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View of reality in Ukraine

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posted on Mar, 3 2014 @ 01:06 AM
The text is very large, so transfer from to save time:

Oh if I spent so much time on the description of the events in Ukraine , life categorically demands that I commented on what happened in the last few days ... It is difficult , because any inaccurate statement may be grounds for extremely sharp opinions from those who reads this comment . Actually , the situation was before, but the current level of tension rose even higher and therefore say it will be harder and harder. In this situation, an objective and balanced analysis virtually impossible - so please do not judge me too harshly. And this test should be considered rather as my feelings about the current events , rather than as a strict and formal analysis of specific events. Especially because , as experience shows, this is typically heavily dependent on which of the events to be essential , and what - secondary.
To begin with some abstracts. First . In Ukraine, home to two large groups of people . First sincerely believes that it is the language spoken by their neighbors , in which god they believe and what rules they behave - their own business . Second sincerely convinced that if anyone really had to be in the Ukraine, he must follow the same standard. This is especially evident in the statements of separation of individual activists called " Right sector " in recent weeks , but somehow it always acted principle of independence of Ukraine .
It may be objected that there is no pressure on the language , principles and faith of the Russian people was not, but it itself does not think so . And it is very well seen in the last few days , in particular, the history of the law on regional languages ​​. I note that the scale of the separation and the interface I am not going to discuss this matter sociologists, can only say that this created a permanent problem "internal Fronde " in Ukraine - one part of it required internal freedom , the other tightly restricted her . We can assume that this approach to freedom - a consequence of residual "imperial" thinking (and his support from Russia ), but rather it should be regarded as simply a consequence of a certain general level of education and open-mindedness , as opposed to sufficiently " xenophobic " view village patriots. Scold them for it can not be always a little villager xenophobe , but in Ukraine this xenophobia clearly exceeded all reasonable limits.
Second . Its main task the last decades elite "Western" global project saw the destruction of the Russian "spirit" of inner freedom and a set of values ​​that are inherent in Slavic population . I note that this property has all the Slavic peoples ( Poles for his devotion to Catholicism strongly irritate liberals ), but we have developed it is particularly strong . Representative of modern Western liberal society knows that the authorities failed perechat (more perechat only in very narrow framework ) that can be clearly seen by how easy they are now abandoning the fundamental , basic , such as family values. And many of them have not even internal " Fronde " in principle they deny themselves the right to have a dissenting opinion. Our situation is just the opposite - that causes irritation of the liberal West wild .

Third . The economic crisis poses " Western " global project serious problems. Even just a couple of years ago it seemed that enough "break" Russia , China and bribe elite whole world will be at his feet. Today, however, the problem of deteriorated sharply , and even the question arose that own seemingly long been " tamed " of the population , again prompted to traditional values ​​. Let me remind you that the main design principle of a liberal " West" project is "freedom" as the right of any individual to choose the base itself of values ​​, so that the return of traditional values ​​directly contradicts the basic tenets of this project.

The situation in Ukraine in this sense is very characteristic . After the Soviet collapse , the elite " West" project continued active work to erode the value base of the population living in the territory. And - met with serious resistance. In particular, one of the most serious problems of the West in Russia was that the population has categorically refused to recognize the legitimacy of the American advisers on the patterns of privatization that today deprived liberal political sector of any kind was likely to electoral success . Just because it is - is not fair . For " the West" project , with its Anglo-Saxon principles , this approach - is nonsense , if there was no violation of the law , no claim . And even if such violations were ( as in Russia ) , the " sacred right of private property" is more important than laws. But not us.
As a result, Ukraine, the largest piece of the USSR , appeared outside Russia , has become a reference point for developing the technology of the "liberalization" of the population. Similarly, as in Russia , to power in Ukraine led corrupt oligarchic circles that simply by virtue of origin were forced to rely on the Western elite . Likewise, these new elites hated his people ( as a carrier of alternative values ​​, so if they themselves have adopted liberal principles , which in the case of elite mean its complete lack of responsibility to society ) , just as they could not stay in his cleptomaniacal activity. The only difference is that in Russia , after all, these oligarchic groups were somewhat chilled, in the early 2000s (especially after the " Yukos affair " when they have even started to pay taxes ), and the Ukraine this process and not occurred .

