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Recurring dream... Demon/Unknown entity

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posted on Mar, 20 2014 @ 12:13 PM

She told me she has never seen the entity because she is hiding behind a door with her eyes closed but she gets the sense that it has hooves instead of feet and red eyes... I asked her if she has ever tried to communicate with it and she said no because she is unable to move, scream or even breath in the dream...She hears scratching on the door and tries to release a scream at which point she wakes up.

as she is waking she says she always hears the same name.. Zozo... now as a proud member of the tinfoil hat club i happen to know that the Zozo phenomenon is pretty common with those who experiment with Ouija

Zozo is the fallen angel (seraph) Azazel who has also gone by the name Uzza and Oz.

All evil is reverse of good so reverse Zo and what do you get ?

In fact one ATS member saw Zozo pop up on his bathroom mirror some time ago. Again mirrors are opposites.

There is only one way to be protected from a fallen seraph or 'power' (who all have red eyes) is to prayer in the name of Jesus Christ to YHWH.

She has a choice. Everyone has a choice.

She only needs to speak the Lords prayer from the bottom of her heart and she will be protected by the Blood of Jesus Christ and the Spirit of the Lord will make sure that no evil causes harm to her.

But like i said, she has a choice to take this advice or ignore it.
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posted on Mar, 21 2014 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by Ph03n1x

Just wanted to add some info and as it wont let me edit i will write a new comment.

out of the 2 steps i mentioned the 1st being the more important, as well as breathing and visualization the body should be in alignment to avoid energy blocks or circulation trouble, laying straight, feet together,hands by side,head slightly supported and raised so it creates a slight curve for the airways to be open and clear. either this or classic meditation posture with head tilted forward slightly for same reason as above.

the 1st step is safe to practice the only problems that may be encountered are energy blocks which sometimes may cause discomfort or pain in certain parts of the body, normally down to the body being slightly twisted or out of alignment, if this happens stop, realign the body and try again. This process may well not work well for your sister as we are all different. but no harm will come from step 1.

the 2nd step is the one where things could become a little trickier,and should only be attempted after some practice with step 1.
i have added this info as an above poster pointed out people tend to jump in with suggestions and not to much know how, and i tend to agree and thanks to the poster i caught myself doing it and not giving the full information in my previous comment. in my personal experience which is a fair bit with stuff like this. the will and mind are the most powerful tools a human being can use.
With Love and Light i wish your sister and yourself peace and harmony within.

posted on Aug, 21 2017 @ 04:54 PM
a reply to: Ph03n1x

Hi, I wanted to share a similar experience I have had myself, which also reoccurred every night for seven years from ages 4-11. I would be paralyzed in bed, from what I remember, until the dream started. The dream was very real, with three phases, the same sequence every time. I would see demons in different forms. I would not cry and I told no one until later in life. I have to be honest. Life has not been easy for me. I want to know if in three years, You figured out what to do. Thank You.

posted on Oct, 7 2017 @ 11:42 AM
Zoso is a big A-hole basically.

Anyway, the best advice I can really give you is to tell her to ignore it and that is really hard. Overcoming fear is something not everyone can do as specially of those things.

I've had my fare share and I really just never opened the door, this is something she should NEVER DO!

Eventually you get over the sounds, the breathing, the constant attack of it as if pinging fear onto you.

I got to a stage where I realized it wasn't my own fear it was it attacking me with fear and putting me into a state/tricking me of thinking it's my own fear.

Than it went with a full on "Hey I'm in the corner of your room like a black mist of pure evil sh*t" and at that stage I was awake in a paralysis but was able to break from it in 5 seconds and just told it to piss off and went to sleep.

See if you don't feed it fear or attention they starve, fear and attention is like coc aine for them and they get their rocks off to it.

However, to each person is their own remedy, mine was getting over fearing it and just completely telling it to piss off. For your sisters case she might need a cleansing, blessing, a protection crystal etc to deal with this and maybe it will take a lot of time.

All I can say is try all known methods and find the one that works for her, I would also assume she's really sensitive to certain things too. They tend to so to speak target those with one foot here and another foot in the energetic field of what people call spirituality, ether, lucid dreams etc.

Also the lonely ones are easier for them to target as well they try to use your loneliness against you and pretend to act like they care and than act out their dominance on you. Such as the case of it saying "You belong to me" etc.

My best advice is this spend more time with her, meditate together but outside in the sun, maybe get a blessing or cleansing done of her room etc. Try things and don't give up is the most important thing!

Further more ask her this question - Has she ever started to smell a scent of something that smelled close to roses and honey randomly when there was none around?

If she has tell her to focus on that smell and the calm feeling she felt during it

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