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Reagan's CIA puppet KHALIFA HAFTAR now employed by Obama: Libya's unfinished Coup

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posted on Mar, 21 2014 @ 05:46 PM
Where to start? Once a confidant of Gaddafi, Major General Khalifa was exiled to Virginia in the 90's where lived for some 20 yrs.

Only to return to Libya as a CIA agent and in 2011 be part of Gaddafi's overthrow and execution - as the Libyan rebels' new Commander.

Last month, on Valentine's Day, Major General called for a coup to overthrow whatever's left of Libyan parliament. Libya's PM called it 'ridiculous' because post-NATO Libya is one of 100s of militias ruling the country now in chaos.

Hifter’s efforts were a farce. It generated nothing but more attention to Libya’s fractious reality, following NATO’s war, branded a humanitarian intervention to prevent imminent massacres in Benghazi and elsewhere. "Libya is stable," Zeidan told Reuters. "(The parliament) is doing its work, and so is the government."

But Zedian is not correct. His assessment is a clear contradiction to reality, where hundreds of militias rule the country with an iron fist. In fact, the prime minister was himself kidnapped by one militia last October. Hours later, he was released by another militia. Although both, like the rest of the militias, are operating outside government confines, many are directly or loosely affiliated with government officials. In Libya, to have sway over a militia is to have influence over local, regional or national agendas. Unfortunate as it may be, this is the "new Libya."

Libya is in a state of chaos, not because of some intrinsic tendency to shun order. Libyans, like people all over the world, seek security and stability in their lives. However, other parties, Arab and western, are desperate to ensure that the "new Libya" is consistent with their own interests, even if such interests are obtained at the expense of millions of people.

Is this the buildup to Libya inevitable being mobilized by.. US/NATO ground troops to complete the coup?! Sure seems so, unless they have some other plan like exterminating masses of Libyans thru more rebel convoys meant to take out hundreds of militias.

posted on Mar, 21 2014 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by gardener

What can you really say about's the same scenario playing out in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria....and now the Ukraine. The US swoops in with glorious speeches about "helping" the people and then proceeds to completely destroy it, install a puppet government or turn it over to terrorists....and then proceed to rape them of anything of value.

Of couse never caring about the death and misery they leave in their wake.....disgusting...and totally criminal.

My, my, my...the pride Americans must feel to know that they allowed their government to do this.

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