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I lost my love for video games.... What is wrong with me?

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posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 12:16 AM
a reply to: Fylgje

I'm a gamer and right now I'm addicted to BF4 PS4 multi-player.

That's really the only game I play nowdays (and I play almost everyday), aside from some older Total War series on my pc every now and then. (The latest Total War was pretty terrible). Also, The Last of Us was one of the most amazing games Ive ever played. The story was by far one of the best ever, and the gameplay was fantastic. BF4 and LoU are the only "new" games that keep my interest.

But back to what the OP is saying....Im pretty much in the same boat. Aside from BF4, I have no interest in playing all the new games that have been coming out lately.

For example, Ive completely dropped off of COD. MW2 was great, the first BLOPS was pretty cool, but everything after that has been terrible. There's really nothing new in the games. Sure they can update the graphics and change some looks, but gameplay is virtually the same as it was years ago.

Everything seems to be on repeat these days. There's very little innovation put into new games, and at the same time prices on games are going up. Look at Elder Scrolls Online. That's a money pit right there. Monthly subscription fee + regular disc purchase price + you have to pay more to unlock stuff..... and the reviews are starting to come in and it's not looking good. It was supposed to be this groundbreaking ES series online....but it's getting only about 75/100.

Angry Joe released his review today of ESO after playing the game since it came out. He's pretty upset. Here's his review if anyone wants to watch. (It is Angry Joe...and he is pretty angry. Some cussing in the video.....and a lot of funny parts)

To sum developers are not doing their job like they used to. Very few games that have come out in the past 3-5 years actually have "wow! that was pretty hardcore!" moments in them.

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posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: GiulXainx

age has nothing to do with it.. it's bad design and marketing...however...

I think you've lost your passion in life my friend...a close friend and I were talking about what I'd really like to do and if I should continue with the business I have on paper or design a game .. or ??

He looked at me and said.."where's your passion at ? What are you passionate about in life, when you find that, you'll have your answer."

Yea.. still working on my passion LOL .. it's been in gaming for decades as some here have, and for awhile it was my daughters I love to come home to every day from work, but kids grow up ...personally...what I'd like to see is what we thought we had back in the 80's' was Virtual Reality .. what we got was NOTHING close to it..!!

You've been all around the world seen and experienced everything that anyone else would love to see, gaming was your passion for awhile, as mine was for awhile. Time to find a new passion till gaming industry wakes up a bit.. you sound like a guy that really needs a 'hook'

By the way, I'm definitely not a doctor ...but you do have depression, classic signs and can be cure without pharma ..and that will disappear when you find your passion. So will mine...LOL

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 10:41 AM

originally posted by: thepixelgarden
I'm KIND OF in the same boat.

Another one chalked up for this thread!

originally posted by: thepixelgarden
So here are a few things that have helped me:

* Indie games.

* Games that look like they're for kids.

* Casual games.

* Minecraft.

As far as playing the bad guy, I don't really know much about it, but… have you tried the "Deception" games?

I own a lot of indie games. And with the PS+ service I get some of them for free. However they seem to have multiplayer tied in together with them when I find it to be something that should not have been added to it like Ibb and Obb.

Kid games? I loved all of the ratchet and clank, crash bandicoot, spyro, jak and daxter, oddworld, and sly cooper games. Lego just isn't my thing.

I think indie games also get classified as casual games a lot. But I know what you mean. They just aren't my thing either.

I own Mine craft on PS3, PC, and Android.

But I am getting to my rediscovery of games.

originally posted by: UnveilingReality
Video games are pathetic these days.

Morrowind vs Skyrim.

Is it the new young audience who seek this simplicity, in an age when everything is instant, or is it the developers, who see what is going on around them, the digitalization of games, and say # it, why try?

RIP Games.

Snippity snip snip.

You asked the perfect question. I don't have a lot of time for games because I am constantly worried about whether or not I will be making enough money this month. Another part of my problem is that I have too many bills and dues to pay. I am still behind on some of these bills. And it shouldn't be this way.

But for the general view of your post... Yes games have become more simplistic because our time is so... well at least my time is stretched so thin that I barely have about 5 hours a day to actually play a video game. I only get 1 day off a week now. I am a delivery person for a pizza place now.

But I found myself playing a different type of game and I am getting to that.

originally posted by: DaMod
reply to post by GiulXainx

Play Dota II

Should fix your problem..

