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If you could change one sentence in the US Constitution what and why?

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posted on Mar, 12 2014 @ 08:37 PM

16th Amendment:
The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

And I'm done.

That too!

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posted on Mar, 12 2014 @ 08:47 PM

You might consider what other historical documents to make a single adjustment on.

Can we erase names from historical elected position charters and have the changes be retroactive? Imagine a nation in which Woodrow Wilson's passage of the Federal Reserve Act was declared null, FDR's New Deal carried less weight than a quiet fart in a windstorm, and Lincoln's concepts on the formation of the Department of Revenue (from which everything from gun control to alcohol/drug laws to income tax arose) were determined to be invalid.

posted on Mar, 12 2014 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by datasdream

Although I would certainly change numerous things in the Constitution, mostly for clarification, the major change that I would like to make would be to the Declaration of Independence. "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" would be changed to "Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness". By adding Property, that would eradicate any and all federal taxation, because my labor is my property, and money is a representation of that labor, therefore my money is my property. I would also add a clause to the Constitution that makes any and all Executive Orders illegal, and I would impose term limits on all political offices and the Supreme Court. I would also clearly state that a member state can secede from the union at any time and for any reason.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 12:45 AM
Can I change the rules a bit and eliminate everything but one sentence?

"Congress shall make no law."

No mas

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 02:09 AM
Cool thread. I wanna play. S&F for the OP.

The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States.

Changed to-

The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States only after an annual populace vote approves that the prior years Congressional performance warrants compensation.

P.S., If given a chance here are a few additions I wouldn't mind making law relating to terms lengths, qualifications & staff.

No direct family member of any POTUS should ever be allowed to hold office. Anywhere. Period.

None of a POTUS staff should be allowed to work for another POTUS or Congress after the POTUS they worked for term is up.

Senators should be limited to 1 term, no more than that, and after which may not become POTUS or a Represenative in Federal Gov't.

Represenatives should not be allowed more than two terms. And if they serve both terms they cannot then move on to the Senate or become POTUS.

Vp's should be the 2nd highest presidential vote receiver in an election.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 05:14 AM
reply to post by datasdream

God Save The Queen / King

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by datasdream

I would add that under no circumstances should the constitution be altered or added to in any way. and any one caught trying to alter it in any way is guilty of treason.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 07:15 AM
I'd just omit one line from the 2nd Amendment...

"Being necessary to the security of a free state..."

So the amended Amendment would read...

"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 07:21 AM
Off all proposals, my sentence would achieve yours

Choose mine.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 07:26 AM
"Citizens and the Government of the United States of America are banned from traveling to, engaging with the governments of, interfering in the internal affairs of and altering the destiny of foreign states and entities."

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by datasdream

Add term limits to all elected government positions. And put a limit of the years a Supreme Court justice can serve... like 10 or something.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 08:25 AM
i would just add this paragraph

There shalt be a publicly owned central bank of which all citizens are shareholders equally, and which pays dividends out equally, to be managed by competent persons (with provision for proper selection and review) , who will be paid after everyone else gets paid, only if there is any monies left over. There will be an independent bank in each state structured the same, as the federal, except without the ability to issue currency in order to foster the prosperity of the citizens of that state. there shall be NO international borrowing, or lending by the federal or state central banks, how ever interstate lending for commerce and mutual benefit may be allowed on an case by case basis.only government employees and off shore entities shall be taxed to run the operations of government, with government last in line to get paid. a reasonable bonus structure based on a public annual vote shall determine the bonus amounts...

i would also include the word DRONE in the definition of the word arms in the phrase "right to bare arms".

beatings will continue until moral improves
thank you and good night

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 09:31 AM

reply to post by datasdream

Add term limits to all elected government positions. And put a limit of the years a Supreme Court justice can serve... like 10 or something.

mine would be similar but i would add a little detail.

all offices of congress, executive, and judiciary held by any person shall be limited to a term of no more than 6 years,no person shall be able to seek said offices for a second term, or a office in another branch, all offices of cabinet agency heads and departments and the second chair of the same shall be elected, and subject to the same terms rules and regulations as congress, executive, and judiciary, any assistant to a elected office shall be subject to quarterly evaluation, no person or their agents shall have any private access to any elected office for purpose of influence of any legislation, all purposed legislation written by congress shall be brought before the people, no legislation shall go for vote unless the citizenry approves of the purposed legislation, congress shall only act according to the will of the people, the executive shall not write law with the pen,judiciary shall pass law from the bench, any violations of this amendment, shall be subject to prison term, and or death subject to trial by the citizenry not congress, there shall be no attempt to remove this amendment or weaken it's power, the amendment maybe strengthened is necessary, only if it does not modify, weaken or remove any of the terms set above.

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posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 09:36 AM
Change whatever sentence you like, we'd still be in the same situation. They would still ignore it. It already covers acts of treason and it already grants us the right to aim our guns at tyranny. Yet, nothing is happening.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 12:46 PM
I would strike the 16th and 17th tax amendments - have the several states do a recount.
These amendments came into affect 12/21/1913 - the unFederal b.s bank was signed over to the gold collar psychopaths that still control it and us via taxes and of course legislation as well as the turn coats on the judicial courts.
see Taxes are not what you think
suggested reading:
Ron Pauls' 'End the Fed'
G. Edward Griffins 'the Creature of Jekyll Island'
'Hope and Tragedy' - Quigley (somewhat rambling)

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 05:07 PM
How about "All politicians in office over 2 terms will be subject to a 50% increase in taxation for life. Each term served after that will increase life time taxes by 10% not to exceed 90%. The increase is not on Congressional income only outside income" If we can't make term limits stick why not reward public servants and punish those that get into office to make bug bucks. That might let the market solve the career politician issue. Amazing that they want punish those making too much money while protecting their rights to make money.

It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native criminal class except Congress.
-- Mark Twain

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 05:17 PM
trouble with term limits is
most damage is probably done when a person isn't worried about re-election
so you would have to provide some sort of reason of some kind to keep the buggers honest

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