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Pravda - Former Soviet borders are being reconsidered

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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

It's no different then what the US has done and is attempting to do .It's all about strategy for those with a Military complex to do so .I am against it but I don't make or influence their decisions to do so . None of the citizens can make a difference at the poles because the next leader will have his strings hooked up to the deep states fingers either before or after they find themselves making declarations . I think we can all say we are for the people of Ukraine but by backing the west we are only giving them a maybe lesser of two evils .

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 06:29 PM


Crimea is voting today and if they should want to join Russia again who has the right to say that they can't? The PEOPLE will choose what they think is in THEIR best interests whatever way the vote goes. I thought that is what democracy is all about.

The PEOPLE overthrew their Russian Puppet Government, Then Russia gets all butt hurt and in their face and doesn't just rationally reinforce their bases but proceeds to take the whole of the Crimea.

Which PEOPLE's interests are being thought of here?

The PEOPLE? Really? Have you heard the Nuland intercepted conversation as well as the Estonian diplomat? They show US operatives determining which fascist to place in power in the Ukraine and the other one shows that the snipers were hired by the Ukrainian opposition.

Thus the US and it's allies were using false flag terror tactics, targeting both sides with sniper fire to invoke a reaction from the
'PEOPLE'. If China overthrew Mexico, installed a Marxist government and began building bases there, what would the US reaction be?

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by the2ofusr1

It's no different then what the US has done and is attempting to do .It's all about strategy for those with a Military complex to do so .

Actually, I think the US and Russia are worlds apart on how they each stomp around the world. Russia, not so much recently, but their butt kicking boots are back on and they're stomping off the cold it seems.

The US goes in to a place though, slaps the crap out of everything in sight and then tries very sincerely at GREAT expense of blood and treasure, to win hearts and minds. As often as not, outside of our '1st world' comfort zone, lose that fight and give up places to walk away in much worse shape than they generally started. It's just how history has shown it to be...

Russia has never, that I've witnessed, played under the self-delusion that anyone will greet them as liberators (beyond some very rare incidents in history) and frankly, they haven't cared much. Afghanistan is a perfect example. Both our Empires have lost our tails there and for entirely different reasons. We're each vulnerable. However, we're STILL trying to play hearts and minds nonsense, at the end. Russia didn't drop food to win a village over...they dropped ordinance and hovered a helicopter gunship to literally turn in place and erase life from the whole thing.

We've at least tried to do right...altho often failing in spectacular ways, as our side isn't ALL working for the same goals. The Kremlin won't be fighting the SVR. The SVR won't be fighting the FSB and the GRU won't be fighting either of them. In a war? They have a functional national machine to pursue it with. We're trying to burn ours to the ground, from within, while acting like it's STILL second to none on Earth. So...they are not only bigger and badder than we are, they tend to be meaner too. Insuring them a likely victory with the opposing Western leaders, in my estimation. (it's a crappy time in history to be in the West)
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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

I cant say that I blame them for strapping of the boots ,especially when it's so close to home and would put the in a very weekend position . There has been much written lately about the two red lines of Georgia and Ukraine lately .The neocons don't give a crap about the EU as per Nulands FEU comment and they don't give a crap about Ukraine people . Yea they got there little puppet boys but they would throw them under the bus so fast . What do you think would happen if this spills over to the point that Russia cuts the gas off ? They may have to because of sanctions or just regional conflict . US controlling Ukraine can then control those pipelines ,or lack there of if it gets real hot over there .

The US shows us token bread drops when they are involved in a televised war but you only read about the brutal carnage they pull off behind the American public's eyes with the mercenary wars .You have read about them I am sure .Secret covert operations with secret seal teams and the like . None of which is about defense but to install there yes men .Brutal dictators like Saddam Hussein .Use them later for proxy wars on their neighbors like Iran .

You Americans have crazy people running your country ,and you know it .Well a lot of you do .

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