I played the Star Craft and Warcraft versions of this game... And in fact I played a lot of the user made custom game modes on star craft and warcraft. But I don't have those games anymore.....

originally posted by: TrueBrit
reply to post by UnveilingReality

I cannot agree with your assessment of Morrowind when compared with Skyrim.

Dungeons and Dragons for example, they lack the visceral immediacy of close quarters combat.

I have no time what so ever for that, simply because the very idea is laughable. Success in bladed combat is about speed, timing, and catching the enemy either unaware, or unprepared. Games which feature swordplay, but do not allow for this visceral element, are not nearly as immersion friendly as games which do make provision for the immediacy of combat.

I have to disagree with that. Tabletop RPG's are so much more than combat. Depending on the GM you get you may have a premade map set out for you where there is a battle in every doorway. (Yes triggered by entering the door.) or you get the GM who is more interested in setting up challenges for each class that have a lot of moral choices to choose from.

And what I say about playing the bad guy still goes. I can't play any bethesda game because the moment I kill someone I have a stupid F'n AI following me around every 15 minutes shooting me. Why? Because they programmed killing or stealing to automatically alert any official of what you did, regardless of accountability or witnesses, to automatically just start attacking you. I hate F'n S! I want to be able to get away with killing witnesses, stealing stuff, and breaking an entry without being caught for once!

Anyway moving on.

originally posted by: Gazrok
Oddly, this usually only happens once you've settled down, and have other things to do with your time. I still enjoy playing video games, but yeah, could care less about the story, etc., I just want to have fun for about an hour or so, and that isn't long enough to get completely invested in a game.

Simple fix, if it has lost it's luster, move on to something else. Then, come back, and you'll likely enjoy it more (though in moderation).

I have come back to it and I am getting to that bit....

originally posted by: buni11687
a reply to: Fylgje

I'm a gamer and right now I'm addicted to BF4 PS4 multi-player.

That's really the only game I play nowdays (and I play almost everyday), aside from some older Total War series on my pc every now and then. (The latest Total War was pretty terrible). Also, The Last of Us was one of the most amazing games Ive ever played. The story was by far one of the best ever, and the gameplay was fantastic. BF4 and LoU are the only "new" games that keep my interest.

To sum developers are not doing their job like they used to. Very few games that have come out in the past 3-5 years actually have "wow! that was pretty hardcore!" moments in them.

I still haven't opened my copy of BF4 for PS3 yet. But the last of us... YES I still play Interrogation online because it is a different take on strategy that I like a lot. But.... Yes developers sort of have.... 1 of two problems.... too many cooks in the kitchen, or not enough passion for games. I have spoken with a few devs in my past who are actually passionate about making games... but their teams are more for the "Just make corporate happy."

I stopped playing Call of Duty after the first, and last COD game I ever bought. CoD4MW.

That is another problem with games but finally I have replied to everyone.....

I actually found myself looking for arcades to go hang out in. I have taken up racing games and getting the top scores and times in every track on every racing game. I don't like the super realistic racing sims that pit you against other players on a closed track. I actually like the challenge of racing maybe 1 or two other people with a few cops chasing you in traffic. I wish they had a need for speed hot pursuit arcade machine.... but they don't.

I have the top times on Super Bikes 1 and 2 at three different movie theaters. I also have my picture in first place on every track in dead heat. I am still looking for more arcades to go and post my top scores on. I don't like golf that much.

And before I forget.... I pretty much answered Komodo's reply. I have found it again....

Because Albuquerque doesn't have many arcades I am actually trying to find more to go to.

a reply to: Komodo
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posted on Apr, 29 2014 @ 02:20 PM
a reply to: GiulXainx

Dota 2 is made by valve now directly developed based on the original games...

It's also free to play now.. so just... download it lol

posted on May, 25 2014 @ 05:34 PM

originally posted by: Akragon
reply to post by GiulXainx

Its because all games are the same these days...

Kill this, shoot that... nothing original...

Minecraft seemed to fix the problem for me



But i'll modify a bit. I am 25, and have played snes, playstation, ps2, ps3. PC games here and there on my comp along with xbox and dreamcast at other friends houses. A bit of gaming on a borrowed gamecube a traded with a freind for my ps2, and traded ps2 for xbox with another friend.

The thing is, there is no engaging, well written, well structured story to engage people who like that. Stories and dialogue in games all around suck now. Even in good games today, the story or writing is still subpar.

Then there are the same old, same old game mechanics that all the developers are replicating for a while now. Most first person shooters are not doing anything different. Most third person shooters are not doing anything different. They are all playing it "safe". Same ADS, same cover shooting, same dumb, drab A.I.

