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I seek truth yet it remains hidden..going bananas looking for the right religion (Help me)....

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posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

None of them really do know. They think they do. But they do not.

Quite the paradoxical absolute statement. Wouldn't this also include you, since "none of them really do know" which means you don't know either, which means all of your own advice is also coming from this "not knowing" therefore is null & void.

God I love philosophy!!!!

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

The guy wants to search for truth he doesn't want to give up before he even starts.
I hope we can encourage him and hope he gets what he wants.

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 07:08 PM
One can’t give knowing to another

Three levels of knowledge

Lore of certainty—legends, scriptures, parables, teachings
Eye of certainty—intuitive knowledge, synchronicities, psychic powers
Truth of certainty—Enlightenment, final transformative experience with reality, union with God—experience of the I am, Buddha’s I am awake, Moses at the burning Bush

Compared to the truth of certainty the eye is hardly anything at all and the lore is the first level of faith--Kindergarten

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 08:43 PM
reply to post by C-JEAN

Yes, The law of attraction is one of things i know that certainly exist. But, I'm not sure about tying it in with the occult new age system.

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 08:52 PM

reply to post by EviLCHiMP

Absolute proof isn't what you or I consider to be good enough. Absolute proof is proof that proves the concept without a shadow of a doubt. Seeing god in a flower is silly and anyone who says that is lying to themselves or mislabeling beauty. Do those same people see god in a plague victim? Both are supposed to be products of god, so if you are able to see god in something of beauty, you should be able to see god in the ugly and depressing as well.

Also hallucination isn't man made. People have been tripping off of mushrooms for a LONG time before scientists came around able to extract the psilocybin in it. Heck there are some theories that Moses and co were tripping while a pretty crazy storm was happening around them when he talked to god on Mt. Sinai and was handed the ten commandments, since a particularly hallucinogenic mushroom grows at the base of the mountain.


A number of ethnomycologists, including Terence McKenna,[17] have suggested that most characteristics of manna are similar to that of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, notorious breeding grounds for insects, which decompose rapidly. These peculiar fungi naturally produce a number of molecules that resemble human neurochemicals, and first appear as small fibres (mycelia) that resemble hoarfrost. Psilocybin, the primary psychoactive molecule in the "Psilocybe cubensis" mushroom, has shown to produce spiritual experiences, with "personal meaning and spiritual significance" when test subjects were evaluated 14 months later.[18] In a psilocybin study from 2006 one-third of the participants reported that the experience was the single most spiritually significant moment of their lives and more than two-thirds reported it was among the top five most spiritually significant experiences. A side-effect from psilocybin consumption is the loss of appetite.[19] The speculation that manna was an entheogen, also paralleled in Philip K. Dick's posthumously published The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, is supported in a wider cultural context when compared with the praise of soma in the Rigveda, Mexican praise of teonanácatl, the peyote sacrament of the Native American Church, and the holy ayahuasca used in the ritual of the União do Vegetal and Santo Daime churches.[20]

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Well, The creativity of the mind infinite. Looking at a flower will trigger an endless stream of image associations with your mind. An idea is the combination of 2 or more concepts.

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 09:23 PM

I'm becoming depressed and slightly suicidal, I've been on the internet scanning videos and articles, searching libraries, and having face to face conversations with friends. I'm trying to find the truth to it all, But no matter what there's always a contradiction and counter argument to any belief system I drift towards (Including atheism). But it's so overwhelming when you look into all this new age occult teaching: Gnostics, Atlantis, sacred scrolls, etc. and this stuff goes on and on. Then there's the abrahamic religions which are just as complicated (Kamballah, Christ consciousness, Quran, Torah, The countless versions of the bible etc.) And who can forget about the hundreds of thousands of religions spread through ought the east? I'm considering dropping out of high school and becoming a bum just so i can dedicate my life to seeking truth. Then there's the whole new world order fiasco.

No, I will not resort to atheism. Not when i have had countless personal experiences with the law of attraction, astral projection, telekinesis, etc. Just no man. I want to just let it all go and let my intuition and heart guide me but can I really even trust that? I just don't understand how the majority of people can be so secure with their belief system when there's so much to this.

Debate, Advise, and discuss with me. I only seek truth.
Stay well away from Catholics and there guilt tripping religion. Stay away from scientology as they will take all your money just to be member. Try something that does not ask for money. Maybe budissm or make your own religion that only you can be apart of. Taking the truths and secrets of spirituality and applying them to your life to make you a better person. And forget about hell of heaven. There are no such places. These places were invented to control the masses with fear.
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posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 09:51 PM
Does the existence of the law of attraction disprove or kill the need to worship a monotheistic god?

