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As Ted Cruz Predicted: PUTIN EYES ESTONIA – Signals Concern of Russian Minority

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posted on Mar, 24 2014 @ 07:11 AM

In honestly believe that the most FALSE propaganda is comming from the west rather than from the east. AT least from what I have seen on many news stations and sites.

The most twisting is comming from the west.

The greater bending and twisting of words and squirming is comming from the west, Russia just says... its this.. its that... No major drama unlike the west TV is pumping out.

Truth and facts are just there, if you have to dance around the handbag looking for asses to grab, then youre working too hard to present the facts. It is an easy way to spot a scam artist, if have to go out of their way to convince you, its proably too good to be true, if they have to then resort to instilling FEAR into you to cooerce you, it is probably not true.

Simple common sense, a life skill.

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Considering previous experience with Russian propaganda machine, I have it very hard to believe anything the current eastern media says. I am living in Estonia, some years ago (07 if I remember correctly) there were huge riots (by Russians) because of an old war monument being relocated. Due to Estonian being part of Soviet block despite it being not a slavic nation, but more Nordic-like culturally, there is certain % of Russians left here from the Soviet era. Some of them are not speaking Estonian, mostly older people. That was the target group of the propaganda. I was living basically next-door to the whole situation. The problem lied in an old monument with graves underneath being in the central city, one of the busiest areas of the city. Not a very peaceful area and the monument was being relocated to a cemetary, a proper peaceful area for graves. The remains were honoured, Orthodox burial procedures, correct procedures for relocation of graves etc. What the Russian channels were telling was that the monument was being torn apart, remains desecrated etc. When one of the Russian rioters got killed (further away from the area), besides it being known from the beginning it was another Russian who killed him, russian media was telling as the estonian clash part killed him etc. The extreme looting done during the riots was completely left out from the news. Incredibly biased, cherry-picked, often even outright lies - all having one goal: fueling up the russian protesters. Western media was telling the truth about the situation, the same things that I saw from my windows (I was living basically next-door to the rioting area, got a window thrown in with a stone:/).

Since that situation, I have zero belief into eastern media. So far, as much as I have talked with my Ukrainen acquaintances, what the Western media has been saying is something that at least they agree with.

This whole situation makes me a bit worried. Who knows, what Putin is going to do next, although one thing I can assure. Without rigging something, elections like in Crimea are impossible to win for the Russians. Russia is generally seen as oppressor, occupier, historical enemy. Russians are not treated bad or something, although the country is a whole other thing and based on history they are somebody to be afraid/suspicious of. This a very small nation, who fought hard for its independence, a very patriotic one being proud of the independence. Getting something from here via elections is simply impossible, as no one wants the Soviet Era back.
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posted on Mar, 28 2014 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by Cabin

Yes, I know an Estonian and he has always described Russians the same way that us Canadians describe Americans. Estonia culture seems to be more interested in the west than Russia.

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