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"Not Fit to Be Printed": The Suppressed Alchemical Papers of the Great Scientist Sir Isaac Newton

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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 01:04 PM
Drilling down through some of the resources I eventually found this and thought some might it interesting:

At the beginning of 2004, The Chymistry of Isaac Newton was established at the University of Indiana. Their goals are:

  • to transcribe Newton's alchemical manuscripts
  • to investigate the laboratory techniques of Newton's time
  • to replicate contemporary equipment and experiments

SOURCE: The Newton Project

Sounds like a pretty interesting project from a university! They already have some transcriptions of some of Newton's alchemical experiment diaries up and quite a few resources. Here is a direct link:

The Chymistry of Isaac Newton at Indiana University

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 09:19 PM
I understand Alchemy to be the study of the Universe and our connections to it at the core levels of our being.

There is nothing technology will ever do that will outperform Alchemy,ever,because technology is simply a replication of natural processes which are what the fabric of Alchemy is.

When i say that you can do more with Alchemy than our science has even bugun to imagine I am being serious,and I am talking about cloning ,anything you can imagine that science is currently trying or will in the future try.

Alchemy is the most important knowledge humanity posses for it is the observational database of many Cycles of Humanity not just one history of Humanity.It is much much more than the product of one concurrent Humanitarian history,it is in fact the DNA blueprint of the Earth and the Universe itself and all of the related processes.

Science has been guided by Alchemy,science is the path of most resistance and Alchemy is the path of least resistance,so you may now understand why Alchemy has remained hidden and why science is so seemingly backwards all the time,whoever controls the knowledge of Alchemy controls the world,and the evolution of common knowledge and sciences,power money and influence are all byproducts of Alchemic actions when used a certain way with a certain intention.

But once again we are left with the real question ,what do you do with the knowledge.

You could simply ascend,but then again to do that you dont really need Alchemy you only need intention.

So if the ultimate end product of Alchemy can be attained externally to the teachings,once again,what do you do with the the immense database of peripheral knowledge,what use is it to you as an individual?

If your search was to get to the end of the road to see what was at the end ,and you get there and it is ascension,then what do you do if you already possesed the knowledge and ability to ascend?

What does the journey teach you?

What type of person could make such a journey and not partake in the peripheral actions Alchemy produces?

If you understand the conendrum you encounter when you becomed enlightened to the simplicity of it all then you will understand that the destination of Alchemy is once again the beginning of another road to self-expansion and learning .

Remember that the kings wanted to become Gods by using the services of Alchemists,not understanding that once they did so they could never be or become gods again,their destination was one of purity and oneness if they made it there.

In case the Kings hadnt noticed the purveyors of alchemy self-policed and did not partake in many aspects of the natural sciences.And the ones that did ere not really heard from again,at least not in any capactity that those who had known them would understand that is.

Everything we do as a Species should follow the teachings of Alchemy,because the purest orignal intentions are still visible,and they were to represent Humanitys species level database of natural observations.

Alchemy blends spiritualism and science because those two understandings have been artificially and intentionally created,so to understand Alchemy you must blend these concepts as you understand them and not try to overthink it all.

Those of Spiritual leanings and those of scientific leanings will all come together under the auspices of Alchemy because this is where they originated from.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 10:24 AM
a reply to: one4all
I find that I read your posts several times trying to get at the true message that you are trying to convey. I think that my misunderstanding or disagreement with some of your statements could just be the way you use some of your words. For example you say that Alchemy is the path of least resistance. My view of the Work is that the initiate takes the harder road and swims upstream. It is not called the Razor's Edge because we will have it soft. The other statement that I have difficulty with is "You could simply don't really need Alchemy you only need intention". Maybe I am misunderstanding your use of intention. If you meditate and can communicate with your inner Divine Being and receive instructions on how to walk the Path then you do not need external teachings I agree. However, those teachings will be just a personalized version of the Alchemical process. You will still have to fulfill the three tasks of the Path: Death, Birth, and Sacrifice.

