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Are we losing the war on disinfo?

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posted on Mar, 20 2014 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by MrSpad

Some of the latest NSA leaks say otherwise.

They have a whole branch dedicated to having an online presence and spreading disinfo.

posted on Mar, 20 2014 @ 07:21 AM


reply to post by Rosinitiate

How do you determine who is a disinfo agent?

Is it based on their difference to your views?

I would say that it is someone who shows full support for something that is obviously quite corrupt, who wont listen to any of your facts or consider what you have to say.

They will just come and splurt out their propaganda and ignore any contradictory facts.

Well that works both ways does it not!

posted on Mar, 20 2014 @ 07:31 AM



How often do you see a topic arise that perfectly divides opinion? Sometimes these are harmless questions posed to provoke a thoughtful discussion, However there are others meant to incite disparity and conflict and once polite conversations are quickly becoming flurries of accusation and derision. A good analogy would be the brothers Grimm Brave little tailor, who threw a rock amongst giants to turn them against each other, only in this day in age we are the giants, the rock is the internet, and the brave little tailor is the disinfo agent.

There are many times I get frustrated by obvious deception right here on ATS. That being said, I have also seen many times where the obvious attempts of railroading a thread fail. I have also seen the majority of this community disagree with the disinfo agent often and of course I have seen it go the other way. What makes sites like this so tragic, is with so many threads and so much input and feedback its nearly impossible to discern truth. Of course, once you have been here long enough you begin to notice patterns and certain behaviors of other posters.
edit on 20-3-2014 by Rosinitiate because: (no reason given)

The way I've gotten around a lot of this is to just default with a skeptical attitude to just about everything I read, especially politics neither side is ever telling the truth 100%. When someone posts an article claiming some crazy thing, I like to click on it and at the very least skim the article to the end if I don't just read the whole thing. Getting to the end of the article is key, because that is where the clues start showing up that there is more to the story than they are trying to show with their article. It also helps to click the links to the sites that the article sourced to get THEIR information causing them to write up the article in the first place. It's funny when major news site start a chain of reposting articles and when you get to the bottom of the chain it turns out that it was something said on some random forum (like this one).

You are right about the posting habits of various posters on this site. There are certain posters that whenever I read their posts, I cringe, even if I happen to agree with their position.

posted on Mar, 20 2014 @ 08:45 AM
reply to post by MrSpad

I hate to burst peoples bubbles but, if you think a "disinfo agent" is posting on a place known for being on the fringe your fooling yourselves. Nobody is going to try and influence the alien, bigfoot, 911 inside job, lizard people, doom porn, the anti-christ is here, I have a vision, everything that happens in the world is a CIA plot, NWO, martial law crowd because they are viewed as nuts.

You forgot the missing plane, where does that fit in???

But it's not the alien, bigfoot, 911 inside job, lizard people, doom porn, the anti-christ is here, I have a vision, everything that happens in the world is a CIA plot, NWO, martial law crowd that they would be interested in.

it's the anti government, anti policy, rebellious, lower my flag upside down, support the 1st amendment type of guys that certain factions would be interested in, because freedom of speech and information is a beautiful thing until it hits too close to home.

posted on Mar, 21 2014 @ 04:57 AM
It is not all thanks to the anonymity of the internet. They could easily manipulate the masses prior to the internet with plain old TV and newspapers.

It is thanks to the anonymity of the internet that more people feel more comfortable talking about this stuff.

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