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Nightmares and Dream Terrorism

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posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 08:42 PM
For weeks I've been having nightmares, mostly about my mother who was ravaged by cancer and I don't think will make it another year, if even this month. She doesn't eat hardly anything, either because the pain is too much or she's given up on life. You can bet my emotional and mental state, which to tell the truth wasn't so hot beforehand, is in tatters, and these constant nightmares, which become reality as I awaken, are taking their toll. I'll dream about my childhood home, childhood friends, and there's my ailing mother...

Some of these nightmares take a different approach. Weeks ago, I awoke after a bad dream having only had a few hours of sleep. Every time I closed my eyes to try and get back to sleep I would see what looked like glowing red eyes directly in front of me. A few days ago, I had a surreal dreams, or at least I hope it was a dream, in which my red-eyed nemesis appeared. It was as if I had just woke up, I looked towards the television and saw my door slowly opening. The red-eyed thing entered and flew towards me, it was all dark and shadowy and looked like it was wearing a hooded robe, although the lower body wasn't there. The depictions of the Grim Reaper are pretty close to what it looked like, except no bones just all shadowy. I had placed one arm over my face and reached out with the other to push it away, but my arm just went through it and was chilled as it passed through. It placed its 'hands' on or over my chest as I tried in vain to call upon Jesus or God to send it away and I felt what I can only describe as an 'energy' pulse. It moved lower and repeated the process, and then I woke up for sure. It was a really powerful dream, if I was truly asleep, complete with a feeling of terror and utter helplessness.

Last night's nightmare was one of the worst yet. I have had some premonition type dreams before - I dreamed about stubbing my toe (which pretty much never happens) and it did, I dream of breaking my glasses and sure enough a few days later I did, exactly how the dream had shown, and a few months back I dreamt of European floods for some reason (I'm an American and have never been to Europe in this lifetime), and it turned out there actually was flooding. I really hope this latest nightmare has nothing to do with any kind of prediction, premonitons, precognition, etc. because it was evil.

This dream began kind of strange, but nothing too far out there. I was in a shopping mall with some of my family and were going through a department store. I found the fabrics I was after and we split up, I was wandering past the toys section and decided to look at the LEGOs section to see what kind of kits were available now. There was a little LEGO table and various parts scattered around it in the aisle that two children were playing with. One had a jetski/speedboat thing and the other wanted one, which I found in the pile of parts before me. I set two or three of these boats on the table and then began to make my way to the registers, which were near the exit doors, going through the 'corridor' of aisles until I got to an open area.

As soon as I took a step away from the corridor, shots rang out and a man that was next to me was hit twice in the chest. People began screaming and running towards the exit, but were being mowed down by gunmen with automatic rifles who had the doors covered with technicals. I made my way towards the doors that led into the mall instead of outside, and as I was running a C4 laden suicide bomber blew up, sending blood and flesh everywhere.

Outside the store, things were just as bad. A car bomb blew up at the nearest exit and I staggered into a corner. There were more gunmen in the neighboring store and in the general hallway. With no where to run, I woke up as I was being killed. The terrorists weren't the typical Arab either, but looked American/European with M4s/modern rifles instead of the typical AK-47 you'd expect when thinking of terrorists.

I have no idea why I would dream about a co-ordinated terrorist attack on a mall.

I was writing this post to try and make some of the anguish go away, but it had the opposite effect. So, if anyone have some anti-nightmare techniques or whatever, I'm open to suggestions as I would like to not have grim reminders of my mother every night nor to witness massacres...

posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 08:48 PM
Dreams don't mean anything more than what you are currently dwelling on.

posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by DaringDo

was writing this post to try and make some of the anguish go away, but it had the opposite effect. So, if anyone have some anti-nightmare techniques or whatever, I'm open to suggestions as I would like to not have grim reminders of my mother every night nor to witness massacres…

For what its worth…

I can tell you that dreams are the most powerful and real when we are going thru trying times (like a lingering death in the family).

There is no alternative for you right now but to see this thru with your mother. Poor thing and what a trooper. Do you realize how difficult it is to stay by someones side like you are during their departure? Thats all you have to do. Don't run, don't hide, keep praying and stay the course. Its okay to be afraid and angry and sad. Its part of the process of grieving and loss.