There is not that much variety in games, or franchises nowadays either. Most shooters with separate developers are all DOING THE SAME THING. No story, flat writing, boring characters, okay gameplay that's too similar to the next game. Then there seems to be a giant drop in racing, fighting, puzzle, platforming, sports, franchises. Racing? Need for speed repeats, forza. They have yet to co,e out with another burnout game (paradise city was frustratingly disappointing). That's it. Platforming? Rayman origins, very fun, but that's it. Puzzle? Nada. Fighting? The most popular are the same old tekken games that do not change anything up (same animations from tekken 1, crap story now). Maybe soul calibor. Guilty gear 8 or something. Boring. Sports? Nothing outside of what EA has bought up. Madden, NCAA, NBA, FIFA, MLB, that's it. No more sports games unless EA makes it. Back on previous platforms, you would have a good variety of genres to choose from the AAA titles. Grown adults were raging to crash bandicoot back on playstation just as much as metal gear solid. Now on the current gen systems, you just have shooters flooding the market, And they all do the same thing. Some racing, and lots of sports from one corporation. A fighting game here or there. None of these developers or producers are making anything truly NEW. Then the game with any innovation and creativity are only funded with 1/8th the amount of money, and are only relegated to the internet for people to discover.

Game quality, and IMAGINATION in terms of gameplay and story has plummeted. Right now i am playing this PC shooter called F.E.A.R. Story is interesting, although not all that there, but the shooting feels superior to anything i have played today. i am also playing super metroid on snes emulator. My ps3 died, and i have not bothered to buy another one since. I hogged my bros ps3 and played GTA 5, and HATED it (don't get me started on that game).

posted on May, 30 2014 @ 12:15 PM
Y'all are gonna laugh... I'm 42, Married with kids, and still play video games. I've been playing games since my dad sat me in front of a pool hall pinball machine with a stack of quarters when I was 5. I miss the days of logging in with an ISDN and lining up a few noobs in Quake 2 for a railgun shot. Script kiddies, wallhacks, and aimbots killed FPS's for me entirely after TF2 came out. I wasted about 5 years of my life on Eve Online.... oh the sadness that is Eve. For the past 6 years or so it's been a roller coaster of gaming. I get excited about a release, play it for a couple hours then get bored of it, bam $50+ down the drain yet again. There really isn't a lot of new IP out there in my opinion. Many of todays games are a rehash of older ones or movie based nonsense. When someone does come up with an interesting new IP it gets redone and then they ride that cash cow for all it's worth "Buy the extreme deluxe for exclusive content!!" ugh.... There's usually not much of a story and when there is it's usually poorly presented.

As of late i've been trying to play the new wolfenstien which is ok at best, mindless shooting to take your mind off it all. I played Titanfall for about 3 days before getting bored and jumping ship before aimbots abound. I really want to get into Watch dogs because it looks interesting but I just cant get past the feeling of it being a mashup of GTA + Assassins Creed with a Techie/bigbrother twist.

Maybe I'm just getting old. There is one game that I keep coming back to on a regular basis. I'm not sure why it's held my attention for so long (years). I even wipe out the saves on a regular basis and start over. It doesn't really have an "End" like most games do, there is no "You won!". I am in no way affiliated with the game company btw. It's like having my own little cartoonish NASA. Kerbal Space Program. They have a demo and there are thousands of mods for it. You build your own rockets and explore the Kerbin solar system. I've gotten good at getting to and from the nearest moons. Manned missions to other planets in the system are proving to be problematic for me. I can get em there... it's the return trip thats the problem

posted on Jul, 28 2014 @ 03:41 PM
Well...I was addicted to video games until 3 months ago when i realised video games ruins my time and life and i started to read and I got a big passion for reading and learning new things....I feel better now.
I remember that sometimes i came from school at 2:00 p.m and started playing League of Legends from 4:00 p.m until the next day in the morning and went school whitout sleeping....only went to the toilet and eat sandwiches during these periods....
In my opinion,you made a good decision by not playing video games anymore

posted on Jul, 29 2014 @ 12:16 AM
For all my ill feeling to games, I must say I gave 'Brothers, A Tale of Two Sons' a play the other day because I'd picked it up for a couple of buck during the last steam sale.
What can I say? The graphics were simple, but beautifully done. Some scenes just had me saying 'wow'. The gameplay was tricky at first, but inventive, and different. (You need a controller btw for pc). The story was tragedy and triumps, hope and sadness. It was beautifully told, even though not a real word is spoken. Very cleverly done.

