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Anyone Know of Any Bird Omens?

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posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 12:39 AM

Night Star
reply to post by mikegrouchy

Nope, different markings. Looks like a dark eyed junco.

I concede the point.

Mike Grouchy

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by Rineocerous

A bird pooped on my buddy's shoulder on our way into the Cubs home opener a few years back. It's supposed to mean good things are coming your way. He caught 2 balls during BP, and an opposing home run ball, which we attributed to the fecal matter on his brand new jersey, and the Cubs won - both of which were against reasonable odds, however, the most extraordinary stroke of luck happened shortly before the poop. He was cutting through an alley on our way to $50 parking and came across a girl just getting home from class, offering her garage parking spot, just a few blocks away from the field, for $15.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 01:11 PM
It doesn't look quite right for a junco. The ones we have around here are darker colored and smaller than this guy although he does look familiar to me. Maybe the lighting is playing tricks with his coloration.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 01:14 PM
Are you going to post the video? Without knowing or seeing the type of bird, it is hard to say. I know a few bird omens though.
It would seem by your description, one of two omens:
1. A very extremely happy piece of news coming your your way but since it didn't leave till you were going to feed it, you may have to do some kind of attempt to help someone before you receive the good news. ~A little Birdie told me~
2. You are about to receive a new addition to your immediate family family that will bring you much joy.
Another two could be: A clue such as attempting to feed the bird before you succeeded in having it fly off safely could mean you need to add one little thing to your project to make it a success...
3. some may say it represents an Angel which are supposedly impossible for a human to look upon unless they take on a different form, and the Angel/ Spirit guide, is trying to guide you, the chirping intended to let you know to keep your ears open for something important that could come from a child or the form of music but remain calm to understand and a great, happy event will result.
This is not a bad omen by how you've explained the occurrence.
Birds are not always a portent of a bad omen, they are also portents of good omens

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 03:58 PM
reply to post by StormyStars

reply to post by Rineocerous

I wonder if the bird was maybe tired or disoriented a bit. With many creatures there are varying personality traits and maybe this birdie is more solitary and less frightened. I was wondering too if it has just grown out of being a baby and still developing itself?
Omen? I am open to that as well and I would also consider simple animal friendship bonding.
If I may add a personal bird encounter that left me in tears. I lived alone in the country for a while and had a beautiful deck overlooking 5 acres. I was spending a lot of time meditating and praying(in a spiritual sense, not religious) and I was expressing gratitude to the great spirit with my eyes closed and when I opened them, a white dove flew and land on the railing 5 feet away. For some reason a sensation surged up throughout my body and I felt a warm loving feeling that made tears flow from my eyes.

That day I had volunteered for Habitat for Humanity and had some deep conversations with some of the elder residents, They were so grateful for our help and we were grateful for their appreciation and their stories. The subject of signs came up, regarding how life can sometimes give you a sign at seemingly significant times, and most of the elders in our conversations agreed and shared their experiences about this. It was a powerful day and spurred an introspective afternoon that left me deeply grateful for everything so much that I wanted to be still and stay connected to that day's experience and the people I had met.

I had another experience on my deck with hummingbirds and was so moved I wrote a poem about it.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your story and I for one like to think it is beyond a superficial encounter and has some deeper meaning. It seems to have brought joy and comfort to both of you. Please let us know if this continues and what the bird has done.
Thanks and peace,

ETA: a Native American list of animal meanings:
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posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 04:49 PM
Yeah if you see a pig steal a bird egg you know that you will see some angry birds

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 07:05 PM
It is someone's pet. Cute little thing...

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by Iamonlyhuman

Highly unlikely to be someone's pet.. I see these birds all the time around the city.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 08:48 PM
I think Spec nailed it.
Very tired junco.
Avoiding storms takes a lot of flying as does enduring bad weather.
Many birds were caught here in the Eastern US in an ice storm 2 days ago.

I saw a baby owl just yesterday sitting on a post all fluffed up.
Storm may have destroyed it's nest.

I've lost count of the times I've felt and seen amazing things from birds.
My favorites are barn swallows. Pure grace in motion, flying poetry.

There was a mockingbird that imitated a siren perfectly, raising several blue jays and having them return with their spawn, watching herons nesting over a swamp, the family of ducks that joined me snorkeling one day, house finches that nested over our front door for 5 years until a black rat snake ate the babies. I couldn't in fairness deny the snake it's meal so I let nature take it's course. It was all magic to me and has left permanent scars of beauty inside me.

You've given me a strong urge to go bird watching soon.
They're establishing territories here already.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 11:27 PM

It doesn't look quite right for a junco. The ones we have around here are darker colored and smaller than this guy although he does look familiar to me. Maybe the lighting is playing tricks with his coloration.

Maybe it's the age of the bird that determines the coloration. Maybe there are different kinds of juncos. Looks pretty close though.
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posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 11:46 PM
Female Eastern Bluebird

Hi, sorry in advance if I am repeating anyone's info, I admittedly have not read through all of the responses.

This looks like a female eastern bluebird.

If a bird flies into your house, that is a sign of bad luck.

Since this one didn't, I wouldn't consider it a negative event.

