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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Chloé Bennet aka Chloé Wang - now I'm pissed

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posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 01:43 PM

reply to post by Bigburgh

All the cast/characters are in the movie as well as this show.

Big fan of MCU. Marvel cinematic universe.

Where in Capt. America are any of the characters other than Coulsen even mentioned or hinted at?

Is Coulsen even mentioned in Capt.America as its set during WW2, have to go and watch to refresh my memory but as I remember the first we see any interaction between Coulsen and Capt. is in the Avengers. not. But Shield is. Some characters like nick fury have made an appearance. And other big names..
I don't follow comic well..but I like to look at IMDB internet movie data base a lot. Was happening to be looking up captain America,winter movie. Noticed it is set in the presence..I got confused knowing it was set during world war 2.
So my next question was how..and since the first movie had shield didn't take much to put 2&2 together.
Now I have see capt. America..winter..
I want to know how the characters are the same age in 2014... Tahiti? Or precursor to Tahiti?

I like the series but there are so many questions...
I would go on..but its really not on subject....

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 05:50 AM

reply to post by jedi_hamster

While I value your contribution to the Illuminati discussion, I was merely trying to settle a common misconception about the usage of the eye as a focal point of reference.

So as not to come off as an ass with levity, I shall attempt to explain further.

Humans are very visual creatures. We take in the majority of our sensory experience via our visual senses and throughout history and throughout human culture, the eye has always been a focal point of reference.

In the case of Odin, his eye was sacrificed in pursuit of Wisdom.
Wisdom = Illumination or "Enlightenment".

I cannot speak for the back history of Nick Fury, as I am somewhat unversed in his story, but I'm sure he learned a lesson from that experience as well. Thusly, more learning - another step on the ladder to the aforementioned Wisdom/Illumination.

I guess what gets me about the "Modern NWO/Illuminati" Conspiracy circuit is most people never learn their history beyond a few years of recent modern cultural trends, and hence, are still shrouded in the proverbial darkness of what the Original Illuminati stood for.

The very term "Illuminati" has been hijacked by sensationalist propagandists in an attempt to keep the blind in the dark and under their subversive control of images, media, negative hype and bad youtube video "exposes".

If that makes me an ass, then HEE-HAW.

Guess I'm an ass.

But I'd rather be stubborn on this issue than further watching the blind lead the blind down a rabbit hold of despair, discontent, and disillusionment over something as benign as a hand gesture.

Illumin-iten up. Sheesh!

and that's what i call a valuable contribution, starred.

you're right, it makes one think why odin just didn't 'fix his eye', with asgardian technology and/or magic, they were certainly able to do that. same with nick fury actually. he could revive coulson and couldn't get a brand new eye? c'mon.

still, i was merely hinting at the fact that this particular gesture, as shown in this music video, was used by far better known music stars, and it was connected with illuminati controlling them. basically, it's all about the fact that she's not that well known at all, and if not for agents of s.h.i.e.l.d., most wouldn't ever hear about her at all.

what crossed my mind though is that perhaps she's not even aware of the connection. i saw her talking on one video on youtube about recording this song and making a music video. she worked with some serious producers, which worked with some top music stars. so it may well be the case of the producers putting some signs in the videos they produce.

also, i'm well aware of the hijacking of illuminati term and the fact they're supposed to be the guardians of enlightenment. i'm just using the currently popular meaning (occult group behind the powers that be) so that readers may understand the context, most aren't aware of the background. a little offtopic perhaps, but i would go as far as call the original illuminati luciferians. assuming the bible is twisted and lucifer (the bearer of the light) was the good one, then it makes sense.
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posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by Bigburgh

So my next question was how..and since the first movie had shield didn't take much to put 2&2 together.

They weren't really shield agents in the first movie as SHIELD wasn't yet established,

I believe Shield was established just after the events of the first Capt America movie to battle HYDRA.

Howard Stark helped create SHIELD.

These last few episodes of Agents of SHIELD apparently will tie in to Capt. America Winter Soldier which is set now in the present.

Now I have see capt. America..winter.. I want to know how the characters are the same age in 2014... Tahiti? Or precursor to Tahiti?

The only characters are Capt. and the winter soldier that seem to not age between the two films, but both have had super soldier serum.

What other characters were you thinking of?

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