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by Rtardx

From my religion, no, it does not kill or disprove or go against the God.
Other religion I'm not sure, but I believe, its the same - not disprove or kill the belief.

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 11:18 PM
reply to post by Rtardx

First of all, if your feeling depressed, you should really speak to someone who is close to you, like a family member, or a close friend.

I also think you should take a break from your search, if it’s affecting you in a bad way, and maybe come back to it at later date, when you’re feeling stronger within yourself.

The key, is not putting too much pressure on yourself, in trying to find the truth. Embrace the beauty of the Journey and the diversity of it all, it’s the diversity, that makes it more exciting IMO...And remember there’s nothing wrong with being an Agnostic and searching etc…your not alone, we've all been there before at some point in our lives, regardless of our current perspectives…

The trick, is in not trying force it, or trying to make it happen, while at the same time searching with a pure and focused intent. If your intention is pure and from the heart, then you can’t go wrong IMO…

- JC

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 01:42 AM
reply to post by Rtardx

Buddhism. Taoism. Zen..ism. These are what saved my life. I do not consider myself a Buddhist or a Taoist or a Zenist, but I appreciate and borrow from all of these teachings (including martial arts and the ancient samurai culture). Consider visiting a Buddhist temple if you can find one within reasonable distance. It will seriously broaden your perspective and reignite the hope in your heart.

You see, the reason I suggest these schools of thought are because they are just that - schools. Not religions. Religions, like dark occultism, will corrupt your soul and strip you of your sovereignty and your divine essence. Schools, the right kind of schools, will instead encourage your sovereign right to happiness, peace and everlasting joy & compassion. The right kind of religion will also do this, but in my time on this planet I am yet to find one which does.

If you've studied occultism and the ancient mystic schools, then you'll be more interested in esoteric Buddhism (like myself). It is not much different from standard occultism, except that Buddhism stresses peace and equilibrium over power and egoism. These traits (compassionate selflessness, peace, love and unconditional joy) are virtues that all enlightened beings share, and all non-enlightened beings have access to by birthright. We are just unable to see the dormant existence of these virtues within ourselves due to our dark thoughts and corrupted cultural belief systems.

However, whatever you do, do not take just anything you read to heart; do not expect any teaching to save you from yourself. Only you can liberate your own mind from suffering. The question is simply - what path will you choose in order to achieve liberation? And believe me brother, I know what I'm talking about. I've been there. Suicidal. Hopeless. Drug addicted. I was addicted to crystal meth, booze, coke, weed, opiates, hallucinogens, games & movies, even sex - you name it, I'd consume it, just to distract myself from my existential woes and profound depths of self-loathing and hatred of the suffering inherent within existence. Now, I still have my vices. But I've been introduced to (and personally experienced, if only fleeting and temporarily) the concept of real inner peace, and so my hope has been restored. But I am still a wanderer. And like everyone, I have a long way to go. But I've also come a long way, with the aid of benevolent illuminated Masters and Bodhisattvas the world over.

I no longer depend on drugs and altered consciousness in order to cope with my existence, and that's a miraculous step for me, let me tell you! But I'm still far from eternally happy (or vice-free). And in fact, I still suffer daily from both physical and psychological ailments like undiagnosed chronic pains in my stomach/back/groin/legs, R.S.I. (aka carpal tunnel) in both arms from my obsession as a musician/computer programmer/writer, heartbreak, financial woes, chronic depersonalization & depression, etc.... But I'm at peace with all that. Not because I've given up, but because I've learned how to gracefully accept the good with the bad. Now, I do not accept my situation as my fate, but I accept it as my experience... until I can find a way to change my situation at least. Meaning I am no longer suicidal - thank God! (or maybe Buddha, in my case).

The internet is a wonderful thing no doubt, but it sure does contain a lot of crap that will cloud your mind and spirit with nonsense that will confuse you and distract you from the inner peace and illumination and lovingkindness that resides in your very soul at this very moment, the eternal Now - a side of yourself which you are just temporarily veiled from due to your habits of thought. Habits which are not only bred by modern (and ancient) culture, both western AND eastern; but even encouraged in most parts of the world. This is a profound tragedy, and one I've dedicated my remaining life to attempt to rectify in whatever way(s) I can. Which is one of the reasons I felt drawn to this topic and inspired to write such a long reply.

