this information's is ever covered by the groups ...including the politicians stumping for votes while playing the emotional "Victimization Card."

also here..

this is a more abbreviated version of the first video I posted...once again debunking what the "Victimization Crowd" is stating.

While I am at is Dr. Farrell's video on "Female Victimization Mentality."

None of these concepts or ideas are ever explained or fleshed out by the women's groups or the politicians using/misusing the women's groups and the "Victimization Groups" for votes.

In the end..this is going to do huge damage to male/female relations and the nation as a whole and this simply because the body politic wants to use and misuse the women for political power..not for the truth of what is going on out here. The body politic in this manner is also using and misusing the men for political lucre and power.
In short..the body politic is willing to divide and conquer the people for political lucre and matter what the consequences.


posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 01:43 PM
I was looking for more Dr Warren Farrell videos and ran across this video by Professor Janice Fiamengo. What I found in this video was more evidence of "Intolerance followed by "Heavy Handed Emotionalism" attempting to pass for what is right and correct.

I had never heard of this woman but it is very interesting to see these feminist..even the male ones so emotional to the point of being a case of nerves at the microphone...verses facts and logical reasoning.

here this video from Ottawa University. It appears that universities in Canada are a hot bed of Feminist activity and nothing else including dissent is tolerated while demanding tolerance from others.

and again Janice Fiamengo in video

Here again the feminist attempting to shut down professor Janice Fiamengo as they tried to also do to Warren Farrell. This is textbook of tolerance today..PC.

This is what has become of radical feminism today...

Very similar to other groups. Illegal Aliens, The Racism Groups, and the Homosexual groups. All of them expecting tolerance of others.

This is what makes me believe that these groups are being controlled at the top levels all by the same controllers...the same handlers. This common modus operandi..followed by more "Victimization Politics."


posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 02:20 PM
Many feel Farrell is wrong on many fronts and hasn't caught up to modern times (he does not deny ignorance), as well as being a rape apologist. Who else you got?

Allow me to assist you, OT. If nothing else, just watch the last 8 minutes of the video.

"American sociologist Michael Kimmel is a professor at Stony Brook University in New York and editor of the International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities. He is a long-time researcher on men and masculinity as well as gender relations."

“So, now I’m beginning to make the argument that in fact there is no Mars and Venus, but in fact we are allies here on planet earth and our interests are the same.”

"For the last several decades, Kimmel has been making the case that feminism will improve men’s lives as well as women’s. Far from a zero-sum game, he argues, feminism is a rising tide that lifts all boats. “Gender equality will allow men to lead fuller, happier lives,” he said on Wednesday, citing studies that have found that men in egalitarian marriages are happier than men in traditional ones, and that involved fathers are happier than uninvolved ones."

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posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by zuimon

I dont understand your post. But maybe that is because I am a man. But are you saying that women are the super beings. and they are bette rin everyway and have no faults? haha reading what you said that was kind of the inclination I got from you.

I thought feminism was about empowering women not turning them into demi gods.

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by zuimon

I really really cannot stand feminists or feminism.

It went WAY WAY too far from its original states objectives... and did nothing to benefit women or society in the long run.

Should a woman have a right to vote? Yes... we are intelligent and should have a voice just the same as anyone else.

Should a woman that is forced due to necessity to work be able to make the same level of wage as a man in the same profession? Yes.

Should a woman be able to work if she feels called to do something? Like being a doctor, or a nurse, or a teacher? Yes... she should...

Should society have gotten to the point where now a woman cannot even stay home and raise her children and be a wife and mother if she wants to? Never in a million years!

Should women have flooded the workplaces enmass so that men can no longer make a living wage to support their entire family? No... it should never have come to this!

Should women have no choice but to leave the raising of their children in the hands of strangers because their men can no longer support the family? NEVER! This was the single most detrimental thing to ever happen to our society... and we see it daily in the youth!

My thoughts... my opinion.

The power of a woman lies in her very femininity.. not in trying to be a man.

The only good the feminist movement did was line the governments pockets with more tax money.
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