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Mythology as a Muslim Jyhad to Expose and Overthrow a Pagan Elite

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posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

I think you might have just saved this thread

All hail Slayer69

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by LokiToo

So... all of this word play is important to you because you truly believe these cultures all spoke English?

Your user name, "LokiToo", is an anagram for "Took Oil" which means you represent the current war machine put in place by the NWO and reptiles. Thus, any further speculation on your part based on mythology is only disinformation in order to get more oil for your home planet.
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posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by LokiToo

1. The Anunna did not emerge from Chaos (you're thinking of the Orphic Mysteries in rustic Greek religion). Tiamat and Apsu represented Salt Water (Tiamat) and Fresh Water (Apsu), which combined to create the Abyss. Most likely the Abyss was the Persian Gulf, and each of the twin rivers (Tigris and Euphrates) may have given rise to Tiamat and Apsu. Culturally, Apsu actually begins as a shrine/temple in the city of Eridu; home to the Anunnaki known as Enki.

2. Tiamat is a Babylonian redaction of the more ancient Sumerian goddess Nammu. According to Sumerian mythology Nammu and An are the parents of Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursag. During Sumerian times the cult of the Mother Goddess was very popular. One needs look no further than the prominence of Ninhursag, Inanna, Nanshe, and Gula-Bau for evidence of this. The Babylonian version of the Enuma Elish attempted to do away with this though, implementing a patriarchal system of masculine-domination worship. This is why Tiamat is slain, and the prominent figures are Enki, Marduk, Nanna, Nergal, and other male-figures. Nanshe, Gula-Bau, and even Ninhursag fall by the wayside. The only goddess whose cult survived was Inanna (as Ishtar).

3. It is called naturalistic theology. The Persian Gulf divided, becoming Tiamat (Tigris) and Apsu (Euphrates). From the banks of these rivers was found silt (Lahmu and Lahamu), the first "living beings," just as the earliest cities (Eridu, Erech, Sippar, etc) that housed permanent settlements in Mesopotamia arose on the banks of these rivers. Even a basic understanding of human culture would reveal that most early settlements were constructed alongside rivers (and near salt flats). It's not mystical mumbo-jumbo, but naturalistic theology.

4. His name is An, as in an-a, which means "of Heaven," and has nothing to do with "a column" being sentient. You've made some pretty ridiculous word-salads so far in this post, but this "A column no longer knew" bit is total rubbish.

5. Marduk, in cuneiform, was written Amar-Utu, meaning: "bull-calf of Utu," Utu having been the sun-god of Sippar. Additionally, if you read the Babylonian recession of the Enuma Elish you'll find that Marduk is a composite figure, borrowing the traits and qualities of 50 other figures. Your gibberish about "maR u kb" is, well, gibberish.

6. Qingu, not "Kingu," and the name means "unskilled laborer" instead of anything related to the modern title of royalty or nobility. Sumerian and Babylonian culture did not have "kings," they had an En (High Priest/Priestess of the local temple), a Lugal (war-lord of the city, and commander of its military), and an Ensi (wife/husband of the High Priest/Priestess, who ruled the city politically, and could also command its army in times of war).

7. Hammurabi is great for having created his law-code. Too bad Ur-Nammu composed his own law-code almost 400 years earlier. Written justice does not begin with Hammurabi.

8. Enki is misappropriated as the King of the Earth. In reality, the goddess Ninhursag is the Earth-mother. Or the often-overlooked creatrix Urash. Enki was the god of water, wisdom, and magic: an inventor and consultant to the Anunnaki. Your pitiful attempt to write-off one of Mesopotamia's most endearing figures with a simple throwaway line is insulting.

0 / 8

You have earned no points, and your thesis receives a failing grade. Please repeat the course during the Summer semester.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 10:11 AM
As to the English parallels I perceive, maybe some of the myths foreshadow events in English speaking countries.

Probability esoteric code, or poetic metaphor, means what you think: quantified distance between perceived symbolism and a context established direct English statement.

"Qingu not Kingu" ... I consider the Q versus K the same sound, the English alphabet unique from the original tongue. almost an opposite point to the first criticism I noticed.

I had things I wanted to post before replying to all threads.


Adam and Eve to Viking are Ask and Embla. Ask Odin, blame... abstract from culpability? Not quite the word can mean Almost Deserved.

When these two began life, Ve granted sight and hearing, Vili thoughts and emotions. I C eVil (one V turned into a C, turned forward) is these names rearranged, those with morals see hear think and care.

