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Update: Malaysian military now reveals that the plane reappeared elsewhere

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posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 12:57 AM

Anything out in the Indian Ocean the US has an "eyeball" on. Why am I not surprised to see these pictures so soon?

The wreckage of MAS370 will be found in the next 24 hours. I can almost guarantee it.

After that...the questions will REALLY begin!!!
I put forward a theory early yesterday night in the DIEGO GARCIA THREAD, that someone has "borrowed" . Hate that, you write something and an hour later, someone makes a post re-wording what you say...

The the island of Diego Garcia is in range, it's a British / American refuelling base in the indian ocean with twin 12,000 ft paralel was built to land B52'a...a small island in the middle of the ocean where the only people tracking you are maybe those who want you to disappear..just another "maybe".
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posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 01:11 AM
Personally I'm hoping for some sort of hijacking.
At least those people have a chance to be alive that way. =\

If it crashed..... Any survivor would have surely contacted someone by now. Which means if it crashed, they are likely all gone...

Also, someone mentioned remote viewing (that stuff is real.... Try it yourself. You might be amazed. I know I was).
But anyway, anyone with a strong sense of intuition have anything to say about the lives of the passengers?
That's over 200 people possibly gone in an instant. Powerful emotional event.


posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 02:35 AM
A few ideas of my own that I haven't heard mentioned yet;

GOPRO BALLOON ACCIDENT: A popular craze lately involves suspending cameras a from high-altitude weather balloons in an attempt to take amatuer "edge-of-space" photographs. What would happen if one of these collided with the crew cabin of a passenger jet?

DETAINEE RESCUE: Could the hijacking have been part of a scheme to free detainees at Diego Garcia or elsewhere? Maybe with a prisoner exchange? I think it's possible.

COUP D'ETAT: The plan is to load the stolen plane with fighters in an attempt to overthrow a foreign government. Given there were two Iranian dissidents inboard with stolen passports, I'm starting to like this idea.

BAD NAVIGATION: Is it possible that an electronic malfunction caused the pilot to simply get lost and become unable, or unwilling to communicate with ground control? This may sound silly at first, until you realize how many planes have actually been lost this way. Flight 19 and Emelia Earheart are good examples.

VIRAL MARKETING STUNT: Godzilla gets released in May, but I think this is the least likely of scenarios. We'll see what happens on April 1st.

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posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 03:05 AM

reply to post by DarksideOz

Are you all idiots, 2 words. Iron Man. Think of the plot of the first movie. But seriously, this plane took a dive into the ocean, an eye witness on a rig saw a plane at high altitude on fire for 10-15sec, and then china found debris where the currents are heading, from the point where the plane vanished. So what happened to the plane? Who knows, but it happened very fast, it shattered into the ocean, and is now drifting all over, and some if not most of it has sunk. Sorry to say, but last I knew, metal doesn't float by itself without buoyancy. I'm sorry that all these people lost there lives most likely, and I hope somehow they survived, but wake up, it's real world, they are not coming back. They were all in a tin can a mile in the air and it came crashing down within a minute. Your worst fear while flying, came true for them. Peace. (PS: I hope I am wrong, but these things happen, and I am sick of reading all these nut job conspiracies, it was just a plane crash and a needle in the haystack search and rescue.)

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Would you care to enlighten me as to how I may be an idiot for asking plausible questions, when the best plausible response you can manage to what happened to the plane is "who knows" ?

And if you could, can you please tell us why you ended up on a conspiracy site, not to mention this topic, yet have the hide to say "I am sick of reading these nut job conspiracies". If they are so "nut job", then step to the plate and PROVE them wrong if its so easy that you can dismiss it as "nut job". Only an idiot would make these comments without being able to provide absolute proof.
Are you an idiot, as you accuse others of ?
Instead of playing the insult game, why not indulge in discussion and perhaps get a different view point, instead of being so closed minded despite no evidence suggesting any theory is correct at this stage. You ask if others are idiots, while displaying this behaviour. And if conspiracy theories such as these make you sick, then here's some friendly advice..............GET OFF CONSPIRACY SITES YOU ABSOLUTE IDIOT. Oh look, I can play your game too !

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 03:18 AM

while the hijack does seem like a plausible explanation, where's the plane at this point? what are the hijacker's demands? Who is behind the hijack?

Too many unanswered questions.

The whole world is looking for the plane and, if hijacked, it has to have landed somewhere. The country that accepted it would have to be nuts to take it and even crazier to not say "we have the plane, it's here and the hijackers are demanding..."

Potentially ... if the plane was hijacked, terrorists now have a civilian aircraft that can be used t a later date to fake an itinerary to the US. Who knows what will be onboard? A nuke headed for NYC? An EMP?

