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The smaller eyes of fear

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posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 05:52 PM
Recently I've noticed, that fear of possible coming nuclear war has overshadowed many of members of ATS. Many of us feel that "things aren't going the right direction", that something is about to happen - that feeling, nagging like to much stretched skin made us asking questions about survival. Following some links about related topics I found an interesting article (IMHO) about positive view "what may happen in the worst case scenario":

 " In 1961, during the Berlin Wall Crisis, Soviet rulers wanted to frighten America. They detonated a 50 megaton H-bomb - equal to a million railroad cars full of explosives. It was 2,500 times as powerful as the A-bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.
The leg of the mushroom cloud was six miles wide, and the shock wave broke windows in Norway and Finland 700 miles away.
That bomb was so horrifying it became the image that stuck in the minds of the public, and it is what many certainly envisioned when Bush admitted a nuclear attack is possible.
 I suspect the fear generated by the thought of the end of the world is so great that most Americans cannot face the true threat, which is nothing like what we faced during the Cold War.
The September 11th group certainly does not have a 50-megaton bomb, and probably not even a one-megaton bomb. Such doomsday devices are big, most weigh tons, and are therefore hard to steal and smuggle. They have locking devices that make them difficult to detonate. They are also extremely hard to make even if the attackers have the necessary uranium or plutonium.
Much more likely are the simple, easily smuggled "tactical" nukes of 20 kilotons or less.
Most likely - and I give this a 95% probability - the attackers have one or two dozen suitcase-size tactical nukes of two kilotons or less"

any thoughts?

thanx, jazzgul

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