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The Bread Of Life.

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posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 09:05 PM
Acts 2:17 "'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

When I was somewhere between the ages of 9-12 I had a vision in my dads bird aviary.

What I envisioned was the bread of life. God was making this bread of life and it was developed in turns or stages on a conveyor. The bread of life consisted of pure all the best things like the highest quality of living. If you ate this bread it was joy and happiness unlimited with absolutely no negativity. It was like pure life. To make this bread of life God had to have total clarity. It was a very difficult process and took all Gods effort.

What I saw was God making the bread and then him being attacked from below by the devil and this made one loaf of the bread fall to below. The thing is the devil had attacked because he thought he could interupt God in the process of creating the bread and then no one would get any bread at all because the devil thought the bread was still being baked.

The devil thought he had timed his attack before the bread had become immortal or complete on turn or step 3 or near there. What I saw was the bread putting on armor. It had armor that was permanently bonded to it that gave it immortality but it was the most basic level, you could never take this armor off it's apart of you and permanent. Like this armor would take anything you could throw at it but it wasn't the full armor so you would still feel pain and suffering. By having the bare minimum of armor on if you were attacked in it you would be hurt but because your immortal eventually you recover and you become glorified because the armor adapts and glorfies at damage. It was like raising the level of the basic armor through it being attacked. With this armor you are immortal but still feel the blows. It's like the undergarments or something.

This was all premeditated by god. He raced the devil and the devil took the bait. The devil had thought that if he attacked God declaring war that he could destroy the process of the Bread of Life so no one could have it and because of the clarity required the devil also thought by attacking he could prevent god from ever again making more bread. The thing is God knew. He fully made the bread in like enough time for it to be immortal. God kinda set the devil up by getting the devil believing the bread wasn't immortal or complete yet by disguising it in clouds and thereby baiting the devil. The devil thought that the bread was still at least 2-3 steps away. But yep it was finished. In the steps or turns it took the devil to make his attack god created the bread of life finished and ready and prepared.

God planned for this exact level of armor and for the bread to fall to below just by the devil attacking it.

It was a display of power on God's part against the powers of the devil as it compared them both equally in a race. God timed the bread and the devils attack perfectly. God knew exactly when the devil would attack and was ready it was all premeditated. He had paced the devil and new his moves before he made them.

The attack of the devil knocked or launched the bread in it's current not full armor state to earth but this was to build up the level of the basic immortal armor into greater glory. The bread fell from heaven to give life to below also.

Once the basic armor is built up then then when you put on the full armor that is also magnified and the full armor then can reach a higher overall level.

I've forgotten some of the details maybe and haven't explained it fully but this is basic enough. This was my vision that I had.

Jesus is the bread of life. Hope you enjoy.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by leeda

Nothing is difficult for God.

posted on Apr, 16 2014 @ 07:15 AM
I also remember that once the first bread of life had fallen to below then the production on the rest of the bread stopped, they on the production line conveyor belt were of equivalent armor to the first off the line one bread that had fallen. The production had stopped so the first bread of life that had fallen from the devils attack could reascend to where he had been before on the conveyor to continue on the baking process I think. Once the armor level had reached immortal there was no stopping the process.

Once he the first bred had reached where he was before then the armor on the rest of the conveyor became glorified as the first loaf of life now was after having fallen and ascended again. The experiences of the first bread became mingled with the rest of the living bread that had never left the conveyor. It acts like a yeast the first bread returning to the conveyor. I think also that the first bread has to be in place for the baking process to continue. By falling and ascending again the bread became perfect at the first immortal armor level. This perfection flowed through to the other bread still on the production line.

Once the first bread had ascended then the bread would continue to bake. The armor level of every bread on the production line chain would continue to evolve and would be basically perfect. The bread on the conveyor production line would be copies of the first bread that fell with now full glorified perfected basic armor ready to be baked into full glorifired perfect can't get any better armor everyone unique.

I just remember the conveyor stopping to wait for the bread that had fallen to return to it's previous position after falling and then having to ascend again. No more bread was sent in or left the production line. The whole line shutdown on waiting for the bread that had fallen to ascend back to its place in the line.

Everything was basically as efficient and perfect as possible in the least amount of time possible at every step. The bread that fell was perfected by falling then ascended to where it was before and passed on it's perfection to the rest of the bread on the production line.

The power of Jibbar Jabber is strong in this post.

posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 03:14 PM
a reply to: leeda

The word of the Father, as revealed in the Son, is indeed the bread of life.


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