However, I had the same thing happen to me but with a monarch butterfly. A few days later, there was an unexpected death in the family. We actually had to take them off of life support. I didn't view the visit from the monarch as a negative event. I viewed it as a sign that a spirit had come to assist this family member's soul move on. As a matter of fact, when the sister of the family member that passed returned home to New Mexico after the funeral, she said there were TWO monarch butterflies sitting on her doorstep as she approached her door. She opened the door and they flew into the house. I seemed like a "visit" from a family member that was here to greet the one that was passing, if that makes sense.

Don't be afraid, this doesn't mean there will be a death in your family, but maybe this was a visit from someone that has passed?
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posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 03:48 AM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

I'm not religious either. My late Maternal Grand-Mere was a know Healer, my late Mom a Seer, & myself an Oracle which is inaccurate by modern day descriptions which classify me as Clairvoyant. Yet I do all 3, just not with consistency on demand.
Still, I put Angle/Spirit Guide for either/any beliefs.
The bird looks like a grey capped Bushtit Oregon blue Chickadee cross.
The bird is City orientated, not shy and people friendly.
I get the message OP is not very people orientated but needs to be at this time to see, listen and clarify for that is what is required for an equalizer/balancer/buffer for completion, from the joyous news coming, to accept it as the joys far outweigh any misgivings Op may have toward socialization and acceptance to relearn something OP feels is already known. Something thought forgotten will soon arrive bring completion and so joyous, life will be altered toward much happiness if OP takes a chance and doesn't resist which OP showed the bird which will report to unknown forces that the OP is ready. The willingness to bond.

The bird was too alert and happy so it is my opinion it is definitely a wonderfully positive Omen which is rare in these times.

All the best of blessings

Beautiful poem. somehow haunting and bitter sweet. Thank you for the share

posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 04:02 AM
Maybe the bird was being stalked by a predator and saw you as the better option.?

posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by Rineocerous

This expression means that it is better to have an advantage or opportunity that is certain than having one that is worth more but is not so certain.

"A bird in the hand," is yours, and it's not going anywhere unless you let it go. But if you leave it and go for "two in the bush," there is no guarantee you'll catch them, you might end up with nothing in the end.

In essence, don't be greedy and stick with what good things you already have, instead of going after something you'll probably never get.

Which I find odd two Police cars pulled up. Energy attracts like energy. You attracted a bird( A Free Spirit right to your hand) amazing to have the peace in you for this to happen but letting it go and Police came. Oppressive energy. You mentioned working on software bug but is there something else you been considering or wanting to do? A different job? Something?

At the same time the officer or officers got to see that video. Maybe he or she needed to see that. Maybe in their world they have been not so peaceful with their surroundings and know this to.

Edit; An unrelated omen regarding birds would be when Pope Francis released his two Doves of Peace in Ukraine. Maybe two months ago. They were both attacked by a raven and seagull. Each of those birds have deeper symbolism. The dove is very graceful and always has a mate some mourn and act out when experiencing the loss of its mate. The seagull is know as a scavenger, a burden and also called a rat with wings. The raven associated with death and also an aggressor and eating death and dead things. When I seen this video I said it was an omen almost to passionately for what it really was and specially seeing now what has happened in Ukraine. I even feel bad being excited for identifying the omen with excitement since I relate to your video in my life 5+ years ago when I was more at peace I remember going out for a smoke and having a humming bird fly around my head like it was some Cinderella cartoon. But around the same time I kept having birds fly into the glass panels at night and knocking theirselves out. I'd always bring them in until they woke but sometimes they'd get scared and hit the glass again and get knocked out again. Maybe that was an omen I didn't realize for myself at the time because since then I have not felt the peace that you seem to have but I have been thinking a lot lately about getting myself back to that spirit of peace and peace to all things around me. If this all is hitting a note with you please use caution. Be careful what you align yourself with and avoid aggression and anger. Keep focused on what attracted that bird to you and not what attracted police to you.

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posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by Rineocerous

It's not a wren (the beak is the wrong colour). I would exclude any corvid, also, the beak is wrong.

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posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by Wildthing

Not a bluebird, sorry... the beak is the wrong colour. In the video, the beak is not dark.

The colour are a good match, though.

posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by Rineocerous

That's one cold bird looking for warmth..

posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 06:17 PM
I have no Idea if this means anything but I have an odd bird story. For the last 12 years that I have lived in my house every spring a red breasted robin would sit on the railing of the balcony outside my bedroom window and fly into the window repeatedly for an hour or more. It didn't matter if I was in the room or not but was always during the day. Then a few weeks ago I cam home and there laying in my car port next to the car was a dead red breasted robin. Just seemed odd.

posted on Mar, 11 2014 @ 03:00 PM
Looks like a Gray-crowned Rosy-finch to me! Those types of finches live up there in that area. I looked up what a finch symbolizes and found that a finch symbolizes appreciation and happiness. The Finch also symbolizes simplicity as well as joy and high energy. I also read that they are seen as being a messenger of deities. Either way, that's pretty damn cool if you ask me! The fact that it was so docile and happy sitting in your hand like that is super cool! What is the project you were working on? Maybe it is somehow in relation to that?

posted on Mar, 11 2014 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by Rineocerous

I'm thinking that it could be a migratory bird that just flew a vast distance and needed to rest at that particular time and place. Pretty bird though.

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