Death - death of the legions of egos (purification)
Birth - creation of the Solar Bodies - Solar Astral, Solar Mental, Solar Causal (Will)
Sacrifice - sacrifice for humanity

Many of the magical powers can be developed without undergoing this arduous Path but as long as we cater to our egos and not the Inner Divine then all of those powers serve the black path.

posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 11:49 AM
I also fail to see how alchemy was not "science" back when a variety of characters from virtually all backgrounds practiced science alongside religion and other interests. The distinctions between them were not the same as they're today, so in some cases there was more freedom. They were pursuits: to discover the truth. Astronomy (the cosmos) was a pursuit. The search for God was a pursuit. Alchemy (chemistry, elements) was a pursuit. Searching for the natural laws which governed earth and the outside universe was a pursuit. Defining the size of the earth and the positions of the continents was a pursuit. Navigating the seas was a pursuit. Science, as it's known today, has hte benefit of hindsight, and so it can look upon older pursuits and clearly delineate which ones were truth and which ones were not. But at the time when these things were practiced, people did not KNOW and so everything became a journey to discover what the truth was.

Alchemy was part of the journey to discover what the truth was.

One day in the future they will know look upon the paths we currently are following and they'll also be able to say which ones are not the paths of truth. They similarly will praise the paths which led to truth and deplore the ones that don't. They'll find elaborate reasons to deplore them too.

If this was 1500 I would be overjoyed to be in the company of an alchemist and would view them as I would modern day scientists or inventors.

Can you imagine what it'd be like to wonder how the elements of Earth are created? How does something become iron or gold or copper? BEFORE you had the technology and knowledge to know? It was a lot of unknown.

And it's the exploration into the unknown and the pursuit of truth that I think defines a scientist, not today's rigid interpretation. And the only reason ti's rigid is because of hindsight. It's funny because we're probably making the same errors as the people we lament. And yet only the passage of time will highlight them and show us how hypocritical we're. What we're doing is like punishing a blind person for tripping on the unseen.

For every good thought there're a thousand bad ones. And if it weren't for all those wrong paths people went on, we might not have found the right ones. We focus on the people who found the right ones and we attempt to emulate everything about them, and yet we forget how the people who followed the wrong paths were part of unlocking the truth. Maybe someone who was on a wrong path is the one we should be emulating.

Sooner or later our rigidity will prove to be faulty. We will discover that the truth is sometimes not as it seems. Even though our current truths tell us to go down a particular path, that isn't always the right choice. Why? Because sometimes the truth isn't handed to us. It's not something we can easily predict. Sometimes we know less than we think we do.

Having said all that, I still have great respect for modern science. To put it into perspective, if I was facing eminent disaster and I could choose between a scientist or new age prophet for guidance, I'd choose the scientist. Similarly, if I wanted to find life elsewhere and I could choose between a scientist and a UFO expert, I'd choose the scientist. It might not be as exciting and we may only find some extinct nanofossils, but it's better to find something than to have all that excitement lead to nothing. Still, it's only an educated guess. My choice could still be wrong. Even the best education and intelligence cannot always know what will come. (We might not even find nanofossils, but finding no life is still an incredible truth. We would be measuring life's occurrence just as we measure hte Earth.)
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posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 03:04 PM
a reply to: Klipothian

My apologies,I was not speaking from the perspective of a student, I was looking back on the path already travelled when I was stating that Alchemy is the path of least resistance,for the teachings once you have experienced them will allow to upon reflection understand how you were guided along the path of least resistance which one cannot see until they have reached their full destination.

Yes wether you are self-directing or if you have a teacher while you are finding your individual way down the True path you will be experiencing the path of Most resistance in the beginning and this path may continue unabated long enough to deter you from further travel,it is designed this way.It is for the individual to define their own path and to interpret what is the most or least resistive method,that is the catalyst of the teachings one must find ones own way and in doing so define ones own intentions,as ones intentions evolve so does the path and the individuals recognition and perspective of that path.

Even a teacher cannot and must not define a students path,the intentions and the evolution within that individual must be the primary catalyst behind growth or death of the journey on the path itself.

When the learning process is completed on its own in its purest form with no teaching or guidance influences external to the individual,when one is a SEEKER in the truest form of the word then the observations one maps are also pure.

The path leads everyone to the same destination which is one of pure intentions but it is still possible to hitchike bad intentions into this dynamic,this is the purpose of the Masters,they may easily dissuade any student from continued travel upon the correct path if they so choose,and there are natural rules they must follow that provide for this.

