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A nightmare kept following me even though I woke up TWICE...Has this happened to you?

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posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 01:07 AM
First time this has happened to me.

I had a terrible nightmare....long story short, in the nightmare, I had another person/group mentally torture me (i think) and mentally take over my life (it felt that way at least), and I could not risk telling anyone else about it or I risk my own life, because for some reason I was sure (somehow) that they (whoever they were) would find me and kill me if I told the truth.

I woke up though and realized it was only a dream. PHEW. Back to sleep.

the dream was terrible....but i woke up again PHEW. Back to sleep.

the dream CONTINUED AGAIN....same concept, where someone/some group mentally tortured me (i think?) and I could not tell anyone about it or they would find me and kill me....

I woke up again...PHEW, but I didn't dare go back to sleep.

I'm sure dreams are only dreams, it doesnt mean anything. I'm just sort of startled because this was my first time that a dream has continued after waking up....TWICE AT THAT

Has it ever happened to you?
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posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by CleanCare

Sleep is a bit complicated, your brain waves change and go through cycles. Just because you woke up for a short while doesn't mean that everything goes back to the norm. It actually takes a while after you wake up to really wake up.

It happens to me sometimes. In fact the other night I was dreaming that I was in COD Ghosts sniping people, but they wouldn't die. I woke up, and it just kept happening. A nightmare? well not really, but the dream did continue on after my short return to consciousness or sorta consciousness.

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 01:19 AM
Been there, done that and it is weird. You can train yourself to change your dreams while you are dreaming and pick what you want to dream about (sometimes) before you even go to sleep. I am not sure how you train yourself to do it, there are many on here that can help you with that. It is something I have always been able to do and didn't know it wasn't normal to everyone until I came here.

I can't ever remember having a dream that scared me I guess because of that. Someone will probably pop in later with information on how you can do it.

As for your dream... I hope it doesn't have a part 2 for you tonight.
It doesn't sound like you are dreaming about nice folks.

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 01:27 AM
Sometimes I'll go back to sleep just to finish a dream. I'll be more aware the 2nd time that I'm dreaming as well, and get to do things my way. (sometimes). I love continuation dreams.

If you're interested in sleep & dreaming, you should read up on Lucid Dreaming. Very informative and very practical.

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by CleanCare

I wouldn't be so quick to say dreams are just dreams when your dream world is showing you something traumatic thrice over in the same night.

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by CleanCare

That has happened to me quite a bit actually. When I was a teenager I kept waking up trying to remember what I had dreamed the night before. It never worked for more than a few minutes. So, I started reading books about how to remember dreams. I found that keeping a dream journal worked like a charm for me. I kept a pencil and a note book by my bed and as soon as I would wake up I would write down what I had dreamed that night. After about a month of that I didn't need it anymore. To this day I pretty much remember everything I dream clearly. It turns out that not only do I do the wake up, go back to sleep and my dream continues thing, occasionally they will continue where they left off from the previous night. Dreams are a strange thing.

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 03:51 AM
I have a whole day that happened that didn;t happen, I have memories of being in the same day twice. I wont get into details it is against TnCs here but will say that I woke up in the middle of a day just to start the same day.

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by doompornjunkie

talk about a nightmare lol...not dying? what a nightmare....

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 04:28 AM
reply to post by Thisbseth

It was definitely stressful considering they were defusing the bomb my team had planted and I was the last guy left!

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 05:13 AM
Oh yeah that's happened a few times to me. Usually It's the same dream (no I don't want to talk about it) But yeah the frequency of those dreams has slowed down over the years. The way I get myself to stop dreaming is to just tire myself out through exercise, work, or even math and physics problems sometimes. Really knocks me out though.

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 08:41 AM
Ive learned to control my dreams, as soon as I realize its something out of the ordinary or something out my character, I realize its a dream and change it

I wont say the exact thing I was doing, but as soon as I realized, Hey, this aint me, I changed it to me back in the Army

posted on Mar, 1 2014 @ 09:46 AM
The only time I ever had this happen to me I was on a combination of Midrin and Valium for migraine during a time when I had no health insurance and it was the best I could afford. After taking the two for a while, they started doing freaky things to me.

Namely, I would have very vivid dreams that would hang around for a while after I had woken up.

The one I remember the best was a dream about the little Chinese doll character from the Dr. Who episode. He was coming to strangle me and he was leaning over me in bed. I woke up and he was still there. I remember waking up the second time backpeddling through my bed as fast as I could and I'd grabbed my husband ... I was about to scream.

After one or two of those, I stopped taking that combo of drugs.

posted on Mar, 3 2014 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by CleanCare

Have you ever had one of those dreams that seems real in every way? That's a strange feeling. Once, I went to sleep and my dream started with me waking up in the same spot the next morning. I went through an entire day just like I normally would have. At the end of the day, I went back to sleep in my bed. I woke up the next day for real, in my bed. It was one of those kind of dreams that seem sooooo real. I had NO idea that it was a dream until I looked at a calendar later that day and realized it was the same day as yesterday. It was an odd feeling knowing that an entire day of my life was all in my head. I know that kind of sounds insane but it happened to me. lol

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