I played it from start to finish in about 3-4 hours. The audio was sublime and the visuals combined to make it my favourite game of the last year, hands down. For those a bit bored with games lately, give it a whirl. But I almost stopped playing it after 10 minutes because I found it tricky to control. But stick with it because after an hour, you will love the controls


posted on Aug, 11 2014 @ 11:43 PM
I stopped playing almost everything a while ago. Even phone games. This site and a rc helicopter forum are about all I look at besides links I find on either. A good hobby like helis will keep your hands very busy. Enjoy the nice weather outside and try not to leave them sit on the bench too long. They wanna fly. It's a great time to zone out yet keep control. I would make sure you don't loose any good friends with your slump. I'm only 34 but I'm finding a good friend is the best medicine sometimes. They can normally keep you grounded when everything seems over your head.

posted on Dec, 28 2014 @ 08:34 PM
It has been about nine months since I last posted in this thread. And I must admit I have found a few games that I really enjoyed playing and I think I figured out the problem with my love for games. And it is complexity combined with bad gradual presentation.

A great example would be final fantasy xiv. The inner complexity of the game just suddenly overwhelms people. As soon as I realized that I spent six hours to mine something until I gained experience points to put me at level 14. My goodness the amount you get endlessly mining is way to sparse and very tedious. And boring.

At least minecraft doesn't make it seem so boring.

Dungeons and dragons: neverwinter online. I downloaded this game and just fell in love with it. Only because the way it makes you progress through waves of enemies. The amount of xp you gain from completing quests is more satisfying than level grinding. The dungeon delve match making is awesome until you get to the more difficult ones. Some of them have game breaking glitches in them but...

I can still go back and enjoy it for its pvp styles. I'd say it beats God of War ascension only because it is easy to learn its combat style.

Another game I couldn't stop playing until I at least completed the game's main mission was Rogue Legacy. On the ps vita. Loved that game to pieces. And then there was Counterspy. It was a fresh idea but just not crape enough for me.

But I still don't have the same passion for playing games because my imagination wants to create a better game.

I don't even have a computer anymore. But I still compose music on my tablet. Using my computer to compose the music is much better than anything I can muster on the tablet but I am in a very bad situation and having extreme issues with recovery. But I still lost a lot of my passion for buying anymore games besides hatred.

But I'm glad that I am not the only one. And glad to see more people age to the decline of gaming.

posted on Dec, 29 2014 @ 11:12 PM
a reply to: GiulXainx
Ah your just getting old. It happens, its a sad thing I know, but it happens.

Generally it has nothing to do with age but basically with the content of games you played. I mean I cant stand watching things on TV because there repetitive, half that # has been done at least a million times before. And if you played games from the nes to snes to today. Well lets face it most of it has been done before.

The majority of people from that era stick to novelty games which remind them of there childhood, or even the new games that come out they only play some because of the games they loved to play while they were young. I know I basically buy 3 or maybe 4 games in a whole year now, and most of those games are games that you can play over and over for a long time. I am far from the guy who puts vast amounts of hours in games, at one point I was but not anymore, simply because I have been there and done that, and the newer stuff is not necessarily all that better.

But hey videogames are still the most fun you can have for the buck and will last you longer. I mean for 60$ you can play some games for a long time. You cant say that about anything else out there, even going to the movies now a days would cost you more then that. Or how about going out? Oh man even if your just going with friends for a few hours you will blow through that money fast, and if there are girls involved its like pissing money away.

Videogames like everything else are merely a distraction, most days now I surf the internet more then I play videogames, or at least till 2 months form now when some games I really want to play will come out. And even those games will only at most be fun for a few months, mostly playing at nighttime before going to sleep. I do not see what the big deal is.

I do not see the problem here. If its fun do it. If its not then dont. Pretty much like everything else out there. So if videogames are not fun for you right now. Then do something else. Simple really, though now a days really its still the most bang you can get for you buck. I mean were else can you spend 60$ and likely enjoy playing that for weeks or months or sometimes even years.

So ya! Once again. To retort. If its fun, and you want to do it, well then do it. And if not, then dont. Maybe its time for you to move on and do other things. But I warn you, real life is kind of mundane and boring, and most times way more expensive. Sometimes making you wonder "and people do this because of why?"