The Masters and Keepers of Knowledge are not the purest source of the natural path,they are simply the recorded observations of others before them,anyone at anytime if given access to the full database the Keepers of Knowledge and the Masters posses has the free-will opportunity to set a self-directed learning curve or course for themselves,and this means that the potential for a individual to experience the learnings of the Masters and the keepers of the Knowledge and to reach their ultimate destination before they do exists.

Because the true TEMPLATE which the teachings are based upon is a NATURAL one,this template is all around us.If you can learn to see the patterns nature builds and understand how she does it then you are communicating directly with the source of the teachings themselves.

There is a path of least resistance that overrides both Masters and Keepers of Knowledge,the connection to source can be made in many ways which are not catalysed by Humanity based teachings but are catalysed by an individuals free-will choice to learn to identify and understand and co-operate with Natures patterns.

When you can step away from math and physics and use natural tangible concepts in place of these artificially contrived ones you find you do not really need them.

There is nothing you can do with all of the math and physics that cannot be exceeded by a Natural process.

If one accepts that math and physics and all sciences strive to replicate natures processes and that is ALL they do,only document observations and try to replicate them,then you are starting off right.

One must recognise that sciences INVENT NOTHING, that there is no way possible for them to do this,they just document and then rationalise conceptualise and then realise things by putting a mathamatical or scientific value to the natural components of the processes they document and observe.

They cannot "see" the natural patterns all around them,barely at all in fact.The majority of us have been conditioned to not see the obvious anymore,so math and science is used to create a place where eveeyone can meet on the same page and come to an agreed upon quantification of these natural processes.

But you see this is the problem because math lies and so do many people.But nature never lies and nor do the Teachings.

The more we lean to math and science to define our agreed quantification of natural processes and understanding of our universe the further along the Path of Most resistance we all go.This is because lies take more energy to catalyse and maintain and grow than truths do,itis a law of nature,hence the Path of Most resistance .A replication will always naturally be a path of most resistance.

According to the laws of nature there is always one OPTIMAL way for things to evolve,so there is always only ONE RIGHT METHOD to follow.

This means you need to follow natures patterns and learn how they work to avoid the path of most resistance which is the commonly accepted one consistantly chosen by an intentionall suppressed Humanity who has had their free-will hi-jacked.

The key to initiating this learning process is to learn what acceptance is,and to apply this concept to tangible natural reality,once we do this we give ourselves a chance to be swept into the current of laest resistance.

The re is one truth we all MUST accept outside of our agreed upon Humanitarian cumulative and individual reality free-will choices or agreement,and this is the NATURAL TANGIBLE REALITY WE ALL SHARE.

Everything outside of a tangible natural reality is an artificially contrived reality or an AGREED UPON reality like math for example,and cannot be trusted.

We do not "agree' to define natural realitys they are tangible and not open to negotiation.

Eg. Geology is less open to lies than Archeology,because you cannot lie about things we can all see are tangible and reality based,we all must "agree" to the facts of Archeology to make this the accepted reality and this leaves windows of opportunity for lies,but there is no Humanitarian agreement required to define Geological natural tangible realitys we all share.

This means that the only path you can TRUST is the NATURAL one,which leads us directly to the teachings,the hidden knowledge,the information every human alive has a right to access.

The suppressive elements of Humanity have gone to epic and historical efforts to suppress this Natural teaching,for it undermines the many splintered and manipulated and conflicting realitys we see today.The Natural teachings would unite all of humanity on one tangible reality and this would eliminate all negative Humanitarian influences by proxy.

So in a nutshell,simply learn to recognise when things do not follow natural patterns of tangible reality based evolution,and then relax and allow yourself to observe nature in its pure unadultered form and you will begin the natural process which will lead you to the path of least resistance one needs to follow to find a harmonious point of integration with nature in its purest universal form.

There is a tangible universal reality we all MUST share,and there is the cumulative group realitys humans manifest when more than one come together with free-will expressions that are co-ordinated.

If we lose touch with the tangible universal reality we all MUST share,if the majority of Humanity chooses of their own free-will manipulated or otherwise to ignore this ONE TRUE REALITY,then we risk extinction.

Right now we are risking extinction because the Natural teachings have been ignored for to long.

There is a storm brewing and the majority of humanity cannot step out of their agreed uopn global reality which is not TANGIBLE for a long enough period of time to ACCEPT the tangible natural reality that their species will soon be tested on a universal scale.

