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List your personal mysticial, or paranormal experiences here!

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posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 05:51 PM
I was sleeping in the same room as my dad when suddenly I was clothed in what appeared to be a continuously encircling vertical column of very bright blue light. This light had the exact same color and quality as one sees in a perfectly tuned flame of natural gas and it extended from my body up towards the ceiling directly above my bed.

Although I was evidently completely inside this light, it appeared to me that the outside edges of the beam were very well defined; as if the whole thing were a projection shining down on me through a geometrically precise hole.

I felt some force inside the light tug at me but I couldn't move. I began to scream in abject horror. My dad immediately awoke and demanded to know what was happening. His concerned words and emotional tone broke the dark spell because my frightening journey into places unknown was quickly terminated.

The rest of the night was normal and calm but disquieting.

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 03:50 AM
a reply to: prodiffenon

Sleep paralysis? Seems like a textbook case to me.

posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 02:12 AM
want to understand. I was at the beach one day during the summer of 85. Just makins sand figures just out of the reach of the ocean.when a appeaman ring out of nowhere, and disappearing the same way, and reappearing. Also it happened to me at a beach. Also this man clean cut mid 20's kept asking me if I'd go into the water, :/ He kept telling me he couldn't. He said when I asked him where he was from and what he did, that he was a deep sea diver from Europe. He asked me if I wanted to do anything. I declined. The beach was empty except for me, a woman in the distance suning, the closest hotels where at least 1/2 mile across the beach. He asked me if I wanted anything then I smoked then and I had a cigarette and no Light . So I asked for a match for my cigarette. He looked at me startled like a deer caught in headlights. He said will you stay here till I return. Sure I said I had no plans. I looked away for no more than a few seconds and he was gone. Nowhere was he to be seen. I waited around for about 7 or so minutes. Figured it was a joke on me, and got ready to leave. Boom as soon as I looked away again to gather my things poof out of nowhere he was there again. i k now I asked his name but it escapes me what it was. Just the same he had a match book, a plain white one, with only 1 match in it. He stuck around till I smoked my cigarette. He asked me again if I'd just walk out into the water. I asked why he was talking to me instead of the woman sunning? He said her kind was a dime a dozen. Have know idea what he meant by that. He asked if I again would please walk into the water. Bewildered I asked if he was so animate about walking into the water why he just didn't do it himself, He commented he had nothing on. I laughed, I said you got on the same thing I do , He had on trunks, I had on a swim suit. He again said he couldn't and when he acted like he was going to show me why I looked away. Thought I was going to be flashed. He asked again if I wanted to do something anything at all. I didn't know so of course I again said no. He said you sure? Yes I said he said okay if you are sure. I assured him I was. He said okay then. I smiled I went back to gathering my stuff. Was'nt even a few seconds,bame if he wasn't anywhere to be seen. Still can not get that occurrence out of my head. Also why he was so intent to me walking into the water. No I was not on drugs. Anyone with any ideas what that was all about. aoaur who or what that guy was?

posted on Mar, 27 2015 @ 02:58 AM
Take this with a pinch of salt...

I "broke" my mind and entered a full psychosis, during that time I had recollections of past lives come to me in dreams, and most of them were outside of just regular human civilisation, yes, they were alien/extraterrestrial memories, or simply being from another realm. My past "debts" were also highlighted to me, as well as a conception of my "mission" here, piecing my memories together I have constructed a "timeline" of my history outside and former to this birth. I started having many visions as well, real auditory and visual hallucinations that were from intelligent sources, they gave me key insights and since then I have been "reconstructing" myself as an entity, attaining "unity" being my goal.

At present, I am in a "perfected" state, and since this has happened, I have "unlocked" my past and I am able to recollect a significant amount of data, the stories I can tell would be almost impossible to evidence, and would likely be seen as fictitious however.

If I were to divulge too much I fear that I would get the wrong kind of attention...

posted on Apr, 7 2015 @ 09:19 PM
a reply to: onequestion

Please no judgement, only reply to me if you have an open mind. Thank you in advance.

I have had a few "encounters" none really negative per say. They where the greys, about 5'5 or so. They had this bluish shiny body suit on as I recall, with a symbol on their chest.
This one night they came to me and asked if it was ok if I went with them, I agreed. They took me, showed me many energy / portal type areas around my area of residence. They took me into this persons house, near a park and turned on a shop vacuum in the garage and laughed saying "no one would believe that person anyways" because I asked "aren't you worried about people seeing you?" They also said "there are some real pictures of us but humans think they are all fakes". I later looked up ufo/ alien reports in my town and some one reported the SAME EXACT thing that happened, on the SAME NIGHT! I had more details than they listed and tried contacting them with no success.
After that they took me into space for a short time. And showed me a lot more than I remember but they grabbed me by my shoulders and started shaking me gently screaming "you have to remember the constellation Pictor, the painters easel, DO NOT FORGET" I replied " Thats easy to remember, as I am a painter, Pictor the pain bush is how I will remember" I have NO CLUE WHY the constellation Pictor is SOOO important to them, they really had a desperation that I remember Pictor.

* when I say "they said" I mean telepathic communication. They didn't communicate with their mouths only mind communication.

And later after that experience I had a huge unmarked black helicopter at 3:30 AM hover barely ten - twenty feet above the ground right outside my house!! It really freaked me out!

Then this one time at 2:30 AM I was in bed w/ my husband and this awful electricity / low hum that instantly gave me anxiety. I jumped out of bed. Looked at the clock, and it was there for maybe five - ten minuets and then I heard it slowly fading away.. I was to panicked to look out the window... I though there was a good chance Id see a ufo over my house!

Ive had other experiences but don't feel comfortable sharing..

If anyone has had similar experiences please personally message me

posted on Apr, 10 2015 @ 11:57 PM
My paranormal experience is finding out I'm the direct granddaughter of Edward Bishop of Salem. And my entire child hood I loved the witches of Salem. Then as an adult to learn I'm Edward Bishops direct seed. It was magical. I'm the direct granddaughter of Edward Colbourne the puritan knight of Salem on the direct other side Mary bishop the third child of Edward Bishop is my direct grandma her husband Robert colborn is my grandfather.

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