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John Kerry: 'Russia Has Until Monday to Reverse Course in Ukraine"

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posted on Mar, 20 2014 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by METACOMET

Show me where in the Constitution it says anything about a state's right to secession.

The US Constitution is silent regarding a state's right to secession. The Texas Constitution states: 'Texas is a free and independent subject only to the US Constitution.' Not the President, nor Congress...just the Constitution.

According to the Declaration of Independence "the people have the right to alter their govt in such a manner as they deem proper."

In international law there's the principle of self-determination

If US is a democracy, then every one of its states have the right to secede following a democratic vote for it. How could a government say no to a majority of people and still claim being democratic?

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posted on Mar, 26 2014 @ 04:46 AM

John Kerry.........

yet another war monger imho.

Couldn't create a conflict with Syria and seems almost desperate to start one somewhere.

Now, here's something I would like you to consider.
1 Iraq. (War was created)
2 Afghanistan (conflict ongoing in a sense)
3 Egypt.
Egypt (I predicted this and the middle eastern tensions and I made a post here's a heads up watch this space) Egypt had its own internal problems when it all kicked off and rioting and looting ruined the place.

4 Libya. Same again.
5 Syria. There were those (John Kerry just one) who were seemingly excited trying to get involved but couldnt. Haste. Seeds were planted and propaganda used which in my opinion led to Syria turning on itself while others were itching to get in on the action but failed.

6 Ukraine, same again but this time Putin anticipated this. Along with the rest.
Terrorist threats at their winter Olympics?
Ukraine (Russia's next door neighbour) also turning on itself.

Putin closed it down before it began. He put his troops in there and basically stopped any conflict before those planting had time for seeds to take root.

If Putin hadn't have mobilised his troops do you really think all would be good? Nah.
He has avoided any conflicts and avoided anything spilling over into his country.

Ukraine has apparently sent Gold to US for safe keeping? I dont know if this is true or not.

I only see one nation that seems hell bent on wars, destruction and terrorism and it's not Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, China or any other country in the Mediterranean/ middle east.

The United States seem to be the common denominator in all the crap thats happening. The US government even treat their own people like #e. It's not the US citizen's but their leaders.

I can't believe what's going on globally and I can't believe it's allowed to.
What I see is a bunch of arse holes keen to get everyone into a war but not actually participate themselves.
I also hear God brought into it by those creating and sending others.

If I was able to send every military person a message it would be to stand down and for those orchestrating, fabricating and deceiving to be held accountable.

Sacrificing the lives of others on wars created to generate profit.
Standing for 2minute silence to rememver the fallen from previous conflicts while still sending more.

If I see it God has already seen it.

Be honest, have you genuinely got a problem with anyone of another nationality, religion, colour or any other means of leverage they use to create profita le divisions?
Those sending are the ones who want all of that crap.

President Putin? Ive said it before stop being hasty.
Don't base your opinions from what they show you on the news and other methods of brainwashing the masses.

You will see and hear of many??????? (Biblical)
Please understand that this may indeed be third hand via tv and internet.
How much of what you base your opinions on are of first hand seen with your own eyes and heard with your own ears?
How much of your opinion is created and influenced by what you are shown.

Seems like some are also wanting boots on the ground in close proximity to another nation

To add to the above.
A world war can only happen if military personel participate on all sides.
These men and women serving will feel an obligation.
What I say to them is this,
The wars and conflicts that are created do not profit you.
Those sending are those that profit.
When you are gone you are gone.

I see it on the news as you do too.
A quick 2 minute mention of a soldier killed in action is normally described as killed due to road side bombing of a religious group. Two minute mention yet in that mention the words terror, extremist, regime, suicide bomber are always thrown in to create and maintain that negative feeling towards others that backs up their gameplan to condone the 'necessary' war.

If I was he I would say to you to start sharing the knowledge.

There is a deluded mindset that military personel are only good for one thing and that's killing.

My take on this is that the military could serve a greater purpose of slaying our demons and fighting the war to restore who we are and what we as a species are about.

We can unite, I've seen it.
The problem is convincing you all it can be done.

posted on Mar, 26 2014 @ 04:52 AM
great job kerry and hillary.

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