The meditation you speak of must be catalysed by something external to self,this means a true natural and tangible reality based catalyst must be utilised,hence the need to use Nature based observations,if one catalyses their meditations with the cumulative agreed upon realitys humanity manifests then the path will not be optimal.
This means we must meditate upon nature to initiate this process.

It is communion with nature that brings one to the point of a reality based self-realisation where you can accept natures rules and reality and shed the dross you have been covered in by conventional teachings ,your inner divine being is Nature itself,how soon or by what path you choose to accept this reality is an individual choice but this is the only single undenable reality which all of Humanity shares wether they like it or not.

If humans follow Natures guidance then they all come to the same conclusions immediatly the same understandings,there is no confusion when this one true undeniable reality is the BASE upon which we all begin to build our agreed upon cumulative reality within which we can manifest anything we choose.

There is no free-will choice involved in accepting the Natural Universal reality we all share.No one has a choice in the matter.So unfortunately you can now see why this has remained "hidden knowledge",because 90% of humanitys current realitys are based upon an agreed upon cumulative manifesting reality,which is riddeled with lies.

Had this Cycle of Humanity developed as was hoped, we would now be on one single nature based cumulatively manifesting reality as a Species.Existing and growing continously in harmony with Nature.

Earth could support 50 billion people without missing a beat if we all existed and actioned within one nature based reality of our own free-will.

The reason we are not cashing in our ticket to explore the universe is because we refuse to follow her rules,the door has always been wide open.

If I told you you could go into space and explore as you are now you would not believe me.If you are so attatched to the realitys that have strayed from nature that you cannot even "accept" that this is possible then you can understand how hard it would be to indoctrinate Humanity into this one true nature based reality.

Instead of the masses feeling as if they were being led HOME they would feel as if they were being led away from source.

There would be little to no ACCEPTANCE.Which means no unified cumulative agreement to manifest a paralell reality of free-will.

Really the fact is that if we all learned natural teachings we would have very little "work" to ever do,and our lifetimes would be spent learning about and co-existing with nature.

Here is some food for thought,when I look up at the stars at night sometimes,I have an inner longing to be up there,I know I belong there,it is like that is my home.One cannot "miss" something one has never experienced,it is a law of nature,so we belong out there and as a Species we will never stop persuing a nature based reality until we get there again,this non-nature based set of realitys being shackled upon us is designed to keep us away from our home,from the Universe.

The truth is if everyone understood what they are no one would stay here,and no one would want to change things either,they would simply disconnect and carry forward leaving the misery Humanity is willfully enduring behind forever.
we have the power to enter or leave any reality that is cumulatively manifested,we are bound by Natures rules within her tangible reality sphere.This simply means that we do not fully understand our potentials for connecting with the Universal Natural Source,because once we do we are no longer bound by Earthly physical realitys,we can remove ourselves from them at will and also return ourselves at will,we can remain external to the natural processes if we understand them and work within them.
We can learn to survive withi the eye of the storm so to speak and continue our existance while everything around us is forever changed.

We are only as physiclly bound as we choose to accept we are to the earths physical reality,for example who says we cannot simply think ourselves into space above a Storm which would kill us on the surface of the earth?

But imagine if we were faced with such a Storm and no one knew how to rise above it even though EVERYONE HAD THE POTENTIAL TO DO SO,all those with unrealised potential would perish.

Each earth Cycle destroys the surface of the planet, your options are limited to the accepted technologys,some not yet accepted,or to your inner potential to exist within nature which is as powerfull as Nature herself.

Put it this way,what good is the knowledge or is being a master when you cannot teach those you love how to ascend beyond the levels of reality they have been branded with?

You see the destination is not what those seeking and following the teachings think it is,they dont realise they are manifesting it themselves.

You are simply given new challenges from another more challenging perspective,would you want to ascend and not be able to enjoy the company of those you love,is your existance and urge to experience universally on an individual level so strong you are willing to break your emotional bonds for what would only be an eternity to you?

You see it is a circle,once you arrive at your destination you are confronted by a new path one of emotional acceptance, this is the next set of lessons beyond the Teachings.

We learn as we progress that it is our emotions which are closer to source than anything else about us,one begins to accept that one is made of a fabric of emotional layers which together create substance.

