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Ghost Cat or Matrixing?

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posted on Mar, 21 2014 @ 08:41 PM

Just typical really I turn into the bad guy of the thread for really just pointing out that its probably just a reflection rather than i dont know, a Ghost cat or something to do with the Matrix.

Priceless !

You didn't turn into the 'bad guy' because you said it was 'probably a reflection' in the OP's picture ... you turned into the bad guy because of the egotistical, arrogant and superior ego you displayed in your reply/replies.

Also you seem to have confused the OP's use of the word 'MATRIX' in two separate posts now ... I'm pretty sure he/she meant it in the literal sense and not as something to do with the movie franchise of the same name ... check the word out in a dictionary then you might get it and save yourself further embarrassment. (hilarious)

OP, 'ghost cats' are very common I've come across them myself in two different houses that I've lived in ... the first one was when I lived in a very old cottage ... and it wasn't just me ... the 'ghost cat' was also seen by my daughter-in-law and also by my extremely sceptical ex-partner. He played in a band and had driven through the night after a gig in Scotland so went to bed to catch a couple of hours sleep during the day ... a minute or so after getting into bed he felt the weight of a cat jump up onto the bed and settle by his feet ... thinking it was one of out 2 live cats he looked up to see which one it was there was no cat there because both of our cats were downstairs with me. It really shook him up when he realized he'd experienced the 'ghost cat'.

That's why I believe your experiences with your ghost cat ... but I'm not too sure about the actual photograph it could be a trick of the light or some kind of exposure anomaly ... or it could indeed be a feline apparition. Unless you saw it with the naked eye there is no way of being certain.

I for one am pleased you shared your story and enjoyed the read.

Woody )O(

posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by Stevemagegod

Maybe people here focused too much on your picture. You say you witnessed a full body apparition of a cat... to me, your testimony is worth more than your picture.

Anyway, you can't be sure it was really an apparition unless other people could see it too, an apparition is when a spirit shows up in our world, covered in a what some call "ectoplasm", a intermediate form o matter between the two worlds. In another case, it is possible you saw a "cat" using your psychic ability ("mediumship").

Question is... was it really a cat ? Is it worth keeping any kind of relationship with this entity ? You know, bad spirits take a lot of forms. It could be a vampire of some kind trying to suck into your energies... personally, I would forget it and ask God for guidance.


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