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MH370 to be used as 'celestial event'?

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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 10:21 AM
On a different train of thought what if MH370 is not on Earth anymore at all? Put down for a moment the crash, terrorism, alien, wormhole theories. Since we are still speculating, all of us, each has their own merit but another one to ponder: what if the flight was somehow able to hover in space? And by that I do not mean hover geo synched with the Earth. I mean hover in space and see Earth continue turning/orbiting away from the plane?

Given the general time we're told the plane 'disappeared' was around midnight local Malaysian area time, astronomers help me out here but would that mean say from left to right the sun, earth and plane are relatively in a straight line? i.e. the earth has in essence caused a 'lunar eclipse' but in this case the moon is the plane?

If the plane is able to 'freeze' in space and allow everything else to keep on spinnin' so to speak then the Earth would continue on it 67,000 mph orbit leaving the plane behind without crashing into it. This would in all but a few seconds take the plane out of the seeing eyes of any satellites as the plane is no longer in front of them but behind them.

Could this also help explain why 'known' tracks show the plane 'turning' and headed West? Due to the rotation of the Earth if the plane were to in fact freeze in space from a an Earth perspective the plane would be 'headed West'. And for that matter line of sight/radar would make it appear to be losing/gaining altitude for brief moments would it not?

If we can get to that as plausible, then what's it all for? If the plane had been loaded with say some nuclear device could whomever put this into motion be waiting for the plane to reach a distance....or i guess the better way to phrase it is to say waiting for the Earth to orbit far enough away from the be a safe distance for the device to detonate and not cause direct harm to Earth other than the visual show? If indeed a nuclear event would be visible, I don't know.

You eliminate the need to have everyone see a standard 'launch' of an ICBM or other conventional blastoff. What would be the man made excuse for a celestial bright light while everyone is still looking on the ground for MH370?

How would a sudden celestial event effect world religions? What would some interpret this to mean given all the current issues in say the mideast?

Just thoughts, thanks for considering.

posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by inshel

According to Special Relativity, this stuff happens at relativistic speed (at or near light speed).

I doubt the plane went at a speed near (or at) light speed.

You mustn't forget that as the plane leaves Earth, it still carries Earth's (transferred) velocity with it. To reach relativistic speed, the plane still has to accelerate just to get rid of earth's velocity in the plane's acceleration.

It's as if you dump a ball behind your car as you drive at 60 mph relative to the road. Even if the ball is outside the car, it'll still keep on going at 60 mph relative to the road (0 mph relative to you) before dropping unto the road (Here the car is Earth, the ball is the plane, and the road is space). To simply get rid of the car's motion, you'd have to send the ball backward at 60 mph. To accelerate the ball at 60 mph away from the car, you'd have to send it backward at 120 mph...

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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 11:01 AM
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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 11:14 AM
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