Get a pet or get a girlfriends, that should keep you more then occupied between your job and other daily life things, Its the thing to do now a days, or so I heard. And if that does not work, that is if videogames or pet or girlfriend does not work, well then find another hobby. Have you thought about stamp collecting?

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posted on Dec, 30 2014 @ 05:43 PM
a reply to: zarzelius

Also you said u dont want pills, but ...some forms of depressino are chemical unbalances in the brain and cant be cured unless that balance is restored.And that is done throu medication. Like it or not , is the only way.

If only there was a test they could perform that would show you this imbalance.

If only we had another way to deal with life's "problems".

Who needs CONSCIOUS thought when we have Big-Pharma, I'm sure they only have our (and future generations) mental health in mind and it nothing to do with increasing their profit margins.
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posted on May, 8 2016 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: galadofwarthethird

It has been another two years... Almost exactly to the day when I originally started this post.... Let me tell you about my adventures since I left gaming.... got back into it... then starting feeling that same old feeling I get almost every time. I think I have found out the real reason as to why I have been fading in and out of video games and I am about to give up on them once again.

I think I have said earlier here in this thread that I did get back into gaming. Looking at my last post before writing this... I do remember playing those games. I now find any MMORPG to be absolutely boring. I no longer care for the story modes they offer. Want to know why I don't like them?

I can never become the villain. WHY!? Why can't there be a good "bad guy" game?

Alright so leaving off of 2014 I was homeless for a while. In fact I was out on the streets homeless when I wrote that last post.

I got back up on my feet and hold a job once again. I sort of knew I wasn't going to be jobless for too long. But.... back to gaming and rebuilding. I stuck with my PC for a while. I went back to Counterstrike and I instead tried to play it more competitively. As in trying to play as a team. And for a while I got stuck in the gold nova ranks blah blah blah. Never could quite make it above that. But then a game came along called HATRED.

In fact I got to beta test one of the new modes for the game and gave out a complete bug list that I encountered whilst playing the game. And went through the whole story mode. And yes this is a bad guy game. But it still isn't the type of bad guy game I really want to see. I don't want to run around shooting people in a fictional universe. I did that enough in Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5; Including every GTA before that. So for me the game only costed around 32 dollars and it came with a T-Shirt. And for my beta testing efforts they gave me a physical copy of the game and an extra T-Shirt. I am on their forum as at least a respected person from now on since I was able to help identify some major issues with the game code. But not exactly an employee.

(Either way I was not expecting any compensation for my efforts at all. I was surprised that I got an extra free physical copy and another T-Shirt for being able to help them figure out what was going wrong. I am also currently helping to shape another video game currently in beta that David Jaffe is currently concocting. "Drawn to Death." Which DTD used to mean Dare to Dream back in like 1990. And I like being able to help shape up game modes that are fun to play; even if it means I am not ever going to see a god damn dime for it what so ever, or even see my name come up in the credits.)

After the dust settled from that game I moved onto PS4 and I have to admit that I spent over 400 dollars on games that I don't even like anymore. Some of the games I spent like 5 minutes playing and just never returned to. I hate the fact that there are no fricken demos. I guess developers now a days are too caught up in creating their games the way they see fit for others to play and it just "Never clicks" with gamers. I even used to be involved with the PS3 360 Wii "console wars." And some of the people who are still considered to mean something in that chapter of "fanboyism?" I still watch videos of! And I just can't play games like they do. It is not that I want to, or don't have the money for it. I just find myself like I said above... wasting money. Spend 5 minutes in a game and I, like galadofwarthethird above here says, I have just been down so many of the same damn paths that these games are starting out from and I am sitting here like: GOD DAMMIT!

I know where this road is going already. Why can't I just skip over the entire fricken introduction, farming, grinding, and in some cases not really giving a damn how their combat system works and the intricacies of it using gameplay exp up tutorial story levels, and move directly to the exposition? Honestly I wish games offered a mode where I could select it and it would just quickly explain the combat system and its intricacies in like 5 minutes so that I can quickly understand what to expect to see out of it, listen to maybe like a 50 minute story progression of all the #ing CGI cutscenes and go directly to the point where they turn left at the fork in the road, instead of turning right?

For example: Diablo....

I hated starting from 0 points and armor and all that crap in Diablo 2. And Diablo 3 made me want to puke after completing it because of the damn grind. I probably would have enjoyed playing Diablo 3 if it just played out the entire story of Diablo 3 right in front of me and then just said ALRIGHT. Story time is over... just grind until you think you are ready to kill diablo himself. And just let you walk from the start to the finish without any more cutscenes. Or just make it so that you are constantly running around from one town to the next with absolutely no story interruption or narratives PAUSING me all the damn time. I think I would have so much more fun playing the game from start to finish if I didn't have to worry about the damn armor system.

