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The Inca Stones

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posted on May, 23 2003 @ 08:03 PM
Ica, Peru - The newly formed Ica Stones Association, a non-for-profit group dedicated to safeguarding the Ica Stone Library as a treasure for humanity, is now official according to Museum Director and Association Secretary, Eugenia Cabrera de Velasquez, daughter of the late Ica Stones researcher and curator, Dr. Javier Cabrera.

The immense collection of ancient engraved stones found in the Peruvian desert in the early 1960's comprises a sophisticated library of over 15,000 carved images. The controversial stones include depictions of a lost civilization with knowledge of medical transplants and advanced technology. The library is organized by subject matter including the races of man, animals including species of dinosaur, lost continents, and knowledge of an ancient global catastrophe. Early Spanish chronicles reported similar stones found in pre-conquest tombs.

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