This will pass, you are doing the right thing.

This monster in your dreams is trying to take advantage of your pain and fear, trying to make you cave in under the pressure. Its just a bully like a school yard bully playing on your fear of it… every morning you wake and the sun rises in the sky.

If not much help, I am sorry. Just wanted to try and help you feel reinvigorated. So many people go thru the same things. It is one of their necessary life experiences.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 03:06 AM
reply to post by DaringDo

I've sent you PM regarding your mom and cancer, please let me know if you got it

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 04:55 AM
Try sleeping in a different room. Let lots of sunlight into your home during the day. Get some grounding, earthy smells. Break up your routine

posted on Mar, 24 2014 @ 12:57 PM
I'm so sorry for the emotional trauma you are most obviously going through. It's amazing what stress does to our sub-conscience. I had nightmares every single night, all night long, for 6 years. No exaggeration. I would wake up screaming, shaking, crying... every single night. Or my ex-husband would have to wake me up because I was whimpering and couldn't wake myself up. Very similar nightmares to what you have described. People around me being massacred and murdered in every dream. Demons with red eyes chasing or attacking me. I understand probably better than anyone here. I changed everything I could in my life to get the nightmares to stop. Diet, weight, jobs, house, sleeping habits - everything. And then I decided to divorce my ex..... and the nightmares ended. And now, the only time they return in full force is when I'm under emotional duress or there are issues in my current marriage.
As for the prediction aspect - some of my nightmares/dreams came true. Not the massacres and murders - but little things like what you have described (stubbing toes). I woke up upset and told my sister to stay home from work because I dreamed she was hurt. She left anyway and got in a car accident.
We are more aware of the immediate future than most people realize. And more susceptible to psychological "attacks" by the energy surrounding us. One way you can combat those is carrying crystals and stones that help ground and protect. I was given a stone for that exact purpose - and have noticed a significant decrease in my nightmares of late. Even when I'm the most stressed I've been in a while. There are some that can help with healing, and clearing the negative energies in your home that are building up while your mother goes through this hard transition. You may even notice if you have a healing crystal in her room, it may help relieve some of her discomfort.
Just a few suggestions if you want to give them a try. But if I can say anything - it will pass. Grant, it took me 6 years for them to stop being constant... but it did happen eventually once I realized the cause of my stress. You luckily know already - and putting steps in place to help combat your feelings of helplessness and despair will help calm your nightmares.

Hugs and love - best of luck

posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 02:27 PM
Sorry to hear about your Mom. I think you can connect your dreams to your Mom's situation. Your feelings of helplessness are directly attributable to your Mom's cancer. When Dad passed, I didn't even grieve, like I thought it really wasn't happening. I didn't even get to say goodbye. He asked about me and I wasn't there for him. Good thing Dad passed quickly, within a year of diagnosis. I can't say I had nightmares during his illness. I can tell you I do dream about him and they are more or less good dreams or neutral(not good or bad). I think that somehow Dad was letting me know that he forgives me for not being there, or grieving. Of course I'll find out one day. I don't have any advice about your dreams but I think you will work them out, and eventually you will start to dream normally. Have you talked to anyone professionally? I don't mean that as sarcastic either. Sometimes it may help. Good luck to you.
Troy Lawson

posted on Mar, 25 2014 @ 04:44 PM
It looks like a sign of MK Ultra experiment on American people themselves. Europe Flooding was real, this means the Mall raid is going to be real. Have you not seen Boston bombing example?

posted on Nov, 25 2016 @ 02:12 PM
a reply to: DaringDo

I can relate to this it seems my dreams have went haywire ever since I quit using substances. Its a different kind of dream that I've ever experienced and it isn't the first time I've came off substances. My thing is every night I suffer from some strange demonic, or people trying to rape me, or dreams of horrific nonsense. Its weird because I not only get nightmares but voices that are commanding me, insulting and threatening. Its been a month and still nothing has let up and I fear that things may never let up. Im constantly drowning them out with music and reading material but can constantly hear the buzzing and chatter in the background of my inner voice.

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