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EU, US impose sanctions against Russian officials over Crimea referendum

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posted on Mar, 18 2014 @ 09:45 AM






In other news, Putin scratches his backside.

This response encapsulates the very problem the west is now facing over Crimea.

Simply Crimea held a referendum and they voted to be with Russia, that should be respected, the minute an actual invasion happens, of course we should go and help, but this isn't what is happening, regardless of what America and Europe would like(beg) you to believe.
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That's actually not what happened. They changed the rules so anyone could vote, Russians came over the border and voted. It would be like having a vote in Texas about joining Mexico, and 10 million Mexicans not living in Texas all vote to join Mexico, and then demand the vote be respected.

Crimea was already predominantly pro-Russian .. just those people going to the polls is sufficient for a win, that piece of land would join Russia regardless .. there was no need for anybody to cross the border .. they had enough people in favor already ..

Can you link me to the Crimean vote totals and breakdown?

Here you go for demographics:

Thank you, however its not what I am asking for. I am looking for the official voting breakdown in Crimea.

posted on Mar, 28 2014 @ 04:20 PM
I am going to give some news, that you may lern (if not yet) tomorrow or in a couple of days from now.

Russia banned all microsoft products from the public sector...

here is a greek version of the news.

you can translate it on google. I dont know if we must take that with a grain of salt.
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