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"the Darkness" as an esoteric Merovengian commentary

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posted on Mar, 8 2014 @ 01:28 PM
The Witchblade - the ability to animate and reconstruct endless metallic armor and weapons, wielded by a cop, the side of balance. Witchcraft as a common modern psychic practice? She operates during daylight hours, and is bound by strict adherence to the law, therefore powerful ... Wicca is the most rapidly expanding modern day movement ... yet of stricter ability level limits than the Angelus or the Darkness. Sane, heroic, "balance".

the Angelus - rabidly insane as a metaphor for the religious moral majority's superstition and fundamentalist media depicted extremes.

the Darkness - capable of manufacturing infinite sentient military servants, weapons, and armor. Only able to function during the night time, a metaphor for that the amoral side of the coin has classically possessed the most psychic and military resourcefulness.

the Francetti Family - the Merovengian lineage is depicted by conspiracy theorists as a French convergence phenomenon. the name, Franc ET Ti, may be intended to convey a French royal point of origin for the storyline ideas.

The Magdalene Lineage is directly depicted by the comic book line.

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