Alfeheim - where the fay live. Odin was Od / In. They had long ears because they heard what it meant. Their elven form, their fae form was just astral travel.

When the melting ice of the cold north met hot (global warming) Muspell (Muse spell, the inspiration cast by the sun to solve global warming), the forst giant Ymir (a cold dispositioned water god, why Meyer is a bit callus - Merman/Merlin... Meyerlansky or Merlin Jew, a water spirit frozen) was created, only to be slain by Odin with his brother Vili and Ve: evil vi -ing (to win). Vi King all Vi to be King.

The Theft of Idunn's Apples

An eagle tries to eat all the food. the eagle lands with the President, "when the Eagle has landed." The food, source of life, signifies preventing the flood doesn't save the Eagle, only the submarine does.

Loki charges the Eagle (with crimes?), they stick so the Eagle takes Loki for a ride: plays a game on him.

The golden apples Loki returns are the key to global immortality, what I dunn, (done), the name of the Viking god of creativity. I suspect it means love began astral travel to promote deed memory, an ambrosial fruit may exist which contains such love.

Bragi or boast I is the Viking god of poetry, signifying those claiming to be deities are too proud, Odin's Muslim jyhad surfacing... my apologies for digressing at all from thread subject.

Thor Versus Skrymir the Giant

Scry Meyer. Y / why Meyer? The Giant looked ahead and it happened anyway.

Loki invites Thor to visit the giants. Utgarde-Loki challenges Loki, and he wins on the matter of the meat because of Logi (Log I those chat room sessions).

Thor's hammer never misses, yet he cannot kill Utgarde-Loki, whom casts a hologram. The hammer is a rock thrown by a muscle pride giant into the prejudice induced by low key's image.

Thor fails three tests, has three strikes on him:

-Thor cannot lift the cat because it is a tree.

I grew up on free form role playing. My childhood computer was shut down by hackers when I was 16, Lurker Dru Gotti, character occupation kidnapper, was the last person I talked to when it was shut down. The summer before it happened, Nick Massey gave me a ride home when I was in love with Ericka Ashworth (letters rearranged, ricE kb, wAs I thor? E thrown forward, a counter clockwise into a mini b, w pulled back, th behind the or). Years later, after he invited me to join his cult, wherein I invented a deity of strength in silence called Samuel Johansin (Yo han' sin subliminal), Josh Johnson gave me a ride to sell the broken computer to Shark's Repair where Ericka Ashworth coincidentally worked. The computer disappeared permanently in Josh Johnson's car. I thought nothing was wrong with it. Nick Massey had that instant shown up as Josh's best friend's room mate.

I had recently reported my scooter dealer and been guilt tripped to believe it implicated some form of trees to report, after the computer disappeared I was brainwashed by Satanists gang stalking me to believe the scooter was the computer: the cat was the tree because Shroedenger's Cat in a Box, via trauma based environmentally triggered fake memory syndrome, was the scooter that implicated the tree to report stolen. It became as if implicating evidence plant amounted to implicating plants in the forest. Pandora's Box during Ragnarok.

Strike 2

-Thor cannot beat the woman that is old age. Ragnarok is the greatest of wars, Homer's vision of the greatest of wars is offset by the rape of Helen, the prettiest one, by Paris and Priam. The god of Paris is wine, the ring grants all suitors to he whom earns it. When the walls of Troy fall, a Trojan Horse opened, the drunks die. Troy = Thor if the y is turned upside down and switched with the r.

If Helen is the prettiest one, she must have been very old. I suspect Homer's blindness meant he was a prophet. Does Paris force Helen to marry Thor?

David versus Goliath - the slingshot metaphor. thi goal is Goliath re-arranged, a climax involving one shot blinds all the Neanderthal ethic giants. If their eye is only on Thor, they are made into Cyclops after ethical awareness evolved. David is King of the Jews, the Torah = Thor A. The 5th Book of the Torah, Deuteronomy, Geburah / War on the Tree of Life, = Money Due T'or.

Strike 3

-Thor cannot drain the ocean dry.

When Loki drains the ocean dry, drinks the magic mead at a party of gods, he calls out the fowl deeds of all gathered.

The last enochian key is the ocean / ocean in enkey: en ocean ki. The shot prevents a flood.

Enki = Loki I if the middle line of the E is thrown under the n, the top line thrown forward. 1 = won. Low (on) ki, then ki (back) en him.

