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Brilliant Dating Trick!

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 12:01 AM
Hey guys, this is phenomenal. Oh mighty Wingman!

If you have ever been single and just cant seem to not make an ass out of yourself approaching women with the "hello", here's a solution...


posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 12:51 AM
I've read that before i thought it was funny and cool. but here's something i've learned, find a Two college girls(that are best freinds) with lots and lots of Girlfriends. Befriend them, hang out with them a couple times, if you can work past their need to hump you, eventually their will eventually start bringing all their girlfriends to meet you. Make sure you always show them a good time, keep them laughing and throw in the occasional deeply intellectual disscussion. you work it right you could "network" your way to numbers of attractve girls.

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 11:11 AM
I couldn't open the link.

I will 2nd the "friend of a friend" solution.

A dude I used to hang out with in college had a girlfriend who was really popular. He moved off, and she still hung around with me. She wouldn't do it, (my prime directive back then). But she would hang around me and use me as a "beard," a person you take to a social function so no one will hit on you.

It worked great. She and I went everywhere together, and friends of hers assumed we were dating (even though I was not in her league). I got invited to incredible parties, and all her friends were interested in me. I turned into quite a "goer" for the rest of my college life.


posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 02:06 PM
being as I'm still in college, I tend to use alcohol in lieu of relationship skills.

It works great, and my adamant short-sightedness assures me that nothing could ever possibly go wrong.

posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 09:21 AM
There is just something about the word Trick and the word Relationship in the same sentence that seems a bit detrimental to me.

posted on Dec, 29 2004 @ 09:41 AM
(notice my assistance in placing your cultural/gender milieu.)

"trick" certainly implies either deception or prostitution.

Hmmm. I suppose a repeat customer could have a FINANCIAL relationship . . . oh well, best not to dwell on that concept.

I think men who feel overwhelmed by the relentless competition for mates of the opposite and/or desired sex feel like there is just no way they stand any chance for success.

Hence the desire for a stratagem or tactic that they can rely on to get a foot in the door, while they hope to "close the deal" on their own charms.

My point about my own behavior fits in with this. I definitely felt overlooked and ignored by eligible bachelorettes. But if you are seen in the company of a beautiful woman, who is laughing whispering, etc., then it gives the connotation that you are safe, since another female already trusts you.

A man sitting alone has all the earmarks of a peripheral male, in any primate troop. The peripheral males are the ones that could damage your own social standing, if you converse with them, much less spawn w/ one. Plus, it's the peripheral males that are responsible for actually committing most of the over-the-top aggression during primate ceremonies of ritualized violence.

in Gangs, the leaders (alpha-males) never journey to the fringe of the "turf." They also don't wear colors. They let the peripheral males wear the colors and get capped in the drive-by's.

In classical/medieval warfare, the champion from each side who goes out to fight is never the alpha male. It wasn't king saul who went to face Goliath; it was a shepherd named David. . .

In the French and indian wars, British officers and Indian chiefs never took scalps. it was always the braves, and the British scouts, who did the grisly work.

Sadly primates always leave the bloody/dangerous jobs to the guys who aren't getting any. And THIS is exactly why they CANNOT get any.

And the fact that they are not getting any explains why they are so dangerous!

This anthropological moment brought to you by the WWF. And now, back to our feature presentation . . .

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