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Obama Is POTUS Because He Used "Optical Illusions" To Hide He's Actually An "Angry Black Man"

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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 02:11 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

actually I challenge the image of "black" man. BHO is at least half white from his mother. It cannot be said with absolute certainty of his fathers side. He was then dragged into an Indonesian scene, where I have no idea how the racial pecking order standing works there, though to believe the leftist fantasy, the world is a global village trampled under white oppression. However, from the "runs like a duck" and "through rocks at him" comments provided by BHO, apparently, just being brown does not automatically induct you into the brown peoples brotherhood.
Then on returning to the US he spent the rest of his childhood in a relatively prosperous white middle class home, going to school with a not insignificant number of Asians and Hawaiians, to be followed by the pampered and rarified world of the most elite of schools the country has to offer.
So, I ask these questions.
Exactly how black is Obama?
Exactly who is he angry with?
Obama didn't spend his childhood being hounded by toothless rednecks wearing sheets. He did not watch his cousins die from a drug overdose or street violence. He did not watch his mother turning tricks to make the rent. In fact, the closest he came to an African American experience was probably watching Mod Squad on TV, or listening to his white Marxists grandpeeps venting on the inequality of the American dream. So where did Obama gain this insightful shared experience of black repression?
Obama was first abandoned by his father. Then he was taken in and then abandoned by a step father. Soon to be followed by abandonment by his very own mother. Then warehoused in a den of Marxism at his grandparents who ultimately abandoned his nurturing to the seedy and probably perverse marxist Davis, who very likely abused him. I'm sorry, that's one creepy poem.
BHO's story is that of abandonment at every turn. Those who should have been his protectors and role models shirked the responsibilities for the pursuit of their own selfish desires.
I am not a psychologist, but I would take a stab that BHOs anger is prompted by ......abandonment issues. His hate directed at himself for feeling he was the cause of his isolation, or the hate to those who passed him over for their own dreams.
Marxism gives him a place to place this anger. First it blames his pain, not on those directly responsible including himself, but by accusing the inequality of society as whole. Second it names a culprit. Those who have benefitted from the system....white people. The Marxist lens shifts all of his problems and responsibilities from himself, and turns them into the sin of a faceless collective.
BHOs skin may be black, but his general upbringing was far removed from the African American experience. His life story is much more in tuned to a middle class white liberal then to anyone from the streets.
Y'all know D Souzas not white, right? unless of course hes similar to one of those white-Hispanics the MSM magically created, and is mostly a RINO moderate out to sell stuff by sticking a conservative label on it?
Obama is an angry narcissist who blames the world for his problems instead of those around him or looking in the mirror. And he's willing to burn the world to the ground proving it.

posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 02:27 PM
It doesn't matter if he was/is angry or not, he's President strictly and solely because he's a black man. Full stop. That's literally the only reason. Just the same as Hilary will be President strictly and solely because she's a woman. People today are simple minded.

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