Thunder cannot thunder aggressively at low key if thunder cannot prevent the flood without Loki's help.

the Vanir Gods

Frey and Freya (the free free ya) are the parents of
Od and Gerda - od = odd/esoteric, Od + Gerda re-arranged = dear God. To my mind, this signifies the esoteric Muslim intent behind Viking Mythology. Honesty about that immortals exist, the connotation "god" is Bragi, an ego-centric sinful desire to be worshipped.

Niord is a Vanir: Odin rodin upon the ravin.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 11:06 AM
Greek Names

Zeus - Zoo's sin / karma. The lightning bolt, his stave, delivers fire to mankind when it strikes a tree. A Cain is a Stave, Zeus is the Greek Old Man on the Mountain. Prometheus is the Greek word for Bodhissatva and delivers fire to humanity. Re-arrange the letters, it spells the promes u (broke, because the word is broke. Rome is at the center of why.). My guess is Zeus reincarnates to be a beggar in sackcloth so elites agree not to prophecy, promised as long as they don't kill announced higher ranking royals they live forever... He's willing to look a bit unauthentic if all whom block him from being rescued by non accessories murder him every attempt unless he is rescued.

His Roman name, Jupiter = Jew Pit Er. I find this poetic tribute to the name appropriate to my childhood chatlog free form role playing sessions, my main character was the Pit, there was a Pit going behind my back that I caught on one occasion, and it it... PP/P2 or Propaganda Due is a Nazi conspiracy, the Mussol's Italy elite.

Hera, wife of Zeus - a Her, a Woman amongst women if Greek. Her Roman name is Ju No, as if Cleopatra (Kali?) was No Ju / Jew for siring Caesar into immortality.

Hera is the goddess of marriage. Zeus may have invented weddings beginning with Hera. Zeus visited Leda as a swan, an angel artificially inseminating a virgin would be a white bird. In the myth of Europa, Zeus appears as a bull and takes Europa to a secluded spot to reproduce (he emphasizes - authentic nobles), as if it is bull he engaged in intercourse and didn't want to get caught not cheating on his wife. If Hera was jealous if he slept around... imagine if she didn't get to.

The wives of Lamech, when Cain falls, in Genesis are Adah and Zillah. Capital h turned on its side is an I, Z = K if the top line is made into a backbone of the two bottoms, switch the a & I and throw forward one l: I kali L. Adah = A day if the h is turned upside down. There is enmity between the line of A dam (to prevent flood? foreshadows Noah's Ark) and Eve. Genesis 37, Joseph is the most beloved son of Ra / Israel because the son of his old age. Christ's line is that of a virgin mother, yet that of Joseph, father of Jacob, Israel's other name - as if Apollo artificially impregnated the virgin to give birth to Eros without cheating on his wife. rosE on Cross, Cupid in Roman as if the Holy Roman Catholicism's id cup (of choice) were Caesar's fault. Point being I suspect the virgin conception was out of respect to his wedding vows to Hera.

Poseidon - Pose I don in Greek, en en Ptu (instead, a Nazi fake mafia) in Roman. In in P2? Gods may turn traitor, or it may be a coincidence.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu and Gilgamesh (Gil Game Sh...) are on a quest for immortality. The plant of the sea is the key to fish man's immortality, he dies when he tries to test it on an old man. I suspect Gil of being Poseidon, and if Enki du eat the plant as against Gil's advances only Enki du live forever.

Dis - `sid, a metaphor for acids that clean sinks and toilets. His Roman name is Pluto: Ptu O L. P2 owe Little Scroll of Revelation.

Death dies during Armageddon, meaning achieves immortality.

Death in Greek is Thanatos - capital h = I turned forward. Rearrange the letters, exchanging the H for an I: I to Satan. Death to Nero, his Roman name is Orcus - Or C Us Romans (if he's hard to get at). Kill Caesar or his loyalists until he's easy.

Pallas Athena - a slap, l = pallas. Aten, ha = Athena. Her Roman name is Minerva. Mine R Va (her troops belong to Virginian or she's lying to herself).

Phoebus Apollo - hope b us = phoebus, a pool / l = Apollo. The golden apple of immortality, a pool is supposed to deliver.

Note: I do not intend all of these name riddle solutions to be taken dogmatically, & am even often directly joking.

Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto (let owe). Leto's Roman name is Latona - Latin A, only A column in reference to a pool / bet if Roman loyalists. Apollo was born in the island of Delos - he lose D (the barely pass attitude of those too blind to read Homer) and switches with a BI.