But at the end of the day, it's all on you brother. The destination is One, but the paths are many. You must choose the one that resonates with you most clearly. In conclusion, I'd like to share some videos with you that might inspire you to more seriously entertain these ideas of mine

Good luck to you brother in your search of wisdom & liberation. And remember - you deserve happiness, and you are loved; always. Not only by me, but by the Buddhas (aka Christs), Bodhisattvas (aka Angels), the Creator God(s) & even the eternal cosmos itself. It's just hard to believe it sometimes. But a moment of temporary disillusionment does not make this fact untrue! Even in the times when you hate yourself most, you are still loved and cherished by the universal energy of Life.



Please watch as many of these clips as possible before you judge whether or not you trust these rather abstract & esoteric schools of thought which I am proposing that you study. I highly doubt that you'll regret the time you invest into watching them!

An animated clip made by the creators of South Park based on one of Alan Watts' lectures (very humorous & yet enlightening):

A rather interesting (& enlightening) clip made by a dear friend of mine (nicknamed the King of Atlantis, and co-creator of the Spirit Science group on youtube):

A video by one of my favourite teachers, Tobias Lars (a 'New Ager' who comes correct! He tells it how it is! [language warning]):

An interview with Bruce Lee, an enlightened warrior:

A documentary on "Buddha Boy" (called 'The Boy With Divine Powers', made by the Discovery Channel):

A story from a newly-initiated monk dicussing his meeting with Dharma Sangha ("Buddha Boy"):

Second-last, a rather long video (or seminar) more focused on the topic of 'natural law' / light & dark occultism. One I found very inspiring (yet also very serious). This man (Mark Passio) was a member of the Church of Satan for 10 years, and was promoted to the rank of Priesthood, before he defected from dark occultism and became what I would call a Bodhisattva. And since I see yoda in your avatar, I think I can safely assume you're familiar with Star Wars lore and the concept of Jedi and Sith. This man is the equivalent of a Sith turned Jedi:

And lastly, a song I made after realizing most of the things I've said here today:

Peace. And may all beings be happy!

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posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 02:21 AM
I think the problem is people denying the truth you are. You need strenght, pray for strenght.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 02:53 AM
Hello World: in case the rapture has occurred there is no reason to worry only seven more years to endure. Jesus and I are with you if you call upon his name.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 03:37 AM
Jesus sought an end to all evil, Odin sought an end to all ice giants; I don't see any ice giants around.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 06:33 AM

Does the existence of the law of attraction disprove or kill the need to worship a monotheistic god?

It can if you choose it to be, One can choose a materialistic path and still live a righteous life.

You can choose to still believe in a monotheistic God and find that your experiences of the laws of attraction are a sign from a higher power that you believe in.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 06:40 AM

Wouldn't this also include you, since "none of them really do know" which means you don't know either, which means all of your own advice is also coming from this "not knowing" therefore is null & void.

Nope. I say that I don't know. They prove they don't know. No one knows.
The truth can't be found in this life.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 06:43 AM

Stay well away from Catholics and there guilt tripping religion.