I think RPG armor systems should work like this: Necromancer? Auto keep armor that increases your damn mana. Sell everything immediately that isn't stronger in a certain stat. I am sick of being over encumbered, requiring me to stop and sell everything, and holding onto quite # armor until I level up enough to finally put it on. It is like a terrible tease. That # needs to end. I know Gauntlet plays a lot like this but seriously? I am just tired of the whole thing. Just throw me right into the exposition.

I can say that I don't have enough time for games in my life now because that much is true. So sitting for 6 hours trying to level up is starting to make me feel like "Holy #.... I am #ing depressed because it takes way too long just to do one god damn thing."

And the whole gamer score and trophy #>? I hate it now. I wish it would go away. I can easily just ignore trophies but some people online say that if you don't have a good gamer score they don't want to hang around you at all. Which tells me "hey... I can't consider myself to be a sociopath anymore. Apparently they out sociopath me."


alright but enough derailing here... back to my adventures.

So after all that fun with FFXIV I never had, because my friend was level 1, and I was level 40.... He didn't even get to 32 to be able to start the dungeon runs... Not only that but the players on PS4 had this mooooooood about them......

That moooood of "OMG finally someone wants to do a god damn dungeon..... Oh #.... noobs..... Well lets at least try and give it a go." And about 10 minutes into the dungeon you see a bunch of hate text in the chat box against you. But it is written in a condescending way. Some people AT LEAST told me what I was doing wrong... But being hurtful about it? Made me LEAVE the game. I get it... FFXIV is supposed to be a bit harder than the average RPG but at the same time.... They don't want any noobs in their parties. So.... I was much happier leaving that game for good. And deleting it off my PS4 hard drive.

More in the coming post... I know I am writing a fricken novel here. Bare with me.

posted on May, 8 2016 @ 06:23 PM
Anyway next up?

Rainbow Six: SIEGE.

Oh my god I fell in love with this game the instant I bought it, downloaded the update files, played through a few quick start up matches and purchased my first operator: BANDIT.

That's right Bandit. Everyone kept getting Fuse first and KILLING THE #ING HOSTAGE!

I have to say this much to quickly sum up this game:

Noobs ruined it for me. Every single time.

Want to know what every match consists of in Rainbow Six Siege now? The same noob # that they kept on doing when the game launched.... If they were infiltrating they go directly to the damn room where # is supposed to go down instead of.... I dunno the apparent dumbass thing of ENTERING THE PLACE FROM ANOTHER #ING AREA WHERE THERE IS 0 RESISTANCE to gain entry? I guess I was the only moron who had to enter from the other side of the entire map... and every #ing time I was the LAST OPERATOR STANDING! 5V1.

I could never put together a team because of this.

And don't get me started on their habits of fortification. They are piss poor. They never think ahead. My god they never think ahead. Which has coined the term sardines to start spewing my mouth every time I was matched up with a noob. "You god damn sardine. Stop encasing yourself in a tin #ing box will you?"

Every match is a small ass #ing square that grants absolutely 0 coverage. Honestly I could not believe the mentality of some players online. I would blow up a wall during fortification as the apparent "Dumbass" they kept calling me. Only to watch me CLUTCH the entire round BY MYSELF mind you using the exact tactic I was setting up to do whilst they all died because the other team was too good at shooting down narrow hallways... or firing at the noob peeking out of the door in the exact same spot OVER AND OVER ANDljkzdfgposriuhgiopv;;d

You get my point.


Next up Paragon.

This is the type of game that I remember playing on Starcraft called DOTA... And it still has the exact same problems today that arose back in 1999 and before.... No one knows how to play it properly on PS4.

After two months of that MOBA I found myself once again... never being able to assemble a team.

So I said # IT... I am buying that digimon game at half price and it is going to be the last game I BUY!

But for once I actually didn't mind the grind of an RPG in this title because one reason: Autopilot.

Yeah. Seriously I don't even pay attention to the text coming up on the screen because I am too busy trying to digivolve my digimon to the next level. And I can do it at a rate so fast it will make any RPG gamer laugh with glee playing it.

Fight starts up... you hit the options button... and the game literally has the AI takeover your digimon and automatically make the best choices to kill the other digimon.