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by Flyingclaydisk

someone else said that on the page where i found it and it was also said it is possible what with all the fuel and people on board it would be heavy enough to do just that and could have hit the water fully intact hence why no debris.

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 03:38 AM
reply to post by andy1972

i was reading about that theory last night.

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 03:39 AM
Ready for a potentially crazy theory?

What if our government knows damn well the plane crashed, but did everything they could to delay its recovery (so that we can never find it.... Or so the remaining pieces can be scavenged and disposed of), while we're expected to believe it was potentially highjacked, just so they can use a plane they made to look like it years later in a false flag operation or coup d'etat against its own ppl (cough*911*cough)?

Then they'll say "look it was highjacked by Iran and now they used it against us! TERRORISM!
Then they invade, take what they want, put a westernized puppet into power, then leave. Or stay for years. Or trigger WWIII. Or initiate NWO movement. You get the drift...

EDIT: The only validity to this is that the media makes it ambiguous as to what may have happened to it.
No clear hijacking, but potentially.
No clear crash, but potentially.

One would think if it was orchestrated, they would want the media to jump the gun on "it crashed", and downplay the passport / Iran thing and misguiding information.

Why would they want us to believe it -may- have been hijacked? Because it serves a purpose.... Or will at some point.

If they suspected it was hijacked by an outside source that our government has nothing to do with, again you'd think they would downplay it to avoid fear amongst our people.

And if they are truly clueless, again, why taunt people with a 'potential' hijacking... Doesn't sound like something our government would do.

I was half serious with this original post, but these remarks I mean wholeheartedly.

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posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 03:47 AM

Ready for a potentially crazy theory?

What if our government knows damn well the plane crashed, but did everything they could to delay its recovery (so that we can never find it.... Or so the remaining pieces can be scavenged and disposed of), while we're expected to believe it was potentially highjacked, just so they can use a plane they made to look like it years later in a false flag operation or coup d'etat against its own ppl (cough*911*cough)?

Then they'll say "look it was highjacked by Iran and now they used it against us! TERRORISM!
Then they invade, take what they want, put a westernized puppet into power, then leave. Or stay for years. Or trigger WWIII. Or initiate NWO movement. You get the drift...

I think some people are so enamored with the "massive global conspiracy" and "false flag" concept that they will hold to that explanation no matter what the cause turns out to be.

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 04:10 AM
If the passangers were alive and well in that flight, and having discovered they were flying low level - above Malaysia - I guess they would have started calling with cell phones. More so, if they've seen on the screens plane diverting from the planned route.

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 04:19 AM
The airplane was hacked and 'played with' for hours before it was crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Each change in the flight path and ping sent out was previously announced by the government that did the hack to the governments that they wanted to send a message to.
The message... 'We can take down any airliners anytime we want to'.

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 04:31 AM
Can't believe this plane has been missing for a week. From the most recent press conference:

We are now entering the seventh day of the search for MH370. There are currently 57 ships and 48 aircraft in the search. Thirteen countries are now involved. Our priority remains finding the plane. We are following all leads, and we continue to work closely with our international partners. We are grateful for the support of our friends and neighbours, who continue to assist us by sharing their data and their resources as we search for MH370. I speak for the Malaysian people when I say that our hearts are with the families and the friends of those on board the plane.

The aircraft is still missing, and the search area is expanding. Two days ago, the search area was widened to include the Andaman Sea. Together with our international partners, we are now pushing further east into the South China Sea, and further into the Indian Ocean.


Now if they can get their act together and figure out what direction the plane was heading.
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posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 06:14 AM
Apparently it was heading all over the place...

Source: Singapore Today

And the tweeter mentions this sad crash involving decompression and a plane flying on its own for a while over USA:

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posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 06:40 AM
Very very interesting, considering the Andaman Islands supposedly have terrorism links. Notice what they don't say regarding the flight path: whether or not it actually made it to the Andamans. Let's assume they have data indicating it did. My bet is that it landed there, refueled, and immediately left for it's destination to hide at.

I don't know much about terrorism in the Islands, I just know it's considered a pretty little island chain with an insidious dark side. Does anyone know which groups have known ties to the Andamans? That could potentially be a big clue as to who'd have orchestrated the whole thing.

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 07:08 AM

reply to post by Vasa Croe

I am a commercial pilot and there are far easier ways to secure an airplane. I know this is all about conspiracies but logic dictates that there are easier and smarter way to accomplish the goal of getting a plane.

In fact I know a place in SoCal (and another in Nor-Cal) where I could nab two to three people and make them fly me where ever I wanted to go. All while looking legal, running transponders and talking to ATC.

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What if it wasn't just the plane they needed?

What if it was the plane / people and cargo joblot?

