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While Obama and Putin Cluck the People are Out of Luck

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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 02:38 AM
I am sick of Obama and Putin acting like two roosters trying to dominate the hen house. I must be missing the part where Obama and his economic sanctions and Putin's unaffiliated troops do anything, but make the people of the Ukraine and especially Crimea miserable.

In fact I think the rest of the people in the world would be satisfied if these two bozos were simply thrown in a cage and forced to fight it out while the rest of us can go on peacefully with our lives. It isn't shocking that an area full of ethnic Russians wants to rejoin Russia. Let the people decide for themselves without military threats and economic boycotts.

If average citizens tried to settle their disputes like these children they would both be arrested and charged with disturbing the peace...which is exactly what these two "leaders" are doing to the world...disturbing the peace.

Anyway, the only people suffering are average human beings. Troops and sanctions never hurt the actual decision makers.

A Source

posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 04:41 AM
The anti westerners smearing Ukraine as the USA while dragging up the entire US foreign policy history simply because the US is speaking up for much of the world opposing Putins actions in support of Ukraine is a JOKE!!! Can't be any more ignorant tbh

And then we have the anti Putin mob denouncing the wishes of the people In Crimea to there right of self determination

It's a big mess

The people of Ukraine will no doubt suffer in all this the world must call for a total reelection of the country with no foreign troops on the ground but with international monitors instead, if there is a clear split in the country jointly the west and Russia must act to draw new borderlines, Crimea has every right to split, but legally through the appropriate channels and not under an armed invasion and occupation, we hear people say they was invited in and or stationed there, but they wasn't asked to hold the Ukrainian army hostage and take over government buildings and security of the region, which stinks of rigged even tho it may well not have needed be tbh... otherwise the rules we drew up post WWII are made a mockery off with a repeat of the same tactics being employed which Is absolutely not acceptable and has no place in modern day politics

This is the 21st century we must move towards fairness and reasoning and move away from confrontations that will destroy us all

The world must make an effort to ensure the Ukrainian people doesn't suffer that is everybody's duties as human beings and we must answer there calls.. regardless if the anti west brigade think it is Russia's affairs and everybody should keep out and watch as Russia has there wicked ways is laughable , nobody should allow this form of bullying & intimidation in Today's modern society

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