It is the most satisfying thing when you just have to level up your digimon for like 15 minutes with button presses and then after that... every random fight? I don't care! *Options button press (equivalent to hitting the start button mind you) and just watching my autopiloted digimon one shot bosses for me.

I am like. AHHH this is actually relaxing! And all I have to do is move my character.....

But now that I have cleared out all of the bosses? I am like... what do I do now? So I begin to watch youtube and even netflix while I try to farm the digimon to get the platinum trophy... because I thought it would have been an easy task.... but no dice.

I find myself... almost two years later running into the same god damn problem of gaming.....becoming.... a bore....

I don't think I will even buy Uncharted 4 when it releases... I am waiting for it to drop in price now.... I have found myself waiting for sales to come out and even then... If I can't get a good feel for the game? I just completely skip it. I even skipped all the free game downloads in the past few months on PS4 because I have 0 interest in them once again.....

What is wrong with me? All I want to do now is just.... type away a novel on this website and look out my window at a rain filled sky.

posted on May, 8 2016 @ 07:26 PM
a reply to: GiulXainx

First of all, if you are playing games for multiplayer fun over the net....frankly, you are doing gaming wrong. The object of a good game, is to be the only thing that still draws breath in your immediate vicinity. No teams, no buddies or entourage of any kind, just you, a head full of autopsy notes, a weapon, and enemy combatants to vivisect.

Solo gaming. Developers miss that point all the damned time. The Division is an example of a game that does not understand the phrase "Me vs world", and is a hideous pile of crap for that exact reason. If a game features a short, lacklustre single player mode, or forces players to interact on any level, that game can go copulate with itself, using unpleasantly sharp objects as far as I am concerned.

Uncharted 4 is not going to be one of those games. It is going to look amazing and have a plot so tight that it will resemble a Chinese group gymnastics event. Even if the game play feels less than great, that will put it way closer to what I would call a proper game, than many other titles live up to.

posted on May, 8 2016 @ 07:29 PM
Get Stellaris tomorrow and Make Space Great Again.

posted on May, 9 2016 @ 01:45 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

When I was young I always wanted to play games with other people. Games like Tekken I found to be the most fun. And online it was fun because I no longer needed people to play with.... who were sitting right next to me. I could play with anyone at any time. It made the challenge of the game that much better.

And when playing counter strike I actually liked playing as a unit. Clearing halls... watching the same damn spots.

The single player games I remember playing a lot was The Sims. But all of the expansion packs....

I remember a while back Little Big Planet came out. I loved creating ridiculously hard levels. In fact I was never known for it, but anyone who ever played my levels couldn't even get on the score boards. So I tried making my levels a bit more condescending in difficulty but still people had trouble with some of the most basic ideas I had.

I had a lot of crazy ideas for progressing from one part of the stage to the next. I even did a level that progressed left instead of right.

but I guess my levels were just too far advanced for people to understand.

I didn't want to have to spell it out for people playing the levels, I figured I gave enough clues for people to be able to figure them out on their own....

I gave it up. Everyone was more interested in trophy levels anyway so I created a trollphy level. Only because back when LBP first launched it was chalk full of nothing but trophy levels.... Every new submission was a trophy level.

A lot of good levels I found got buried underneath those and never saw the light of day from creators that I followed so many years ago.

One other corner of games I used to love was Sim City. All the way up until Sim City 4 just all together STOPPED working.

But that is all in the past. I gave up on so many games because getting people to stick around to have fun with and talk to kept dropping in numbers. Army of Two. I remember completing that game with someone once and when I went to go play it again I quickly found out everyone was more interested in finding #ing glitches.

I just had more fun playing online with other people so much that I started craving playing with others.

I have to say that the #1 game that is forever burned into my mind, one that I played for well over ten years now is Tony Hawks Underground 1. And THPS5 was a huge failure.

The reason why I played THUG1 so much was because of the "King of the Hill" mode found in the online section. I couldn't get enough of KOTH in that game because of what the whole purpose of that mode was: To keep the crown for a certain amount of time.

You'd slow down in speed when you obtained the crown. And everyone was given an arrow to show where you are at all times. The whole purpose of it was just keep away. I have spent well over 1,000 hours easily just playing that mode across THPS3, THPS4, THUG1, THUG2, THUG2 Remix.... and then I stopped and went back to thug 1 for 1 reason. It was the perfect balance of map size with abilities given. I became so addicted to that mode. And it is all because you need to keep doing tricks to keep your speed up enough, just to barely stay ahead of the others. So there is a term called "Jukes" we passed around in the community of THUG players and they couldn't understand the concept of being able to do many tricks, while at the same time shaking off your pursuers.

