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Space Opera Working Thread II

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posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 02:53 PM
Page 87

- Pip sabotages the Deson Transporter Moriah’s been working on - Moriah is hurt and Jeni disappears.

- Silo has an dream encounter with Tibbs who tells her to be wary and heal

- Death goes to Heaven for an audience with Jenovah - presumably for Pandora

- Moriah kills Pip and is confronted by Ship

- As ‘punishment’ Ship banishes Moriah from the Yydryl until she finds her sister - which she can’t do with a Tumbler because she has no idea where the transporter - transported Jeni - if there was a destination at all

- Moriah will take a DesonPL8 with here as a transport spot.

- Ship gives her OK for Chumley to go with Moriah but they must get rid of Pips body first - he’s not to be buried in the Center - and they must take all Pip’s animals the the surface first - his horses, cows, pigs, etc.

- Chumley will have 3 days and then he must return to Ship.

- Ship wants all bipeds and life forms off the Yydryl - She’s leaving. We have no idea to where or why.

- Jeni is somewhere - blind.

- So Newman is resurrected by Allena - we’ll have to find out how he got from where Quiet was being killed to the tree - shouldn’t be a problem though.

- Avalon Inc. employee Merlin watches by the pyramid as Neno (and I would presume) Sslar approach.

So there’s a quick synopsis in a nut shell whatever - whew - took long enough but I had to do it anyway and thought it might come in handy to you all.

Now to the good part - adding to the story!

Have a great Sunday!

posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 07:25 PM

originally posted by: silo13

- Death goes to Neno’s ‘rock’ and makes Neno (who’s feeling poisoned - like a sympathy thing to Sslar maybe?) chose between letting Sslar die - or Newman. Neno engages Death in a fight where of course Death disapears.

I'm not recalling the "neno feeling poisoned" part, unless you're referring to his banter with Margo where he's accusing her of poisoning him because he ate so much it's making him sleepy.

- Question = Where is the Yydryl headed and why???

I've no idea - I thought YOU knew!

- Question = How did Sslar get healed and then get to Silo? Neno was checking Sslar and now she’s at the hut where Silo is - so - there will have to be a back story there unless it’s still coming up.

She got healed in the same post where neno picked a fight with Death over whether or not she or Newman would be killed. In that post, neno was in the middle of making a poultice to draw the poison from the wound (a neat trick I learned to deal with snake bites - same principle) when he momentarily broke off to harass Death, then continued with working on Sslar. That's how Sslar got healed. I have no idea why the plan of getting her aboard Starwolf was not followed, or how it is that she wound up at Mag's Camp, just walking in, at least two days later. It was a wonder to me how it was that Sslar, sick and injured, just apparently wandered away from neno, but Newman, whole and healthy, stuck close to neno for a while.

But no, "now" she is beyond the mist with neno, not at Silo's hut.

posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 07:47 PM

originally posted by: silo13

- Neno is a little freaked that on this freaky planet he knows little about all of a sudden Adam’s dreams are coming true. People and events from Adam’s dreams are appearing like Adam knew the future and now it’s happening.

Yes, yes he is. neno is wondering if there might not be some hallucination-inducing gasses or chemicals about, bringing them to "life". OF course, if that were the case, Silo would be in a heap of trouble at the moment.

- Argus takes Sslar to hunt. There’s a natural affinity between the two that’s yet to be explained - and even though Mag says Sslar is bound to her there’s a question about that - a question that might turn out to be pretty important later on.

I was sort of wondering about that myself - why Sslar didn't simply eat a stranger who invaded a hut where she was "protecting" Silo. Just walking in and setting one's hand on her, especially as a stranger, would be akin to walking into the lion's enclosure at the zoo and tugging their ears... only worse, since she's bigger and has bigger teeth... not something I'd recommend a stranger to the pride to do!

Mag thinks Sslar is "bound" to her because she thinks SHE saved Sslar, making Sslar indebted to Mag, according to this post. Mag, for some unknown reason, failed to realize that when she had to remove the poultice rag in order to work on Silo's wound someone else had to put it there to begin with, meaning that it was actually someone else who saved Sslar and incurred the "indebtedness", not Mag.

I'm also left wondering why Sslar didn't just slice and dice mag OR run, run away when she encountered her. The inexplicable reaction to stranger Mag (actually her inexplicable reaction to ALL of the strangers there) that Sslar had is somewhat confusing.

Further, Mag then apparently re-poisons Sslar with some sort of "medicine" intended to break her bonding to neno. While it didn't "break the bond", it DID break the telepathic link she had to neno. This was, apparently, not permanent, because something about the passage through the mist appears to have restored it.

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posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 08:09 PM

originally posted by: silo13

Note: Something will have to be written up for why Sslar left Argus hunting to go to Neno - obviouse but still should be covered.

Already covered.

Here Sslar goes into the jungle with Argus.

And here Argus returns WITH Newman but WITHOUT Sslar.

And here Sslar, still out in the jungle, reunites with neno because her "stupid pet human" can't be reached to be warned that Silo is NOT beyond the mists (since Sslar knows exactly where she is), because the telepathic link has been broken, so she has to get to him physically, which involved diving through the mists right behind neno. I think they can all be excused for not knowing that it was a one-way trip - who really expects a mere mist to be a one way door into Otherwhere?

- The Giant - out looking for pain relief - kills all in the encampment when Mag and Pax are in the transport vehicle Pax brought with him. Quiet fought the Giant and died. Pax saves Mag and now the Giant is after Newman.

Doesn't this make the second time Quiet has been killed by the giant (page 82)? The giant must be terribly annoyed, but the fact remains that some folks just won't STAY dead!

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posted on Oct, 29 2014 @ 01:48 PM
a reply to: nenothtu

Thanks for the help - I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
And yeah, there are some interesting things going on about Sslar and obviously some things I missed.

Oh - about the Giant - the fist time was in Adam's 'stories' he was telling everyone who was watching vigil with him just before he died. Now, those dreams are becoming reality. So, yeah, it is the second time but really the first. Or whatever.

I'm going to go back over the Sslar thing and see if there is something that 'comes to me' as this thing with Mag is weird - but interesting too - as for Argus and Sslar - what is that about God protecting drunks and fools? It could only be Argus who'd reach out and touch Sslar. I just don't see Sslar killing an innocent - especially a stupid one. Guess we can blame it on the drugs given by Mag? But then again that whole thing got doinked up didn't it - by me admittedly.
I'll see if I can straighten it out without making more of a mess.

One note to add Mag did mention there must have been someone out there that helped Sslar - just can't find it but remember reading it. So Mag knows something is going on - we just don't know what yet.


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posted on Jun, 29 2015 @ 03:54 PM
Gosh I miss all you and our characters so much.
I wish I had more time.
Think of you all - all the time.
God bless you kids!

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