Apollo is depicted as killing the serpent Python to rule the sun - Apis (ape is, chimpanzee on phallic totem snake id present minded selfishness) defeated by the Sun's Seti.

Apollo is called "the most Greek of all the gods," I suspect, because honor began with the unconditionally loving shape of the sun as encountered by the immortal with the most totemic opportunity, when the chimps migrated into the desert, where no other symbol resided as awe-inspiring.

Artemis - Art is me. The Huntress doesn't want posts indusive of the Hunt censored. As the Moon she is called Selene - See el, N (see of God, el in Hebrew's meaning). She's Kate Beckinsale in "Underworld," also starring Scott Speedman ("S'got Speed, Man"...?). The moon is the traditional symbol of lycan, fictional opposition of vampyrs.

Selene's Roman name is Diana - a Dian'. It's one of her tacticals to kill A Column when Loki drinks a magic mead. Roman propaganda is why an end time bet baits impression it's A. Also; aDa in (heaven, not hell). Genesis Ch 4, "If Cain 7, Lamech 77." Adah is his wife. Revelation Ch 5, "If Cain 7, Lamech 77." Ch 6, the Black Sun (adah encloses Israel's heart, blackens the sun the returns... a day when light comes) is in sackcloth, the moon turns blood red (the moon is the cover of "Underworld"), fruits (they ferment like Paris) fall from a female tree (male brain chem female soul), and the heavens unfurl in the form of a little scroll (the Day itself). The Lamb of God's wife, Revelation Ch 19, wears fine linen... fine line between negligence, ignorance and emotional filter in condition with prophecy leveraged fascist leveraging, contract hustles, and slavery.

Aphrodite - phor a diet. It means she's the vampire Kali and embarrassingly drunk during some of Armageddon. She reads this message forum post thirty-three dead peasants dry at her pale feet. Her Roman name applies to those she has trained, Venus: turn the V forward, into a C, Cen Us (if we sleep with Caesar's loyalists).

Hermes - Her Me S. If Helen is an Armageddon Trojan Horse, don't trust Hermes on that one point. Helen is the Achilli's Heel (Hele...n? with her?) of the war. It also might mean, despite being a messenger, those wings on his feet signify he flies on Kali's meds. His Roman name applies most literally to the Helen metaphor, Mercury: Me R C U R Y - me are see you are why (Romans screw up, if Helen thinks so.) He's inhibited on point of objectivity to reason to the point of having an LolCat Slang name riddle solution. His mother's name is Maia: M A, I A (Column). It means Maya / Mystery, a name of Kali.

Ares - the god of war is Are S, esoteric for Seti worshipper. His Roman name is Mars, to signify (respell) Ram's opposite / opposition is Rome.

Hephaestus - He faced us (pronounced); He phase t'us (a fair guy); He hates us, b (the p flipped). Phate? S, he us (s= silent, us= an immortal). The Roman Name, Vulcan: turn the V forward, C U, L, can. See you, L, can (have).

Hestia - He St, I A (sorry). He's Ti (if) A. Her disposition when she's told her name has been pulled. Hestia blesses the hearth, keeps the heart of Tiphareth burning. She is a totem of celibacy because the unconditional love of the sun transcends desire. Her fire is cared for by six virgin priestesses, Tiphareth / the sun is the 6th Sephiroth, unconditional love apart from 4/ Chesed (social attachment) and Netzach ( familial or romantic attachment).

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 11:12 AM
Word salad.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 11:40 AM
Concluding Post on Original Thread Point... Egyptian Mythology

Within Egyptian Mythology, that after written language the myths may have been a Muslim Jyhad to expose and overthrow instinctive loyalty as an immortal practice, and paganism itself.

Pharaoh Ramsees was the father of Pharaoh Seti: Ra Set / sun set. Ra Seems. If the Ram Abraham killed in place of Isaac Sees / prophecies.

Genesis 28, Jacob takes on Isaac's blessing the sun sets and he establishes the pillar of the temple of the house of God and the hierarchy of the angels in Bethel from Luz, pledging 1/10th to charity. Genesis 32, Jacob wrestles with a man alone until daybreak when he receives the name Israel, last verse of Genesis Ch 4 --- after Seth and Enosh began men to encounter the Lord. Ra / is Ra el is called an angel recruited by God, after he Set began men to encounter monotheism, after his Muslim jyhad began began there to be other than paganism and instinct.