All the Christian denominations use guilt. So does Islam. That's how they keep people in their groups. 'We are right, everyone else is wrong. If you leave you are turning your back on God and truth and will be damned'.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 06:44 AM
First Things first FORGIVE yourself if you haven't already. Second, your God is the truth you seek. My God happens to be Jesus. I am an Enoch for those of you who understand what I mean. Genesis 5:18 I think. I like the book of John, the one with John 3:16. One of my purposes, or should I say God's purposes is to die. Because the price of sin is Death. "To Death: I will see you when I get home and pay you back, ha! ha! or should I say Boo!" please disregard that last statement as I was talking to Death, or the grim reaper, also known as the smallest angel who will take satan to his pit. This is not a post to be taken lightly as I am extremely concerned for lost (souls,hearts,and minds). Since I was 3 I've searched for the words to say to an athiest that would help them. Humans save lives, Jesus saves souls, God saves hearts. God changes minds and hearts. We are here on this Earth at this given time for God's purpose. Great news, there is still time left. Jesus is the life, light, truth and only way no matter what you believe or people have told you, or what people will tell you. Nor what you might hear on tv, radio, from a saved person, the voices in your head, the angel on your right shoulder and the devil on your left shoulder. My biggest fear as a child was leading someone down the wrong path. In my last church I realized that it was impossible for me to be held accountable for that. The holy spirit knows all of us and whether we are good or bad or even evil. The religion I chose because lets face it sooner or later we have to decide, was Pentecostal, Church of God, or Assemblies of God. Even Alice Cooper(Alice in Chains) was saved by the Grace of God. Oh before I forget I didn't read through all of your post since you mentioned suicide. It seems like there isn't really any church that wants to teach on the most important thing in my mind and experiences. That is the cardinal sin. If you kill yourself willingly then you have basically denied that life exists. Now there are cases where someone goes insane, has mental problems, confusion, etc. If one loses their mind then they have lost everything. Trust me they diagnosed me with bipolar, manic depression, caused by a chemical imbalance but I use that to my advantage against the devil now that I made it out. Thank you all for your prayers. Because we truly are living on a prayer by Jon Bon Jovi. When we sleep there are others out there with hope praying for just one more day. I realized one day that the love my dad had for me is that he would take my place and suffer eternal damnation as long as I went to heaven. It took quite a long time because I wouldnt do the same for him becaused I valued life after death. Not Death after life. Then I took a leap of faith and said God' I'm going where he's going even if It meant the same. Luckily for me God agreed, and Jesus opened my eyes a little wider to the true meaning of life. Jesus died, went to hell fought our battles for us, resurrected himself and left witnesses. What more do you want I ask myself sometimes, Can I Richard, get a witness??? Well if not then I will be your witness. If all else fails I will be a witness to myself. God wants the best of the best and he also wants his sheep. Jesus is the lamb of God! Just saying the name will make satan and any and all demons flee. Just whispering, thinking it, you get the point. We are fortunate to live in America where we have the option to choose what religion we want to follow. Basically there is only two choices. Live or Die, sorry but we cant have both. How many humans have died for good in the past? How many have come back to life? For me I'm going to follow the one I trust and I have searched for 33 years to make sure his name Is Jesus. Amen! Notice that the King James Version of the bible ends in a period. not Amen not sure about any other versions deciphers translations, books or even the book of Enoch, I've never read the bible completely through even once but I try to keep a bible with me where ever I go. It was very hard for me early in my life to understand what I read. Simple truth is, we don't even have to think about it. Just in that same last sentence I said a prayer for you and before I finished I said a prayer for who ever is reading this. Note: I'm also a prayer warrior. Personally I started seeking peace because I was afraid of the truth. Oh my buddy Paul wants to say something, "Peace be with you all, Amen. If it's answers you seek as well then you're going to have to ask God. or Jehovah Jeriah, our provider. hmm I just had a thought, the snake said something about "surely you will not die" to adam and eve? well guess what? he is a Liar. It is impossible for God to Lie! All things are possible with God who strengthens us. It is impossible for Jesus to Lie! It is Impossible for The Holy Spirit To Lie. If you have Jesus with you and you ask the devil a question then it is also impossible for even the devil to Lie. Truth is all around us. Andrew Womack claims to basically have done no wrong but I did here him say that he has sinned. He is a good teacher and if you ever meet him ask him why he blinks so much on tv. I use to say my prayers every night, Now I lay me.etc, now I say it with a blink. Tell him the sandy blonde haired guy wants to know if he's blinking for a reason and what it is for or if he even realises it. I purposely went to one of his seminars just to shake his hand and extract some of his blessing for myself so that I could multiply it. Oh if you have made it this far in this message then you are saved and their is no need to fear. In the bible God has mentioned fear 365 times exactly according to scholars and Christians take that to believe he is saying Do not fear for each day. "For that extra 1/4 of the year carry with you the Fear of the Lord "I say." You may ask is God in complete control of everything? The answer is absolutely NO! Weather you put a gun to your head, or drink yourself to death in sorrow he's not going to stop you. You're only hope in that situation is exactly that, Hope! And of course the most important thing in life, "PRAYER" Oh and I just love it when someone predicts the end of the World. Because I know for sure I have that day to live. Amen.... notice I left four dots which the number four was the forth commandment I learned which was the one about church. Remember we are the Church each one of us makes up the body of Christ with Jesus as the head and our enemies are under our feet. Creation is a whole other topic! The tools I used to get started on my mission are in John. It Doesn't matter what version you use as long as you bless it first. I bless it as well. I suggest the New King James Translation/Version if you have a hard time understanding the original. One main thing to remember is to have fun as you grow closer to Jesus. You may weep, I still do but let it out For every one tear of Joy, or repentance, or burden lifted off of your shoulders is equal to or greater than 2000 prayers. I don't know if that is in the bible or not because I just made it up. Anyway God Speed, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and to all a Good night. I pray that all will have no nightmares so if you've made it this far please just say to yourself...."I Agree"

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 06:57 AM

reply to post by Krazysh0t

apples & oranges.... the cat depiction is not self aware, nor like us, is it able to question, test, and find out if indeed its reality is an illusion. We can do so, and if we can figure out the source code, then we can also manipulate this reality to certain degrees.

