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Missing plane and a short story I was working on

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posted on Mar, 19 2014 @ 08:32 AM
It just occured to me that the Malaysian plane MH370 went missing around the same time I started writing down an idea I've had in my mind for a story/film. Without giving away too much, my story started off with a craft (not a plane)...vanishing mid-journey. In the story, I wrote down details of the crafts technical equipment malfunctioning and one final message being sent out before vanishing completely. Sometime later, in the story, the craft (or rather half of it) shows up on a beach. I'm not making a prediction that MH370 is going to be found on a beach...but it would be spooky (at least for me) in case it turns out that way. Just thought I'd share this personal ''grey area'' type experience here.
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