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Palestinians Ordered to Pay Israel to Demolish Their Own Homes

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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 01:49 PM
Talk about adding insult to injury, I wonder if they could rub anymore salt in their wounds?

An Israeli court has not only ruled that a number of Palestinian homes in Haifa have to be demolished but also that the home owners must pay 20,000 shekels (just under $6,000) to the authorities to cover the costs. The buildings belong to Palestinian citizens of Israel who refused to be ethnically cleansed from their land when the state was created in 1948.

Most of the owners belong to the long-suffering Hamid family, which has 65 members. The Israeli authorities want to displace the family and replace them with Jewish settlers. According to Ata Hamid, his family have neither the means to pay for the demolition costs nor anywhere else to go. Despite living in a prosperous city, he said, like other "Arab-Israelis" they suffer grave economic circumstances.

Personally, nothing surprises me when it comes to the actions of the Zionist Extremists within Israel but this is still very despicable to the point where I cannot think of any logical reason to justify this.

I guess since Haiffa is not located in the West Bank where Israel illegally occupies large portions of land we can't claim this to be illegal but it still lacks compassion and dignity in my opinion. This is ethnic cleansing and I still wonder if maybe this could be considered illegal under any international law?

Not that Israel ever follows "international law" and "UN Resolutions" as they always ignore them and play the victim.

Perhaps some members with more knowledge in regards to this issue could elaborate whether or not this is legal?

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:00 PM
What scam steal peoples land then force them to pay for demolishing their home. The sad thing is there are people that will support this and say that Israel is in the right.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by Corruption Exposed

It's Gentrification not Ethnic Cleansing!!!
It's happened to Jews as well!!!

Still disgusting though!!!
Israeli Politics is it's downfall, hopefully the people of Israel rise up and tell this government they are wrong!!!

Is it Legal?
As most of the Land is spoils of War it's hard to say its illegal, even in the International community!!!
As you said though, it's still highly Immoral!!!

Peace everybody!

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by buster2010

Sadly you are correct, many people will justify this for various least favorite is "GOD gave us this land". I respect another's right to worship but when your religious beliefs cause pain and suffering on to others due to your own religion induced selfishness I cannot consider that person to be sane.

As for the legalities, this unfortunately may be "legal" but definitely isn't right.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by CharlieSpeirs

It's Gentrification not Ethnic Cleansing!!!

I think it's a bit of both in my opinion.

Part of me wanted to say that you would never see Israel kick out settlers to give Arabs back their land, but they did pull out of Gaza and some settlements were evacuated and given back to the Palestinians...this is very rare though and only happens due to international demands and trumped up peace efforts.

As for the Gaza pull out, not much has changed, in fact things may be worse...due to the land and naval blockade. I cannot just blame Israel for that though, Egypt and other neighboring nations could do more to help out but most of the leaders of these nations are bought and paid for by the same lobbies that control US foreign and domestic policy.

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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:25 PM
Why can't I steal someones house and demand they pay me for it like that ... oh right there are laws against that . Seriously can I not demolish parliament hill and demand the tax payers to pay me for it .

Seriously though it is ok for isreal to do it but not ok for russia to take back a region that was once a part of russia where the majority of people want to rejoined with russia and hold a referendum and the world sees it as illegal , while our western leaders turn the blind eye to isreal just taking land with out any one consent . pathetic

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by freedomSlave

I couldn't have said it better if I tried

Tearing the homes down is bad enough, but holding them responsible for the fees is absolute madness.

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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:32 PM
is there not a Arab lawyer who does Pro Bono work out there who needs to hear of this
just wrap them up in red tape and keep putting it to court

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by Corruption Exposed

Well I agree mostly... the only reason I say it's not Ethnic Cleansing is because it has happened to Jews in Israeli territory as well!

"...I told them I was Jewish, that I’d served in the army, and that I was prepared to leave if they’d give me a chance to pack, but they wouldn’t agree.”

Then again this could also be seen as
Ethnically Cleansing mixed couples so you could be 100%!

Gaza is a strange one...
I feel it's a ploy from Israel to say to Palestine saying "we'll pull out, & you decide it's either us or Hamas"...
& Hamas have done nothing to help the Palestinians either!!!

Even they got involved in the Gentrification bull!!!
After having their original houses destroyed by IDF & moving elsewhere Hamas then demolished the new homes they built!!!

I'd say Palestinians would prefer Israeli neighbours than Hamas as full controllers!!!
And they'd be right to as well!!!
It still doesn't justify this sort of action!

Peace CE!

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by CharlieSpeirs

Sorry I forgot to ask last time around...

It's happened to Jews as well!!!

Were the Israeli Jews who were forced to move billed for the demolition of their homes when they withdrew?

