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Bush trying to make a Pan America?

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 11:53 AM
Illegal immigration is way out of control, and I laugh at the extent the government goes out of it's way and bends over back-wards to accommodate illegals. Why should illegal immigrants go back to Mexico/Canada/Iran or wherever they originate? Once here they can, despite being illegal, get jobs, driver's licenses, welfare and pretty much free medical treatment. Show me the incentive to leave?

Last week in Dallas a policeman was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant. An illegal that had been arrested twice before, but the police couldn't detain him because he was illegal. They had to wait until he murdered a police officer before they did anything. Are all illegals criminals? No, but you have to question individuals whose first act in the United States is a felony crime.

Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who:

Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or

Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or

Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact;
has committed a federal crime.

So by definition of federal law, all illegal immigrants are criminals and felons, yet police are told to keep their paws off. I leave you with the following story I mentioned about the Dallas policeman that was fatally shot. Read it and tell me we don't have a problem.

Star Telegram
The 28-year-old man accused of fatally shooting a Dallas police officer is an illegal immigrant and had been arrested for making a terrorist threat, police said Tuesday. Juan Lizcano, a Mexican national, was arrested Sept. 11 and accused of making a terroristic threat. He was arrested and accused of driving while intoxicated five days later.

Lizcano has never been held on immigration charges, according to police. After threatening his girlfriend with a gun, Lizcano killed officer Brian Jackson, 28, on Sunday, police said. Background checks revealed that Lizcano was in the United States illegally, but police don't enforce immigration laws, department spokesman Sr. Cpl. Max Geron said. In the United States, only Florida, Arkansas and Alabama allow police to enforce immigration laws, Geron said.

On the way to work I drive by a location where you can see 30 - 40 illegal immigrants standing around waiting for work. The police know they are there. No one can do anything about it. Maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow and post it here.

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posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 01:42 PM
Kick the illegals out and give welfare recipients a choice. Go to school for a set amount of time to better yourself or take one of *the jobs no Americans want to do* that illegals do now to pay for your welfare. If you have a child while on welfare you lose it. We do NOT *need* illegals. We NEED to make lazy Americans get off thier behinds and do these jobs no one else wants to do to.

When I go to the emergency room for a real emergency and see 50+ illegal families there and have to wait 7+ hours to be seen cause some anchor baby has the sniffles, sorry it pisses me off. Take down the spanish bill boards. Make all voter pamphlets English. Make English our National Language. Make LEGAL immigration less confusing and beef up our borders heavily, even if it means using the Militas to patrol the border.

I live in So Cal and I can tell you right now illegals around where I live make up a good 60% of our population and operate most of the meth labs. The Border Brothers(Mexican Mafia) rule this area and its scary, and it is NOT a ghetto/barrio area, it's a nice rural area. Well, it was till the illegals moved in and made it a drug production haven and turned whole neighborhoods into war zones.

Another thing we could do is just merge Mexico and the US heh. All I know is I wish they would do *something*. My husband is in construction and he can't get a job atm. Why? Because of the mexican workers who will work for less than minimum wage in an industry that *usually* pays a living wage. Go after the employers also and make them pay thru the nose for using illegals.


posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 08:08 PM
I came through the San Ysedro boarder last night and they are showing a film in TJ that shows what America would supposedly be like without mexicans(complete propoganda). Also they are calling for mexicans to boycott American goods Nov 23-25. That's fine with me, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving anyway

Chakotay says:

10,000 arrive a day you say. And how many depart according to your sources? Most go shopping in Brownsville, Laredo, San Antonio, or other cities leaving positive foreign exchange in American shopkeepers tills before going home to enjoy their beloved "progressive" American goods. 10,000 allies crossing a border is not a threat any more than having 10 friends come over for dinner would be. Especially if those friends come to buy more than they eat, as in a business dinner.

What you just wrote here was complete nonsense. Why would someone cross here ILLEGALLY just to purchase American goods and then go back home? My uncle was the director of customs in San Ysedro and he took us on a tour of the facilities and showed us some videos of illegals rushing the boarder hundreds at a time.-And that is just one boarder crossing in just San Diego area alone.

posted on Nov, 21 2005 @ 08:26 PM

Originally posted by Everlasting England
You would be in serious trouble if you kicked all your illegals out of the country as they do all the jobs that other poeple wont do. I belive your economy would be in a much worse state because of it.

Are you kidding you, must be, right
You don't know what you are talking about.
Amethyst has the right angel.
Illigal immigrant are usually illitarate they do NOT CREATE new jobs they freeze our wages, because they will work for Nothing do you understand this???? You apparently don't live here or you are very rich and don't care. Or you are an illigal immegrant Why don't you visit my town far up norht where they are working for free, FREE

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