And so, the events of recent months , the causes and sequence of which I have already described , led to the fact that all the major acting forces began to consider them as a potential catalyst of their long-term efforts . Oligarchs decided to break down too intensified Yanukovych and strengthen its position of constitutional change and association with the EU. West began to actively accelerate the "liberalization" of Russian (in the broadest sense of the word ) of the population . A Russian ... And Russia realized that if no measures to protect this very population it will not - then just disappear from the map of the world ... At the same time most people. And let the Ukrainian part of the Russian ethnos disappear a little earlier purely Russian - the fate of the latter will still be predetermined.

Note that the notorious " Bandera " in this situation disappear , too - they are the same carriers traditsionnnyh principles as Russian , only xenophobia they expressed too much. And for this reason, today they are used as a battering ram - and tomorrow also devoured . Here "West" project misfires does not, it is too dangerous for him . That's just explain it to them is impossible today. As a result, they , for the amusement of the "West" , are trying to destroy that part of the "Russian world" ( I repeat - in the widest sense of the word ), which was available to them on the territory of Ukraine. Well, people ... And the people , as usual, bred blind .
We see the result . Oligarchs would like to peacefully carry Yanukovych take his place and continue his work. But strongly aggressive " maidan " drives them to actions that they make absolutely no need to. Well, why was it necessary to say Russophobe speech to repeal the law , which gives at least some status of the Russian language , assign outright criminals or kleptocrats administrative posts?

posted on Mar, 3 2014 @ 01:08 AM
Second part:

Scheme by which this happens is not so important. It is important that the current West Ukraine will not defend . For several reasons . First of all , the very elite of the "West" project after "case Strauss-Kahn ' split , and some of it quite actively supports the strengthening of the Russian world - as a tool for the creation of a Eurasian power center ( currency area between zones euro and yuan . Then experienced Western politicians , let and hate Russia , understand that her lack of any prospects for the future will inevitably push her ​​into the arms of China ( and the corresponding processes are already active ), which , in the conditions of crisis can only beginning to strengthen it so that he will not lose , but to win a new " confrontation the two systems . " Thirdly , again, on the eve of a serious crisis , the West is not ready today sharply aggravate the situation - not one to Ukraine, to destroy it for the sake of its own financial system ...

Another thing is how to act reasonably Russia itself . Nobody canceled nor its oligarchs nor insane economic model that is as corrupt as it is inadequate economic realities. Nobody canceled liberal leadership of the government and the Central Bank , which is absolutely insane and take wildly harmful solutions , torpedoing any attempt to start the development . Finally , you need something to do with national policy as embedded russophobia West can no longer continue .

This terrible duality of Russian policy prevents us extremely . And I think that in the future, it is close enough to be overcome - simply because they have already brought out contradictions to the limit, and the economy to a steady decline . And in this sense the events in Ukraine can become a very useful catalyst and businesses in Russia, I hope so. That will enable us to work together to build the world that we are satisfied , and which unites rather than divides us.

In russian:
About Ukraine and West Project
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posted on Mar, 3 2014 @ 10:20 AM
Well, that's an extremely large copy paste
We usually prefer your own words and a summarization of articles cited

I read all that, and what kept getting my attention :

Liberal ideals VS Conservative values

Really religion?

That's the problem?

Not surprised

posted on Mar, 3 2014 @ 10:24 AM
Excuse me please for the snarky comment about copy and paste

I've clicked your link, and seeing it is written in a language I cannot read

I now say thank your for taking the time to translate and post

Again apologies


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