Well fine, let's elaborate on the example and say hypothetically that we've invented A.I. Now the cat in question can travel and act in its virtual world as well as follow instincts through its A.I. Let's also say that we have given it logical reasoning ability and the ability to think for itself. Would you consider that cat a real cat?

When they do find out what consciousness is, they may say its nonlocal and prior to the brain. Then your statement would collapse.

Maybe, maybe not. Light still takes time to travel to your brain regardless if consciousness is internal or external. But hey, either way, that is science. I'm open to new ideas as more evidence is uncovered.

There's nothing wrong with subjectivity. It is a real and true thing, part of reality and part of how reality is experienced. What I am saying, is that each person's subjectivity arises from a Universal Source that can be accessed & experienced.

You think so? Ask a blind man to describe a building or a deaf person to describe music. I'd bet their descriptions would vary greatly from what you or I would describe.

It was symbolism to describe what the experience is like. Whether or not a drop of water is conscious or not is up for HUGE philosophical debates. Us being conscious individuals is really not that much up for debate except in the "this is all holographic illusion" theory.

Then it is up for debate. If there exists a possibility of something not being true then there is ALWAYS room for debate.

Even that's a misnomer. That word "God" carries so much subjective weight...and yet the word of something is not the same as the actual something, so either way we are back to ineffable.

I think you know what I meant by god. Notice I haven't been capitalizing the g, I'm using the word as a descriptor. But if that word makes you uneasy, I can always switch to source, infinite, divine, or whatever you prefer. In my eyes they are all the same thing and even then, I could care less what we call it. If you wanted me to, I'd call it an icicle. It's not like the descriptors we give this "thing" do it justice on describing what it really is (if it exists).

Would you rather directly experience winning a million dollars, or would you rather have the concepts, words, discussions of what that would be like?

In the face of experience, you have to show that the million dollars exists in the first place for me to experience it. At least we know for a fact that we can discuss the idea of winning the million dollars, but if the money never existed in the first place, we can never experience it. Heck maybe all that existed was 250,000 dollars. The experience of winning 250 grand could be like winning a million dollars, but we both know its not the same because the buying power is a quarter lower.

I was referring to its nature relative to the subjective human experience from Earth. Universal traits can be described about it.

Yes I know, and I was showing the failings of that view. I can just as easily change the view and those universal traits stop being universal.

Well, if there is an Absolute existential truth, then by its very nature it is 100% true regardless of what we like or don't like to say.

Well that goes without saying. But I'm saying that with humans' processing power and awareness of the universe, that absolute truth is unknowable to us. Even if you did happen to stumble upon it, you could never know if you were 100% correct or not.

If it is an illusion, then that means there is a real reality that is behind it

That is true, but would we be able to comprehend it if we were to witness it?
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posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 07:18 AM
Oh and by the way for everyone, human, alien, plant, molecule, protron, neutron, or the smallest particle on earth known to man God, heaven or hell, or in this universe or that other one, "who disagrees with me", This is Richard talking by the way, not Richw007. My God is bigger than your God so I'm going to win, ha ha beat that! Mister Know it all. You know why? Just because he said so that's why. Because he's God For God's Sake!

oh and I forgot electron, and atom

Even my own God didn't disagree with me on that one because I got so mad at the devil and confusion that I ate everyone's soul before they had a chance to choose what they wanted to do with it. You all can have them back now because I'm full. Literally some old man came to my office and told me. Believe it, or not, it is true.

I'm assuming that I am real and that this website is called

All rights reserved for those who care!

Thank You

Feel free to add your comments once you have common sense.

For all of you who are confused by anything I've said. Only Jesus can sort it out.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 07:18 AM
reply to post by Rtardx

I want to just let it all go and let my intuition and heart guide me but can I really even trust that? I just don't understand how the majority of people can be so secure with their belief system when there's so much to this.

Why not start with simple truth? What do you know in your heart for sure? Compassion is the true morality. How do I know this? Because a when people do not have it they end up hurting themselves and others which is basically self-destruction. You know what is 'good' and 'evil' by the consequences that they present.

And you already said that you've had Law of Attraction experiences. Like energy attracts like energy. With Compassion and Law of Attraction we can help to ease pain and suffering on this planet and make it more Heavenly. Bringing Heaven on Earth.

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