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New research challenges the traditional view of sleep paralysis - Cure Found

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posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 03:50 AM


reply to post by Amenti

So does summing this up to "Its all in your head" feel ok? Maybe like the Placebo effect too..

If that's the case, lets just say it is the MOST impressive and realistic 'creation' your brain will ever manifest in your whole life. I'm speaking as someone who had such a 'sleep paralysis' experience, and it literally turned me from being a stone-cold atheist and non-believer of the super natural into an agnostic with an openness to the supernatural. It was that powerful for me, and before I had even read about others experiences or ideas on it my gut instinct was telling me I had encountered an 'evil' presence that WAS real in some sense.

Schizophrenics perceive the same. Their brain's unfortunate creations are impressive and realistic and cause many of them to believe in the supernatural. It must be awful though---a nightmare which doesn't go away upon waking up.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 03:56 AM

When the conciousness doesn't have control of the body, something else will try to use it

When we are awakening, there is a delay in the anesthetic stopping. This anesthetic evolved so we wouldnt fall out of trees or off cliffs, while sleeping/dreaming.

Sometimes that delay is longer than others. During that time, I theorize that negative energy is drawn to the body that is still alive, but without sub/conscious spirit control/protecting it.

It has been my experience that prayers and commands are the only statements that ward off this evil, hooded, faceless, dark entity.

Why do most, virtually all sleep paralysis stories include a threat rather than a delight?! Think about it..
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I have, I think it's another evolutionary adaptation. Or more generally, when you are startled awake you instinctively are fearful because there's a chance it was a predator or enemy tribesman coming to harm you. Even if it's a false alarm 99.99% of time, being ambushed while asleep is bad juju. So your body & brain says "evil" if things for whatever reason aren't familiar. In sleep paralysis the brain circuitry isn't totally working right so you get into an abnormal state, and the feeling of being restrained as well as suddenly waking up is frightening because it could have been an enemy raider. Making you afraid and ready to fight is a good idea in that case.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 06:45 AM
reply to post by Amenti

I see the naysayers and rabid naysayers have . . . weighed in, . . . with THEIR USUAL RELIGIOUS DOGMA . . . to put it politely.

imho, it is highly likely that UNTIL the whole Grand Finale show is over and the dust settles after Armageddon . . . or at least much closer to that time . . . most naysayers and virtually none of the rabid naysayers will be the least bit enlightened by any sized mountain of logic and evidence.

Whether because of ATTACHMENT DISORDER fostered arrogance and/or sheer thoughtless ignorance . . . they seem immune to both logic and the bulk of the evidence.

So, probably, ignoring their blathering is the most sensible tack to take.

Guy Malone has 400+ cases in his files affirming the essence of the OP.

He's a sharp, witty, humorous, dedicated, authentic Christian who had abduction experiences in his teen years and then learned how to deal with them . . . AND HOW TO STOP THEM . . . even when they had followed down generations for centuries.

I've talked with him extensively face to face and he's 'the real deal.'

Certainly his panel of experts are top flight 2nd to none in terms of researching the historical, archeological, ancient manuscripts etc. bits of evidence on the whole complex pile of phenomena.


Yet, NO DOUBT, 'merely' because he operates from a perspective, a cosmology that the bulk of the naysayers are in rebellion against, he's not about to be considered to have anything valid to say on your topic.

Which, of course, is why they are so hostile to the propositions in the OP.

Nevertheless, here and there, will be some dear souls who will profit from the disclosure and sharing of such truths as are resident in your OP. PTL for that and THX THX. Even one soul awakened to redemptive changes in their lives and to a better overcoming in such matters is worth many tons of the naysaying hostilities--as absurd and against the T&C as they tend to be.

Generally speaking, the king of hell and his globalist puppets have succeeded in MANIPULATING THE BODY POLITIC via media, education, etc. !!!! CONTROL !!!! . . . into denying and disbelieving that

THE BULK OF REALITY, IF NOT ALL OF REALITY is basically a SPIRITUAL OBJECT LESSON regarding basically spiritual values, priorities, goals, dynamics, outcomes.

And, said . . . masses . . . will largely likely continue shuffling compliantly and ignorantly, like the Eloi, into the cavernous maw of the Morlachs . . . whether as the main course or merely as fodder for the death chambers or the slave camps or whatever other uses the globalist oligarchy has decreed that their human commodities are to be USED for.


posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 07:12 AM
reply to post by Amenti

The author appears to be immersed in Biblical prophecy and those beliefs cannot exist without other beliefs in demons and evil entities. He's likely to be predisposed towards sleep paralysis being some nocturnal, spiritual invasion by the forces of evil.

I've had dozens of SP episodes since childhood and read widely about SP to make sense of it. As a kid, it seemed like ghosts or evil somethings were trying to steal my life. I'd fight back with the purest anger imaginable.

As an adult with more understanding of sleep cycles, REM and the down-sides of living a stressful life, it's clear to me that SP is nothing more than brain function - no evil necessary.

How can I be so sure?! If someone with SP balances their life (sleeps regularly, eats well, drinks less alcohol, no drugs etc), it stops. SP literally does not occur when the body is receiving all it needs. So let's say someone still thinks it's 'evil' at work? How tough and badass is evil when we can make it go away by a good night's sleep??

Not to ride a high horse here, I still get SP and know it's coming in the hour before sleep. I hear a glass smash in the distance (auditory hallucination) or a bell tinkle, then I know I'm in for a garbage night's sleep and a couple of nightmares. It always occurs after heavy weekends or periods at work when the stress-ometer is red-lining.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 10:00 AM

reply to post by DazDaKing

My experience started with me randomly waking up, not falling asleep.

Same thing, it's the transition between consciousness and sleep which matters.