Then we understand how free-will and emotions interact with the natural reality we all share,we understand how and why we are all really one.

We understand that the journey is a circle and the destination is defined by acceptance.The path never ands nor does the learning.

Following Natures teachings makes you pure and humanitarian by proxy,it brings you INTO others,not alongside them.The process is cleansing and revitalising so much so that many cannot complete it,and I guess as some say must repeat it.

If you are connected to Natures reality and you WANT to remain there you can choose to.If you are not connected to Natures reality you cannot choose to stay for you have abbrogated your free-will abilty to do so by getting caught up in a group reality that is not tangible,nature will decide for you randomly.

There is a Storm coming and if you are not grounded by Natures reality you will not see it approaching you.

If you are not grounded by natures reality and preparing yourself to exist in the coming new reality now,you are defining yourself as not choosing to be there.If the truth has been suppressed from you you are unknowingly surrendering free-will determination of your potential futures.

If you do not understand the Natural Teachings you will not understand how to become one with nature and exist within the eye of the storm she is bringing upon us all.

That is right,if we follow the inner divine as you call it we find ourselves WITHIN others not beside them external to their reality,and there is no contribution to negativity,no energy expended supporting un-natural paths.

Many magical powers may be developed but not used,if they are used the path narrows and if the intentions are not right the path can close completely.

The three tasks of the path do not have to be actioned tangibly,they may be actioned emotionally,this is the crux,the levels of acceptance you have learned will determine how you may experience these three steps.You may for example have to have your physical self die if you cannot direct your ego to die in its place,but you may replace your physical body with your ego and continue upon the path if you know you can and choose to do so.

You may experience a birth at any free-will moment by initiating acceptance.

If you have not learned about sacrifice then you will not be able to replace your body with your ego.

Because these are all intertwined emotional and natural concepts we may refer to the relationship between our manifested emotional influence and the tangible natural reality we all share however we choose to,mystical religous,transcendant,it matters not.

There is no way to follow the Path to the destination without emotional acceptance and learning,this means emotional progress or growth which means becoming more humanitarian,so you see no matter where you start from if you choose to follow this path you WILL be on a personal path of most resistance until you can emotionally evlove to the point of acceptance of your connection to and need for others,thereby making them more important than yourself.

Many are lured to the teachings based on self-serving intentions,and some will get further along the path than others,but ALL will eventually become one if they are brave and strong enough to continue past the pitfalls of self-service designed to bog them down.

If I were to tell you that I could permanently indoctrinate you to this coming future reality and teach you how to shortcut this process in one day you would not believe it to be possible.But it is.

A.L - I know.

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posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 03:20 PM
a reply to: jonnywhite

Alchemy was not science because Alchemy strives to imitate nature,not replicate it,and these processes are very different.

Immitation means following specific preordained natural rules with an eye to the both the process and the finished product being as close to the real thing as possible and replication means making your own rules with only an eye to the finished product being as close to the real thing as possible.

If you make your own rules,YOU MUST MAKE THEM UP,because there is only ONE natural optimal way for anything to be.This is why we have math and the sciences,this is where we MAKE UP OUR OWN RULES,and it is where we veer off of the natural path and seperate ourselves from the tangible natural reality we all MUST SHARE.This is the point of diversion,the splitting point between the paths of most and least resistance.

You do not need the technology to understand how the elements grow,what their life cycle is,you just need to observe nature and accept and then apply her rules.

It is unnatural to follow a destructive path of learning by experience when we have the ability to thin k and observe,this means that no it was never neccesary to make ten mistakes to find one discovery,that is the path of most resistance and is not the optimal way to learn,it is the easiest but least productive.

One man with knowledge can succeed on the first try when a thousand will fail if the one man is following the optimal plan or path and optimal is defined by natures tangible realitys not the academic or societal status quo.The thousand men in todays world irregardless of committment to education will follow the path of most resistance and make their own rules up as they go with the end result being a replication of nature they are comfortable with.

The mistakes are not needed,they are in fact encouraged.

You are overlooking the fact that knowledge has been and is currently suppressed on a Global scale,this means that ALL who do not follow Natural teachings are clueless.Certainly they would believe they were making headway doing things the way they have been,but it is not optimal headway.If you only know the hard way you will only see things from that perspective.

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