If not, there is no way that this can be compared in the same category.
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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 03:31 PM
there was similar case in the us where the government took the private homes and gave them to a big corporation
then anyone who fought it was made to pay 60 grand in costs and fines...

as i keep saying
keep supporting this aparthied behavior then wake up one day and find out its come home to roost
and we are all palistinians...or cattle, in some foreign languages
oh wait
im a half breed
been there done that...
got the tee shirt

here is some examples of the chickens coming home to find there is no home to roost
nothing has changed it looks like
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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 03:47 PM
reply to post by Danbones

Kind off topic but similar things happen here in Canada too.

My old city of Victoria, British Columbia (Twilight Zone) ...

Homeowner charged $35,000 by archeologists

A property owner and her family from Vancouver Island are up in arms over a $35,000 bill she was held responsible for after her land was registered as a heritage site.

"We felt invaded," said Louise Allix.

Allix was required by law to hire an archeology team last year — to dig up the family property — before she was allowed to build a house just outside of Parksville. Bones and aboriginal artifacts were found, but her son said not much has been done with that discovery.

"It's just a box full of artifacts — that aren’t even on display," said Tim Allix. "If the B.C. government had to pay $35,000 for this, they wouldn't do it. They're saying 'Ah, let's just pass this on to the landowner.'"

The total cost as reached over 600 thousand dollars with legal fees but thankfully for this lady there are appeals being processed which appear to working in her favor.

And in Sarnia Ontario...

400-yea r-old skeleton of aboriginal woman found in Sarnia backyard costs couple $5,000

A Sarnia couple who set out to build a fence dug up more than they bargained for recently when they unearthed a 400-year-old skeleton and got stuck with a $5,000 bill from the province.
The archeological misadventure began two weeks ago when Ken Campbell came across some bones while digging post holes in their backyard.
He put them aside, thinking they must have belonged to an animal. The following week, his wife, Nicole Sauve, asked about the bones, which sat unceremoniously atop a bucket of earth
“I said, ‘They’re not animal bones, Ken. Let’s dig some more and see what we can find,’ ”she said.
What they found was the rest of the skeleton of an aboriginal woman.

Under the province's Heritage Conservation Act, landowners whose property has been designated a heritage site cannot build until archeologists have done an assessment and removed any First Nations artifacts or human remains — at the landowner's expense.

Individual violators face possible fines of up to $2,000 or six months in jail for altering a heritage site and up to $50,000 or two years in jail for damaging one.

"I never would have imagined that there would be bones under the ground," said Louise, who has lived on the property for 40 years, in a neighbourhood where there are several other homes.

"We had a garden here and dug it up all the time and never found anything."

As mentioned, this was kind off topic on my behalf but I wanted to provide these examples in relation to the one you provided. I guess the moral of the story is that the government is corrupt as # no matter where you live and the laws are made to protect them, not us.

At least we build homes for our Natives, we don't tear them down and bill them for it (not lately at least).

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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 04:32 PM
"I have been to the occupied Palestinian territory, and I have witnessed the racially segregated roads and housing that reminded me so much of the conditions we experienced in South Africa under the racist system of apartheid." --Desmond Tutu

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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by Corruption Exposed

didn't mean to thread drift you
its the idea of incrementally taking rights like property rights
by picking on a demonified group then suddenly its good for everyone

making people pay to have their rights taken seems to tickle the ptb
like a vampire, you have to let them in....

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by Danbones

No my friend, you were not thread drifting. I was the one who went on a tangent lol, sorry if I gave you the impression that I accused you of being off tpoic.

Your post related to the OP in the way that it was comparable...

You're right about them being like vampires picking on groups of people...I couldn't do what they are doing to a fellow human being. I acknowledge the land I live on was taken in similar fashion and that we behaved similar to a smaller extent with our natives up until recently even. But we never pulled any of this stuff...and at least history acknowledges what we have done and the media reports it meanwhile Israel gets the free pass when it comes to getting criticized for the most part.

Must be nice to be a ruthless regime which inflicts hell upon its original inhabitants and manage to somehow appear as the victim in all of it...boggles my mind.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 05:16 PM
reply to post by seasoul

Reminds me of the Berlin Wall too in some ways...

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 05:26 PM
Pretty soon their motherland security will buy billions of rounds of .40 S & W?

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by HUMBLEONE

Just like yours?

I wonder who's bidding that was...honest question...and for what intention.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 05:37 PM
I support the existence of the state of Israel.But I don't condone a lot of Israel's policies.Like the recent water shut off.And now this.There is no good reason for it,everybody loses and will just complicate already dismal peace negotiations,IMO.

posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 05:37 PM
"Use other people's money" seems to be the secret motto of the Zionist regime isn't it...including paying for their wars using US tax payers' money which in in the end would benefit zionist banks and corporations? It's just amazing.

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