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Film makers

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posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 04:42 PM
If there any film makers or video artist among the members of ATS; I would like to encourage all to contribute
in this area. I am an actor, producer film maker and will be posting some of the work I have produced and some
of the work I have worked on for others. Looking forward to your contributions.


posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by olaru12

When chasing money to make a feature indy film it is common practice to shoot the trailer or teaser first so you have something to show to potential investors in your project. Fantastic cast and crew!!

Your input is much appreciated on this one I worked on. Any investors our there....uh 3 amigos perhaps?

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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 11:03 AM
Here's another teaser that we're trying to find funding for.

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