History's first depiction of a battle on temple walls, Abu Simbal, has Pharaoh Ramsees killing the Hittites: A/B, u (you)... tite hits (tight hits) (symbal / omen) ... all dead men if they attack the Ram if it could prophecy before it reincarnated.

Genesis 22:22 uses the word Chesed from the Jewish contemplative tradition Kabbalah, 2+2 = 4 and Chesed is the fourth Sephiroth on the Jewish Tree of Life. Abraham attempts to kill his heart to that which he loves second to (I suspect: the messenger, one meaning of angel -- delivering God's voice since Pharaoh communicates w/ Abraham in Ch12, Ra is the highest name of Pharaoh, Is Ra El is named when he encounters the Sun ("RA") and the highest ranking angel of the 12 tribes of the Old Testament.) A/B Ha Ram. Genesis 22:24, a concubine named Reumah (Re, u may... if the h is turned upside down) gives birth to Tebah (eh, tab. ah, bet). Re, u may... ask for eh, tab (debt? like a bar tab?) if she gave birth to (ah, bet: the blood pool).

Thahash of Maachah ends Genesis 22. Genesis 28 ends on Bethel from Luz (Bet hell from lose?), 1/10th to charity. Genesis 32, Jacob wrestles with a man alone . . . he calls the place Peniel, as the sun (Tiphareth to Kether) rises above his head he passes the path of ('___' Secreting) peniel. On the tree of life, raising Tiphareth to Kether would awaken the third eye at the center of the brain, called the peniel gland by scientists. Pharaoh Amenophis IV outlawed paganism because inspired by Aten (A 10?) in A ke ta ten, Kaaba in Mecca / Maachah.

Revelation 6:9 (the star of David, Judaism), those that died for the God of the Book are listed, 6:10 they ask how long they have to wait. The black sun is in sackcloth, fruits fall from a female tree, and the heavens unfurl as a little scroll. A scroll shaped object containing love.

Revelation 10:10, the Lamb consumes the scroll and vomits. Rev 14:20, wine as blood begins the wrath of God (and may be the source of the vomit). Revelation 16:19 , symbolically Mystery / Maya / Kali, a beautiful female vampire devouring the blood of saints, delivers the lose: as if in 6:9 the angels were waiting for Muslim Kalki (kali key) to unlock Kali thru the little scroll (to authenticate the past life to her, because Caesar put an important task in her hands... related research has me suspecting the release of the Loas of the Voodoo, the lifting of the Bar on Samedi).

Genesis 37, Ra / Is Ra El's most beloved son is the son of his old age (immortal first born?). Joseph dreams when he is 17 the sun would bow to him: Osiris scattered across the Nile? Pronounced O, Sire is. Joseph is put in charge of all of Egypt except the throne, and wears the robe of the sun's light, a symbol of his prophecied inheritance? The instant of his death, Moses is discovered in the Nile: Horus suckled by Isis? (Isis - pronounced Ice Is... because it worked better if it came down to unlocking Kali, Isis her Egyptian Name). Moses was set in the Nile, I consider the mystery of Osiris concealed in a casket by Set.

posted on Mar, 6 2014 @ 12:58 AM

No translation required. This is what passes for public education in America these days.
    • Switching letters around to find new meaning.
    • Being willfully ignorant of the fact that English is not the original language.

These are the hallmarks of a child raised by the postmodern secular world.
That style of reasoning seems to be common around these places.... Replacing a word in the original language with a similar sounding word in english. Its simply third rate scholarship, if you could even call it that. The fact that some people actually responded seriously to the garbled word salad in the OP is slightly disturbing.

posted on Mar, 10 2014 @ 08:39 PM

• Being willfully ignorant of the fact that English is not the original language.

My nomination for quote of the day.
I mean, I have read several posts like the one in the Op, where the english translations dont have much to do with the original phonetic versions,and somehow armchair language enthusiasts come out with these incredible theories that defy all logic, I mean try switching consonants or nouns on the original cuneiform, or Egyptian hieroglyphics...

I mean its great to look for meanings and secrets but sometimes the imagination gets carried away, specially with words...


BTW Op, I´m loving how suddenly you go from A to Z in a heartbeat, Kali, Thor, Helen, Orisirs, Ramses, Ragnarok, India, Norway, Israel and Egypt all at the same time, in the same time frame and geospatial coordinates united by the power of modern American english!

please elaborate some more, how do you weave those meanings together?
just by their sounds alone?

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