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Singapore - Indian's involvement in Syrian conflict being probed

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posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 02:42 AM
Singapore - Indian's involvement in Syrian conflict being probed

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SINGAPORE – The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued the following statement in response to media queries on a Singaporean man who was allegedly involved in Syria conflict:

In response to media queries, the Ministry of Home Affairs confirms that we are investigating allegations that a “Haja Fakkurudeen Usman Ali” (“Haja”) may have recently travelled to Syria with the intention to undertake violence in the ongoing armed conflict there which started in 2011. Haja’s alleged travel to Syria was made known to the authorities by a member of the public after he had already left Singapore.

Haja, aged 37, is a former Indian national who obtained his Singapore citizenship in 2008. Haja worked as a manager in a local supermarket.

The authorities have also established that a “Gul Mohamed Maracachi Maraicar” (“Gul’) had abetted and assisted Haja in his radicalisation and plans to participate in armed violence in Syria. Gul, aged 37, is an Indian national and former Singapore Permanent Resident.

He was investigated under the Internal Security Act and although it was assessed that he did not pose an imminent security threat to Singapore, he has been deported and banned from entering Singapore for his role in abetting and aiding Haja.

While in Singapore, Gul worked as a System Analyst with a multi-national company.

We would like to remind the public to alert the authorities if they suspect that a friend or family member has become radicalised or who is planning to undertake armed violence overseas. This will enable the authorities to take appropriate action to prevent the person from pursuing acts of violence that could cause harm to himself or others and even lead to the loss of lives.

It is imperative to note that the 2 perpetrators are not Singapore local born. They are immigrant (Haja since 2008) and foreigner (Gul).

Locals in Singapore have been crying out loud against foreigners and immigrants, because they frequently violate law, insult and disrespect locals.

Singapore government should have performed thorough background and moral checks before accepting foreigners and immigrants.

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posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 03:04 AM

I suppose a theory could be that the men of "Indian" descent could be deep undercover operatives.

India is part of BRICS and could be involved in the Russian Gazprom conflict against the proposed Islamic gas pipeline project.

Possible Sunni/Shiite conflict connection also.

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