What if the plane was not even the primary goal of the mission?



posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 07:13 AM
reply to post by deckdel

but, what if shortly after take off or 'when' the hijackers decided to take over, they took everyones mobile phones off of them?

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 07:20 AM

reply to post by deckdel

but, what if shortly after take off or 'when' the hijackers decided to take over, they took everyones mobile phones off of them?

Someone would have gotten a sneaky message out, of 230 non hijackers... Or it's possible there simply wasn't any signal, or that the on-board wifi (is there was such a thing) and related devices were shutdown preventing outbound contact from the cabin, unless someone had the fortune of finding a signal out to sea... It'd be good to know if anyone else flying from say, India to Malaysia, or even the West to Malaysia/Thailand recalls the status of their phones over the region.

Today Malaysia said it's giving outside investigators data not normally handed over for national security reasons to help solve #MH370

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posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 07:48 AM

reply to post by Skyfloating

it has to be a Terrorist group.

Re-rout the destination... ?

mobile phones were still ringing after the plane went missing...
no answer though so that means they must be under some kind of control.

Could be, but i don't see why it HAS to be terrorist related.

Any kind of malfunction, mechanical or electrical could have been the reason to fly low..if the cabin became depressurized, for whatever reason, structural failure of a window or door, meteorite hit (improbable, but possible) to the fuselage would mean flying at a much lower altitude would be desirable..really desirable!

The electrical scenario, possibly involving Lithium batteries exploding / on fire, could account for both the transponder and communications going black and the lower flight altitude if that explosion and or fire damaged the structure of the aircraft enough to cause decompression...the change in heading could mean the pilots were attempting to maintain control of a striken aircraft and head for somewhere, anywhere, to ditch or possibly land a damaged aircraft.

They don't seem to have made it, or if they is a very remote location and they can't be seen as yet.

A 777 although quite a large aircraft is going to be hard to find if it had to crash land in the middle of an Asian jungle or in shallow waters.

The phones still working is strange though...not the battery life thing, because any of the passengers may have had a small Solar recharge gadget or hand crank charger or any one of the small phone recharge devices in there luggage, but strange because they are reported to be ringing.

If a phone isn't able to actually make or take a call (no signal) won't ring. The mobile carrier will report that the phone is unable to establish contact, is switched off, is out of reception range or similar message, but it shouldn't ring, unless it is in range of a signal.

A remote, but possible scenario could be the plane crash landed, everyone died...locals found the wreckage and looted the plane and the corpses, taking the phones to sell on perhaps.

Unlikely i know, but it is possible.

Or as you say, could be down to terrorists...i'm just saying it doesn't 'have' to be.

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 08:12 AM
Was MH370 brought down by a cyber attack?

This might seem far-fetched. In fact, it is far-fetched. But as our world increasingly relies on Internet-connected devices, the number of attack vectors has increased accordingly – and if there's one thing our regular readers will know, it's that the crackpot theories of today too often become the imminent threats of tomorrow. Let's put our tinfoil hats on and take a look at all the possibilities.

As one can see, the reference to tin foil hats puts it in the realm of this site.

Back in April, a German security consultant and ex commercial pilot Hugo Teso had aviation agencies on his trail after developing an Android app that he claimed could remotely attack and take full control of an aircraft. The presentation called 'Aircraft Hacking: Practical Aero Series' by Hugo Teso became the highlight of the Hack In The Box security conference in Amsterdam, terrifying most of those who had presumably flown in to attend the event. Teso claimed he had developed the terrifying ability to make aircraft "dance to his tune." The problem was, it wasn't true. Teso was basing his findings on the training software use by trainee air traffic controllers, and not the actual operational software.


The possibility is again pretty remote – but many of the guidance and control systems created for modern aircraft were designed before the possibility of hacking over the network was totally appreciated. While it may not have happened this time, we hope that aircraft manufacturers and aviation authorities are taking the threat as seriously as they can.

So, a remote possibility, but one that lines up a lot with the current data that has surfaced about this incident.

Maybe someone had a backdoor to do this hack?

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 08:31 AM
Here's a conspiracy theory for you...

Plane was stolen. It was landed, on purpose, exactly where whoever stole it wanted it to be.

The plane will be cleared out to accommodate an EMP device.

Plane will also get a new paint job, and will get a full load of fuel.

This comes full circle back to the guy (Dane something old brain can't recall) that is predicting the "Kill shot" and just before he says a nuke will go off in the Korean Peninsula. I have often wondered how someone would do this and yet still have plausible deniability of being the source.

This is it.

They fly the jet over where they want it, take the 777 as high as it can go (for maximum effect), and cook off the EMP/nuke.

Yep, it's out there, but the dots seem to connect.

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