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Missing Malaysians Planes Hypoxia Probably Caused by Bullets by Terrorists With Stolen Passports.

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posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 08:42 PM


reply to post by championoftruth

While it's true that two Iranians traveled on stolen passports, it has yet to be determined that they are terrorists. Iran, no doubt, funds a lot of terrorists in the world, but they do so very covertly. This is just too overt IMO.

If these two are traveling on stolen passports, it is more likely that they are doing so for other reasons - illegal immigrants for example.

I wouldn't put it past Iran to potentially be interested in funding a terror attack, but they'd bury their involvement under several layers. You'd never see it. Remember, Iran and Israel have been playing this game with each other for too long to be this dumb about it.

I state this again, I still don't understand why they would need 2 passports if they would want to hijack a plane, commit a terrorist attack or just simply travelling or seek asylum.
I have several Iranian friends and all of them can travel freely arround the world with their passports.

So a terrorist would not need a fake passport, seeking asylum would not require a fake passport... something is just strange here.
They would only need one if flags would be raised when they pass a border. I am pretty sure we are not getting told the whole truth on this matter.
You'd use fake passports when seeking asylum if you weren't supposed to leave the country or didn't want to be easily tracked.

While I respect experience, that your friends travel freely doesn't mean all Iranians do.

Personally, though, I tend to think they were intelligence assets of some sort.

posted on Mar, 24 2014 @ 06:45 AM


Suppose the Iranian Terrorists

You lost me right there becky becky.

No evidence

Xenophobia in action.

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