Your logic is slightly flawed as well, if I may say so. On the contrary, the fact that there are large overlaps in these experiences suggest an entity with a purpose or desire rather than a 'pre-set' chemical reaction while falling asleep.

So one entity travels the world and does this to millions of people every single day? Or there's a whole lot of evil spirits who have the exact same MO? Lets get real here...

Perhaps, if it was an extremely hardwired natural instinct to teach us fear or something, but then why is it only prevalent in some humans and why did it happen to me in my early 20s when I had already had a lifetime of some seriously #ed up scenarios?

It happened to me when I was around 20 too, I don't know why, it might have something to do with the development of the brain, who knows... maybe the evil spirit just likes scaring young adults.

You ask 'why would spirits go around pinning people to their bed before sleep?'. Let me entertain this question for fun/food for thought. Perhaps this is the wrong question, how about: Why do these spirits go around CAUSING FEAR?

But why would they do it in almost exactly the same way every time? Why is it always paralyzing people in the bed just before or after sleep and why do 99% of people report the same thing? Don't these so called evil spirits have an creativity, can't they think of any other scary things? It's obviously a mental illusion...

It IS NOT the transition between sleep and wakefulness as I know people who have experienced cases that had nothing to do with sleep but rather elevated states of consciousness (he was praying). The link seems to be an altered state of consciousness, but not specifically falling or waking up from sleep. That's your assumption.

But even then, I know another person who experienced such a thing while simply chilling on his couch.

If we assume these things to be supernatural - then we cannot apply human logic beyond that point. You're trying to define a motive and background story to these 'entities' before you entertain the idea any further - but really and truly you can't.

Think of the UFO abduction phenomenon. You could have this exact same argument. I could say to you the overlap in experience suggests a force actively kidnapping us and testing us for whatever reason, and you would turn around and say WHY?! Why would this evil spirit want to test humans in a similar manner - its obviously BS! The overlap in experience suggests mental illusion!

But since when were mental illusions consistent across the whole range of human diversity and involved a similar entity doing an array of things that cause extreme fear in its subject? I can't find one scientific example of such a case. Sure, people can have imaginary friends, but they are unique to the person. Schizos share delusions, but they are very unique to the person. People hallucinate from psychedelics, but they are very unique to the person. Is there a medically defined condition that results in extremely similar hallucinations across all patients besides sleep paralysis? Please bring it to my awareness.

Yet you fail to understand (I've studied psychology intensively) that explaining mass hallucinations across a varied demographic is the hardest challenge of psychology. Schizos don't see or hear the same things yet they share the same condition. There isn't a set platform for Schizo behaviour but there are rough overlaps in terms of functionality not description.

But with the sleep paralysis and UFO abduction phenomenon you have a large overlap across all factors of the experience, which makes it hard to explain as a psychological effect.

You are falling into the trap of arguing with me however. I'm not proposing it is spirits by any means. It is a possibility however that I won't completely disregard. Do you really think we as humans understand the complete existence outside us? Lol.

Just know that mass hallucinations are EXTREMELY hard to explain as psychological factors when the subjects come from all backgrounds. You keep throwing out the word psychology like its an automatic answer to sleep paralysis, and I do see your way of thinking, but it is not that simple.

Do you know about Dr R. Strassman? He is a Harvard professor of psychology. He conducted the only clinical trials on a certain psychedelic substance. He found that almost all his patients experienced similar things and were convinced of their realness. It went against every other psychedelic drug he had known of and involved the experiencing of apparently conscious entities playing with the human. He tried his hardest to explain it in terms of psychology, chemical reaction, archetypes and so forth. He really did try. In the end, Strassman commits the ultimate psychologists sin and claims these entities are real and the psychedelic compound allowed us humans to interact with them in a way we don't fully understand yet.

He knew/realised that stretching all his theories of psychology and making further assumptions upon assumptions eventually was worse than the perceived counter-position of accepting these entities to be real. It is a possibility.

I understand your perceived logic. But your logic depends on:

1 - all encounters involve falling asleep or waking up
2 - all encounters involve complete paralysis
3 - all encounters involve being pinned down or physically touched/attacked

Those 3 assumptions are simply not true. So could you please extend your hypothesis to include those scenarios as well, otherwise your logic is wrong. I am completely open to it being a complete effect of brain chemistry (and in fact this is my PREFERRED answer rather than the supernatural) so please link all the different scenarios in a concise manner that can be used to explain the full range of experience - rather than focusing on this one scenario of falling asleep half way, being paralysed and still conscious, feeling fear and ultimately associating it with an entity pinning you down.

Until you do that, you have not devised a logical explanation worthy enough of discrediting any other explanation.

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posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by Kandinsky

I agree, If the person is religious their mind will use demons etc and If not it may be Aliens ect, it is the mind trying to make sense of it all.
It is not real demons or aliens no matter how many you tube vids Bo has on the subject.

posted on Mar, 9 2014 @ 10:12 AM
Even if you do not think it is "real" it is very real to those who experience them

Ive found that the most traumatic spiritual attacks are often accompanyed by a trick, in which you think youve woken up.

Ive had an old hag in a cottage in France suffocate me whilst demanding I pay her rent, only to then wake up and see my friend drop dead! Only to awake again and find it wasnt real. The terror is real indeed.

I also one time whilst alone in an apartment in Hong Kong heard two children a boy and a girl talking in Chinese as I slept, I mentally told them to shut up, big mistake. The air con went nuts and my sheets flew everywhere whilst the bed banged up and down "exorcist" style. I then "woke up" to find that all my things had been stolen...then woke again.

I burn insence/sage and have images of the Buddha and Christ at the end of my bed. So far in this place Ive been lucky.

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