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Who Knows What The Heck Is REAL Anymore?

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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by soulpowertothendegree

I've long asserted . . . that given

1. satanic forces [including the ET/fallen angel crews] and dramatic deceptions and demonstrations . . .

2. exotic technological slights of hand . . .

3. God and His angel armies . . .

4. chaos and chaotic craziness on multiple dimensions


these END TIMES would end up with "reality" itself being turned inside out and upside down and every other which-way possible.

I've long felt that only those walking in intimate dialogue with God and His Holy Spirit would have much of a clue as to which way was up--as well as where to put the next foot.

Regardless . . . this is not an era for the faint-hearted to do well in.

The massive deceptions long afoot in the globalist rand media the last 60 years has further twisted even long confirmed truths out of all recognition in the body politic.

It hasn't changed the underlying true realities a bit. But it has sure changed the PERCEPTION of and acceptance of those realities as real.

And, as The Book affirms, the devil is a liar and the father of lies. And that this is the era in which good will be called evil; evil will be called good; black will be called white; the truth called a lie and a lie called the truth. Certainly that's been long true in the media and educational institutions so long controlled by the globalists from hell.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 02:51 PM
And here I thought that the only Lie out there is not truely being honest with yourself. Next should come others. To have a really good friend is one who will not lie to you no matter what the cost.

And that goes in finding truth about you life also. Now dealing with it can cause problems in your life at first. So you drop the world as it is; for now anyways and take care of your own world. If you were to spend one day seeing how others in your life affect your choices, acts and how each world effects each other you might be shocked.

Yet at the same time, you will notice some of the things you do without being aware of it. Since there are 8 bill people there might as well be 8 bill different Truths floating out there. It is now called Judgement and how one places things into prospective in their lives. Yet, if it Hurts inside. You know it to be as close to truth as you can be.

The world can never lie to you, just your understanding of it that does. Since that understanding started at home as a child, school and the like, ideas once accepted became facts. Until one day Life tosses out something for your ideas, values are no longer valid anymore. So you either have to correct them or be ruled by them.

Yet all this could change at any given time. People do not like change so instead creat a life so no change can happen. Then when it does happen you are left wide open as to wonder what to do.

Once you start finding your own truth as best you can. You come to find 3/4 of your friends were playing the game with you, just had a different up plan for themselves really. Something that can crack your heart wide open! Next comes the soul work about yourself and you alone. And that takes time.

So the world might be a crazy lie, your world does not have to be if one chooses. Then again, it could be as real as it gets and you just need to adjust yourself to it in your own way.


posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 06:29 PM

reply to post by AK907ICECOLD

The saying used to be "believe half of what you hear and three quarters of what you see. That was long ago, back in the early sixties. With the invention of photo shopping and the increasing parroting of misconceptions and improper interpretation of evidence, these ratios do not apply anymore. I am seeing that lately more truth is coming out as we now have the technology to test things instead of assuming but the damage is already done and the parameters of the research are based on the policies of the past that protect the beliefs we hold about things.

So now it is believe half of what you see or read and a quarter of what you hear. I would rather believe an old person than someone trying to get ahead in life.

Thank you for the extra info on that. Well, my dad was a kid in the 60's. Most my younger friends are ten years older than I, LOL.

How old are you. Ten years+? Then 'll listen, what the hell?

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