We made clans that pretty much worshiped that mode. We came up with so many amazing tricks and turnarounds that people playing Trick attack... when they saw us do our lines for our high scores? They swore we were cheating. Achieving 11 billion points in THUG 1 was so much fun that we even made videos of us breaking that number without ever touching the pavement. Every single one of those videos you see on youtube came from someone who enjoyed playing KOTH religiously on those tony hawk games.

I think that is why I have become a multiplayer game only kind of person. And it was because I enjoyed playing with others rather than playing solo.

The only game I ever remember playing solo the longest had to of been Luminess. Or even tetris. Anything else doesn't even come close.

But as of late... Online gaming is starting to.... become more of a painful memory of what used to be. And a long time ago the age old grind of leveling up something became such a bore that.... that.... THAT.... The only game I see myself playing for an overly extensive amount of time would have to be No Mans Sky. But only if it doesn't bore me within the first week of playing it.

I also miss outrun. Its like Gaming is about to become the next.... bubble that will soon pop out of existence like movies did for me over 20 years ago.

posted on May, 9 2016 @ 02:24 AM
The number one game I would really love to play is a game that will never see the light of day.

I want to play a game with some simple rules. Rules that mimic, not entirely, but mimic that of the real world.

I am not talking about Grand Theft auto with a story mode that has an ending.

The type of game I would really love to play is an actual crime simulator.

I have even written out short stories about cereal killers, thieves, impersonators, all kinds of stuff... Except rape. I can't imagine anything for someone who rapes others.. But they are just a bunch of short stories about following peoples minds in different points of view. I haven't had anything rather traumatic happen to me other than my parents splitting up, or the ski accident, or my motorcycle accidents. but honestly... I loved the movie The Departed... Even battle Royal. But they just didn't... do it for me. I loved Batman dark knight but honestly.... The type of game, instead of movie I want to play is one where I get to be creative. Intuitive... dastardly... even evasive. Like a gigantic troll game. Just for kicks. There just isn't one. I thought I would have a ball with Watch_Dogs... That game was just another GTA clone.

But honestly I want to feel a thrill again. And I just don't get it from any of these games. Deadpool was awesome. but... I just don't get a thrill anymore.

I even had the idea of creating an interrogation game. You just sit there and conduct an interrogation with different people. You look at all of the clues... you sit down in the same room with this person and you just drill them. Not torture, but pure interrogation. The questions... how you ask them, certain information that unlocks different dialogue strings. Just nothing but trying to get a confession out of a liar. Catching them in the lie. Remembering certain things. keeping it all in the air. Putting it together. And making a final statement on each person. And you wouldn't get the results of your interrogation until you interrogated 4 individuals. That way it teaches you how to be a good, well... detective. One thing that scares most people about me is my ability to just stab at someone using words when I catch them trying to lie to me. I have been around so many liars in my life that I find it too easy with some people to just... stop them dead in their tracks sometimes and call them out on their bull#. or even when they try to lie about their past. Even some white lies. It takes time. And I have to get to know the person but over time... they break. And some break faster than others.

but... I can't even begin to create that game. I can't create any type of character who could be put in such a situation where he sits in a room to write out dialogue. I can only write out stories of some made up sick individuals...

Well that is enough psychotic rhetoric for one hour.

posted on May, 9 2016 @ 03:30 PM
Eventually, other things just take over instead.
As a married guy, with a home, now I spend weekends cleaning or doing some kind of project around the house, for example. Vs. riding through Skyrim and slaying dragons.

Of course, there are always sick days. About the only days I ever get to play them.

posted on May, 10 2016 @ 03:44 AM

originally posted by: GiulXainx
reply to post by Akragon

I own minecraft on my PS3... PC... Phone...... Nothing works.

In fact the only fun I seem to have is fighting someone else. Verbal or physical... I don't just go for the easy targets or start the fight by going up to someone and just punching them no... I like it to be interesting. I like the thrill of almost losing everything. I just don't feel like myself anymore and like fighting a lot. I fought with a homeless person about where he sleeps.

I am much like you in that I don't find most games interesting anymore. About the only games a do find interesting and engaging are large and complex open world games where you're free to explore and play the way you want. Here are my suggestions for you if you want to feel the fear of losing everything:

1) Rust (I'm guessing you've played this)
2) Fallout 4 on survival mode

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